Monday, September 30, 2019

Our Week - The One with Girls Night and Hanging with Friends

Our week was a little more low-key this week and it was a nice change of pace since we’ve been so darn busy for the last few weeks.  Jacob didn’t have any baseball games and he only had one practice, so it was nice to have the down time.

Monday, September 23

Monday is typically the day that we don’t have baseball, and we also don’t ever have ballet or any other activities that day, so it’s usually my main gym day.  I like to get the week started out on the right foot and I also like to work out on Mondays to burn off all of the beer and junk food from the weekend.  Ha!  After our crazy weekend last weekend I was on the struggle bus Monday morning, mostly from lack of sleep, so I struggled a little during my workout.  It wasn’t my best work, but I got it in!

The rest of the day was spent getting caught up from being gone all weekend and then relaxing all evening.    

Tuesday, September 24

I had a lunch date on Tuesday with one of my oldest coworkers.  He was one of the very first people I ever met when I started my old job and he and I have been close ever since.  I hadn’t seen him in a couple of months so it was nice to grab pizza with him at our usual place and get caught up.  He always fills me in on everything I’ve been missing since I left and most of the time it makes me thankful I’m no longer there.  Haha.  I sure don’t miss the job, but I do miss seeing him and some of my other coworkers every day.  We were all so close for so long so it’s still weird not seeing them every day, even two years later.  Which also brings me to… how have I been gone for almost two whole years?!  I swear, some days I wake up in the morning still thinking I have to go to work.

Jacob had baseball practice Tuesday evening, and B took him so I could cook and have dinner ready when they got home.  All of our primetime TV shows started this week and we kicked them off with This is Us on Tuesday evening!!!!  Did y’all see it?  I was intrigued the entire time and I’m excited to see where this season is going to go.

Wednesday, September 25

Wednesday, Olivia had her quarterly thyroid check-up.  If you’re new around here, here’s a quick history on that – in March 2018 we noticed a lump in her throat so we took her straight to the doc.  Our pediatrician referred us to an ENT doctor and they ended up having to put her to sleep to do a needle biopsy because the lump was on her thyroid.  It turned out to be a benign cyst (thank God), but after they drained it, it came right back within two weeks.  The doc was worried that it came back so quickly, and we are now having to monitor it quarterly via ultrasound.  They’ll eventually have to do surgery to remove the part of her thyroid that it’s attached to but we are trying to avoid that until she’s a teenager as removing part of her thyroid could affect her growth and development.  However, if it continues to grow as it has for the last year and a half since it popped up, they may have to remove it earlier.  And that’s why we’re monitoring it so frequently now… to make sure that it doesn’t continue to grow.  If it gets too big it could block her windpipe and make it hard for her to swallow and breathe so we cannot let it get to that point.  It’s scary to even think about.

Fortunately, she had a great appointment, and after the doc measured it via ultrasound, he announced that it’s officially stable (meaning it hasn’t grown in size since her last appointment)!!!!  Woo hoo!  He said he now feels comfortable moving her to semi-annual appointments instead of the usual quarterly appointments so that was good news as well.  Thank you to everyone who has kept our sweet girl in your prayers.  Please continue to pray that it doesn’t grow in size and that it remains non-cancerous.

After Olivia’s appointment, I rushed straight to the Mexican restaurant to meet my girlfriends to celebrate our friend, April’s, birthday.  We hadn’t had a girls dinner in quite a while so it was long overdue and much needed.  I love my girl time!

Wednesday was also National Daughters Day, so I jumped on the bandwagon and posted a picture of Olivia on Facebook and Instagram to commemorate the day.  Naturally, I went down the rabbit hole of old photos and I had the best time reminiscing and looking at old pictures of my sweet girl.  I ultimately chose this picture, mostly because those sunglasses were just so darn precious, and I swear, this makes me want 18 more babies.  I could just eat her.  <3

Thursday, September 26

Thursday was another gym day – this time my workout looked a bit better ;o) – and the rest of the day was spent running errands and getting things done.  Olivia has ballet every Thursday at 3:45 this school year, so we headed there straight after school, and then we were able to spend a nice long evening at home.  We’re still catching up on America’s Got Talent, so we watched some of that before the kids went to bed, but we still weren’t able to get through the finale.  Hopefully we’ll get it done this week.  Side note, why did that show make me cry 500 times this season?! 

And on another note, why oh why are we still dealing with these kinds of temps?!  We broke a record on Thursday.  It ended up getting up to 100 degrees.  Sigh.

Friday, September 27

Friday was another errands day.  Whew, I had so many errands!  I also finally got my flu shot, and right after the kids got out of school, I took them to get theirs as well.  Jacob is a boss when it comes to shots so it didn’t phase him in the least, but bless Olivia… she was terrified.  I purposely didn’t tell her about it that morning because I didn’t want it to give her anxiety at school all day, and after seeing how she reacted when I told her after school I’m SO GLAD I didn’t.  She was a hot mess.  She cried all the way to the doctor and cried all through check-in.  We got seated and she climbed up in my lap and cried and cried some more.  After about 10 minutes she started going into full panic-mode and I then realized – DUH, OILS!  We don’t have to deal with tantrums very often anymore with our littles and they don’t ever have anxiety, so I guess that’s why it didn’t occur to me sooner to oil her up. 

Well friends, I pulled out my “Unicorn” roller (a mixture of oils that can help with anxiety and stress, and also help with courage and bravery) and I kid y’all not, within 30 seconds of me swiping her wrists and heart and her breathing the scent directly from the bottle, she was totally calm.  In fact, she was so calm, that she finally started answering all of my questions about her day at school, and then she got down from my lap and went to play with the toys in the waiting room.  #OILSFORTHEWIN!!!!

A bit later when we finally got back to our room and the nurse came in with the needles, she was back to freaking out again.  Jacob hopped right up on the table to show her how it was done, but then when it was Olivia’s turn she screamed bloody murder and I had to hold her down.  The nurse did it so quickly that Olivia didn’t even realize she had done it, and Olivia looked shocked when we told her it was over.  Jacob then climbed back up on the table with Olivia and he put his arms around her to comfort her.  And then I melted into a puddle.  They both got lollipops from the front desk as their consolation prizes, and then on the way out Olivia told me all nonchalantly, “I didn’t even feel that shot.”  Face palm.

By the time we got home, she'd made a full recovery, and she colored at the table in her new clip-on starfish earrings from the prize box while singing along to Old Town Road.  Can't make this stuff up!

Friday evening our friends Randi and Donnie invited us over to their house to hang out for the evening.  The kids got to feed and play with their goats and play outside while all of us adults enjoyed a few cocktails, and then we were sent inside by an impending thunderstorm that never ended up hitting.  The rest of the evening was spent inside eating a yummy dinner that Randi cooked and hanging out while the kiddos played.

Saturday, September 28

Saturday we were up for homemade waffles and College GameDay and then B and Jacob headed out for haircuts while Olivia tagged along.  Since I had the house to myself and no place to be, I used the opportunity to knock out some house chores – sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, cleaning toilets, and scrubbing countertops – and I ended up getting the whole house shiny and clean. 

I made some grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch and then the rest of the afternoon was spent getting the rest of my photographed clothes listed on Poshmark and watching football.  We headed to mass at 5:30 like we always do and about halfway through it started pouring outside… a MUCH NEEDED rain after weeks and weeks of drought and 100+ degree temps.  It was such a welcome sound to hear that rain pitter-pattering and the thunder rolling.  We need more of that right now!

After church we headed to one of our favorite little pubs down the street for some beers and bar food.  And since Dairy Queen only has the pumpkin pie blizzard for a couple of months out of the year, yes, we stopped and grabbed some of those on the way home.  ;o) 

And Saturday was National Sons Day so I couldn't let the day go without posting a throwback picture of my munchie.  My gosh, I miss him being that small.

Sunday, September 29

My mother-in-law and step father-in-law didn’t cook on Sunday again, so the entire day was wide open until B’s tennis match at 2:30.  We ended up being lazy at home all morning and then we stepped out to grab Chipotle for lunch.  After lunch we took the kids to the playground to run around for a bit, but after 20 minutes or so they both came over saying it was too hot and they wanted to go.  You know it’s too hot when the kids don’t even want to play on the playground. 

Since we still had some time to kill before B’s match, we headed to Barnes and Noble per the kids request.  They always love to browse the store and play with the train table in there (even though they’re getting too big for it!) so we obliged since it was indoors and cool.  Both kids asked if they could buy something at the store and B and I agreed they could each spend some of their own money if they saw something that they wanted, so we ended up spending the entire time perusing the toys and Legos.  About ten minutes before we needed to leave, we told Olivia that she only had a few more minutes to pick something out.  Jacob had long picked out a Beyblade by then, but Olivia just couldn’t decide what she wanted. 

Well, little girlfriend kept dragging her feet and not making a decision, so we finally told her that she had five minutes left to choose, then four, then three, then two, and then one.  At the end of her time she still hadn’t decided what to buy and by then she was getting really irritable, so we told her she had to pick something right then or we were leaving.  Well, she still wouldn’t pick anything and B was on the verge of being late for his tennis match, so we ended up having to haul her out of there kicking and screaming.  Of all the years she’s been alive, she’s only thrown a small handful of tantrums like that and that one was probably the second biggest ever.  I’m positive everyone in the store thought that Brian was kidnapping her as he was carrying her out of the store.  Lol.

She threw her tantrum all the way home, but ended up making a 100% recovery within five minutes of getting out of the car.  I’m hoping she learned a valuable lesson that Mommy and Daddy aren’t bluffing when we give an ultimatum.  #LifeLessons 

B left for his tennis match after dropping us at home, and I got dinner started in the Crockpot, and then the kids helped me bake a cake for Sunday dinner.  Since my momma cooked last weekend for her own birthday I wanted to cook this weekend so she didn’t have to. 

The rest of the afternoon was spent doing some laundry and putting together a puzzle with the kids, and then it was time to finish dinner.  My littlest brother’s birthday is today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, O’S!!), so we celebrated him last night with my momma, daddy, grandmother, and my uncle’s friend who also came over. 

We had ranch chicken pasta and broccoli plus a salad with my grandmother’s famous ranch dressing accompanied by our usual bottle of wine.  Then for dessert we had chocolate chip bundt cake and sang to my brother, and it was another delicious Sunday evening together... even if my cake stuck to the pan and ripped off.  Hahahaha.

Happy Monday, y’all! 

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  1. I am not sure how I am feeling about This is Us this season - so many new people!!! I am curious to see how it all progresses. You killed it at the gym this week - seeing your pictures always makes me think I need to get on one myself. And I feel you on the heat...we are finally getting fall later this week and I sure how it moves on down towards you soon!

  2. Weekends with a slower pace are always my favorite. Girl time I so good for the soul! I'm so glad to hear that Olivia's appointment went well and everything is stable! Gosh those sweet baby throwbacks are melting my heart. It's just so crazy how quickly the time goes. We've had a few tantrums like that also, and have had to just take them out of the store. Thankfully it does seem like they've learned from it so let's hope that there aren't many more of those. You're my day is off to a great start!

  3. This is Us has me really wondering. Such unique writing. So happy Olivia had a good check up! Go girl, you’re getting on your workout so great! Have a marvelous Monday!

  4. Praise God that she had a good report at the doctor. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  5. That chocolate chip bundt cake looks delish!

    1. It is one of our favorites! The recipe is on my Recipes tab! It's soooo easy to make!

  6. I was so happy that This is Us is back on - that first episode was crazy!! So happy that everything went well at the doctor! Hope you have a great week! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. Olivia - I feel ya girl, that's exactly the look on my face after my flu shot last week! I still don't know how I feel about the season premiere of This is Us and get it girl with your workouts! Even a so-so workout is an amazing workout <3

    Green Fashionista

  8. I haven't watched This is Us yet but I keep hearing mixed emotions! EEk

  9. Yes to oils for the win. That is amazing. I need to set up appointments for flu shots for my girls too. I have mine next Monday. I wasn't too sure about This is Us at first. I was annoyed we weren't seeing our main characters, but then I got why. Not sure how I feel about it though. Looks like it was a pretty good week.

  10. SO glad to hear her thyroid check up went so well!

  11. Your Sunday meal sounds so good! That unicorn oil sounds amazing! I am so glad she had a good thyroid appointment. I can't wait to get that plaid shirt tomorrow!! What a good week, hope this one is great!

  12. What is it about telling kids they can buy something IF they find something worth buying, that makes them freak out and think they HAVE to buy something?!? Zachary gets shot anxiety too, but he did well at his last doctor's appointment. We have to get our flu shots soon too.


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