Thursday, April 4, 2019

Happy Birthday to Me… 37 Things for Age 37

Tomorrow is my birthday so I thought I’d pop in and share some more random facts about myself!  I would have done this post tomorrow, but tomorrow is the first Friday of the month which means – Monthly Goals post!!  Always one of my favorites! 

Anyway, I always love doing these posts of random facts about myself because they really allow you to take a peek inside the real me.  This is my fourth year doing one of these, and I feel like it’s getting harder and harder to come up with ideas!  Since I struggled so bad when doing last year’s post, I’ve been keeping a running tab in my phone with ideas for the last year so I wouldn’t run into the same problem this year.  Every time I think of a random fact about myself, I just put it in my phone and now I have a ton of things to tell you!

1/ I don’t often enjoy the food that I cook… I think it has something to do with handling the food and smelling everything while it’s being prepared.  It makes me feel full before I ever even eat which makes it less enjoyable.  Someone else could come along and cook the exact same recipe and I’d eat it right up and enjoy it thoroughly, though.  So weird, right?  Guess I need to hire a chef!  ;o)

2/ I also never taste test anything when I cook, but I will surely taste test when someone else is cooking!  It’s a miracle that everything I cook doesn’t taste like crap. 

3/ I’ve had the same exact hair color and style since I was 21 years old.  One time back in 2006 I decided to dye my hair back to its original color (medium brown) and even my Daddy told me that he liked my blonde highlights better.  When your own Dad likes you better with highlights instead of your own God-given hair, then you must look better that way.  Haha.  I promptly went to the salon and had my hair highlighted a couple of days later and I’ve never looked back.

4/ I love earrings and I have a huge collection of colorful and unique ones, but I pretty much wear my same pearl studs every single day. 

5/ I feel like time pretty much stopped around my 25th birthday and ever since I turned 25 I’ve had trouble keeping up with my actual age.  I think I’ll just be 25 years old forever!  ;o) 

6/ I love to read but I still don’t own a Kindle or any other kind of e-reader… I’m not sure I ever will.  There’s just something special about a book.  That said, I only buy hardback books.  Please oh please do not ever give me a paperback! 

7/ I don’t like seeing or hearing people get pranked and I would never prank someone.  It stresses me out.  I do enjoy the Elvis Duran phone taps, but they also give me mild anxiety.  Haha.

8/ Sometimes I write things on my to-do lists that I’ve already done just so I can have the satisfaction of crossing them off. 

9/ I can rap the entire rap portion of the song “Waterfalls” by TLC.  Actually there are lots of songs that I can fully rap.  Bone Thugs and Harmony, anyone?

10/ I like Krispy Kreme glazed donuts better the second day.  Forget the “Hot Donuts” sign… they taste too greasy when they’re hot.

11/ I missed my very first class on my very first day of college because I couldn’t find a parking spot.

12/ I’m so weird about having the same keepsakes for both of our kids, that every time I bought Jacob something as a baby (his baby book, his keepsake box, his keepsake photo album, etc.) I went ahead and bought the girl equivalent of those items right then as well JUST IN CASE we had a baby girl next… because they had to have matching items.  I guess it’s a good thing I had a baby girl next, huh?  And to this day, I’m still patting myself on the back for doing that because all feels right and balanced in my world because their stuff matches.  Haha.  #OCDMuch 

13/ I have to snooze five times every single morning or I don’t function well throughout the day.  My snoozes are nine minutes apart, so that means I snooze for 45 minutes.  They recently released a study that shows that this wreaks havoc on your body, but I have to disagree.

14/ Just so y’all know, I invented binge watching.  I had VHS tapes of all of the Friends episodes back in the late 90s and early 2000s and I watched them over and over and over constantly any time I was at home.  Just ask my Momma and Daddy, they’ll tell you!

15/ I also invented the phrase, “Vegas, BABY!” way back in 2003.  Just ask Brian.  He was there.

16/ I fall asleep in the exact same position every single night – curled up on my right side, knees slightly bent (with a pillow between them) with my hands tucked under my pillow.

17/ I started sleeping with a pillow between my knees when I was pregnant and now I can’t sleep without one there.  I now use the wedge pillow that I used to use under my belly.  I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth of that pregnancy item.

18/ I’m very particular about my sleeping environment, too.  If things aren’t just right, I don’t sleep.  Ceiling fan has to be on.  Pillow has to be between my knees.  Sheets have to be nice and smooth.  And preferably cool.  Mattress has to be just right – not too soft, but heaven forbid, not too firm either.  My mom used to call me “The Princess and the Pea” because I’m so weird about my sheets and bed.  And Brian will never have to worry about spending money on a new mattress because I will probably keep our current one for approximately 30 more years.

19/ I will not walk barefoot on a cold floor.  In the morning while I get ready in my bathroom, I step from bath mat to bath mat or wear my slippers, and if I can’t do that, I walk on my heels and big toe because I will not put my little toes or the balls of my feet on the cold floor.  I bet Brian has never even noticed this, but I’ve done it every single morning for our entire relationship (and most of my life for that matter).

20/ I’m always hyper aware of my surroundings.  Sometimes people think I’m not paying attention but I pretty much always am.  I’m what Ross calls, “Unagi.”  Lol.  #GoWatchFriendsIfYouDontKnow  I have also noticed that Olivia is the exact same way.  #SheGetItFromHerMomma

21/ I’m obsessed with time and I DESPISE being late.  If I’m not five minutes early then I’m late.  And other people being late and holding me up might just be my biggest pet peeve in life.  Please be considerate. 

22/ Nothing makes me drop the f-bomb faster than when technology is not working properly.  Sorry, Mom and Dad.

23/ I use voice command to respond to all text messages and emails when I’m alone.  When I have to actually type messages out in public, I feel like I just don’t even want to do it.  Do people still actually type now that voice command is in existence?!  #FirstWorldProbs

24/ I do not love a hoodie.  If it has a hood, I ain’t wearing it.  My hair is so long that it lays in or over the hood weird and it drives me nuts.  #SoAnnoying

25/ I once ate so many pickles at a family reunion that I ended up in the emergency room from puking all night and getting dehydrated.  I think I was probably five or six years old?  And yes, I still love pickles.

26/ I am majorly affected by my environment and surroundings.  If things aren’t tidy it makes me physically ill.  I also like for my surroundings to be “festive.”  Twinkle lights, ambient lighting, nice music… #HighMaintenance

27/ Other people’s moods and demeanors also rub off on me very easily, too.  Chances are, if you’re in a bad mood, it’s gonna rub off on me pretty quickly.  But if you’re in a good mood, I’ll likely be in a good mood, too!  If you’re extra quiet, then I’ll probably be quiet around you, too.  But if you’re bubbly and loud, I’ll probably be bubbly and loud, too.  

28/ I’m an “under the roll” toilet paper girl.  When the toilet paper goes over the roll, it just keeps going and going when you pull on it and it drives me nuts.  #SorryNotSorry

29/ In fifth grade, I had to learn the 30 most common prepositions in alphabetical order and I can still rattle them off to this day like it’s nothing!  #AboutAboveAcrossAfterAgainstAmongAround…

30/ I would never get a tattoo, but I know exactly what I would get and where I would get one. 

31/ I’ve been driving for 21 years (YIKES, that sounds old!), but I’ve only owned four cars because I drive my cars forever (aside from my first two cars because they were both so old by the time I got them).  My first car in 1998 was a 1989 (I think?) hand-me-down Oldsmobile, my second car in 2000 was a 1991 Honda Accord, my third car (which was my very first NEW car) was a 2002 Saturn SC2, and my fourth car (which is my present car) is a 2011 Honda CRV.  The only reason I sold my Saturn is because it was a sporty two-door model and I was about to give birth to Jacob and couldn’t fit a car seat in it.  If it wasn’t for that, I would have driven it way longer than the 8.5 years I had it.  I’ve now been driving my CRV for almost nine years.  That said, I kind of want something new now because the technology is outdated in it.  #MommaWantsABackupCamera #AndAScreen

32/ I carry a bottle of water with me literally everywhere.  Even in church.  I feel like I need to have it with me always in case I have to take some kind of medicine that requires liquid to swallow it.  (See #35)

33/ I am an introvert.  I know that’s weird since I blog for all the world to see.  I know my writing makes me seem like an outgoing person, but when I’m in social situations around people I don’t know very well, I’m SUUUUPER awkward and I get anxiety.

34/ Speaking of anxiety, I have anxiety about other situations as well, but I know my triggers – public speaking (or having to make small talk with someone I don’t know), funerals, the threat of tornadoes, and being somewhere without a bathroom.  And it gets worse the older I get.

35/ Speaking of being somewhere without a bathroom, I literally never go anywhere without Immodium.  Even if I’m at an event without a purse or bag, I can promise you there is a single Immodium tucked in my pocket.  Or in Brian’s pocket.  I once had a situation on a flight to Vegas.  I won’t go into great detail, but let’s just say my stomach got super upset just before take-off so the flight attendant had to get special permission FROM THE PILOT to let me use the restroom while we were taxiing down the runway for takeoff.  If he had denied me permission, it would have been really, really bad, but fortunately, he did not.  I still have PTSD from that to this day and I’m sure that’s where my anxiety about being somewhere without a bathroom comes from.  #ICantBelieveIJustSharedThisHere

36/ I’m a mix of Irish, Scottish, German, and a whole bunch of other ethnicities, but I married a man who is exactly 50% Norwegian because his dad is 100% Norwegian, so our babies are one quarter Norwegian.  They love that since Anna and Elsa are from Norway.  Lol.

37/ I’m a salt-aholic.  I salt everything without even tasting it first.  The more, the better!  But please, for the love, do not salt the rim of my margarita glass!  I think my love for salt stems from the fact that my blood pressure is naturally suuuuper low, so I think that’s why my body craves it.  Seriously, my average BP is around 90 over 50. 

And that’s it, y’all!  Happy birthday to me tomorrow!!!!  And if you’re new around here and want to read some other random facts about me, you can see the older posts below.  It’s good stuff. 


  1. Happy early birthday! These kind of posts are my favorite. I have to laugh at the water thing and the bathroom thing - all I can say is same! Which isn't really surprising, haha. Sometimes I feel that way about my cooking, too. I will have something going in the crockpot all day, but when it comes time to eat I am kind like, ehhhh. And technology frustrates me, too. If something doesn't work I go from 0 to 60 and want to throw whatever item it is, haha. I could go on and on, but this is already turning into a longggg comment. So again, happy early birthday!

  2. Happy, happy birthday! I loved getting to know more random little details about you. I totally agree with #1 - once I've cooked something, I'm not that crazy about eating it. I love to eat a meal that someone else cooks!

  3. Happy birthday! We have lots in common - I have anxiety in social situations too, I don't read on a device, pranks make me stressed out too, and I once got sick from eating too many pickles! But not ER visit sick, luckily! lol!

  4. Happy birthday a day early! I love this, especially the write things down you've already done to cross it off, I do the same thing! So what do you do in a sleeping situation when you're at a hotel? Do you not sleep? I'm going to go ahead and say I invented the selfie...haha, my first selfie was taken on a film camera (when I had no idea if it would turn out) in 2005 :)

  5. Happy early birthday!! I always love these lists of random facts! I am so particular about my bed too and if my sheet and comforter aren't even, I cannot sleep! I hope you enjoy your day tomorrow!

  6. I love getting to know you more. I love the quirks. I nodded my head at a lot of things as I do the same. happy birthday!

  7. Happy bday lady and this was wonderful! The more I learn about you the more I feel like we are besties and you just do not know it yet.

  8. WISHING YOU AN ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY. May this year be filled with everything you wish for. Great health and love and joy to fill your heart overflowing...

  9. So much is true for me here, too! #1, #5, #7, #8... etc etc! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you have a fabulous day. Friday birthdays are the best. :)

  10. I love it! We could salt our stuff together...I think my low blood pressure is the reason I crave it too!! Hope you are having a super sweet birthday. Loved learning more!

  11. I hope you're having the most wonderful birthday weekend!!

  12. So, so, SO same on #1!! It's really frustrating, especially since I make 95% of our meals! I definitely think for me it's smelling it the whole time. Total turn off.

    1. Right?! Same here!! I'm the primary cook in our house so I never get a break! On the bright side, I rarely overeat at home! Haha.

  13. Happy Birthday!! I never at salt to my food! HA If it taste too salty, I wont eat it!! Loved learning so much about you!


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