Friday, December 13, 2019

Five on Friday - Sweater, Duck Boots, and Festive Igloos

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It feels like forever since I’ve done a regular Five on Friday post, so I’m excited to be able to talk about whatever I want to talk about today.  I have a pretty random mix of things so let’s get started!

O N E – Bobble Stitch Sweater

I’m completely and utterly obsessed with all things bobble stitch (probably because I love polka dots so much) and I’ve been wanting a bobble stitch sweater for years.  One of my favorite bloggers came out with this one a few months ago, but I was crushed to find that it was $95.  Y’all know this girl does not pay that much for a sweater. 

On Cyber Monday I was perusing for various items for the kids and I was the most excited ever to see that they have a bobble stitch sweater for women in their winter line!!!!  The sweater is even more beautiful in person and it is definitely a great dupe for the Rach Parcell sweater.  It comes in grey, cream, and yellow (random) and it is definitely my favorite winter piece in my closet right now. 

It is a little pricier than typical Old Navy items, but fortunately for me it was Cyber Monday when I found it, so I was able to get mine super cheap with free shipping.  It’s not as cheap as it was on Cyber Monday anymore, but it is on sale today for 20% off and it would make a great gift for any lady in your life. 

T W O – Affordable Duck Boots

I’ve had duck boots on my wish list for years but I’ve never bought or asked for any because they’re just so darn expensive and I can hardly justify spending a lot of money on them since we live in the south.  I’ve always wanted a pair to wear to the few cold outdoor events that we do attend each year, though – football games, Fantasy in Lights (an outdoor Christmas event that we always attend) and for those rare occasions that it snows here. 

Well, Walmart of all places, now has a line of duck boots that range from $19.99-$39.99 and they are so dang cute!!  I ended up snagging this pair when they were on rollback and they were so cheap!  They’re the warmest things I’ve ever put on my feet and they are so comfortable.  The quality is also shockingly great.  They run on the smaller side, so I sized up one whole size.  (I’m typically a 7.5 and I kept the 8.5 in these.)  The entire inside of the boot is lined with sherpa so I’m sure that’s why my normal size felt a little too snug.   Unfortunately mine are sold out, but the same brand also has these which are very similar.  They are normally $49.95, but they are on rollback right now for just $19.99!!

I know I won’t have a lot of opportunities to wear them without sweating to death, but I feel like I was able to justify spending the money on these since they were a fraction of the cost of the nicer ones.  And after that FREEZING Georgia vs. Missouri game that we attended in November I knew it would be worth the money to have appropriate footwear for those times, even if they are rare.

T H R E E – Igloos

A couple of years ago, I saw pictures of some rooftop bar in NYC that had big clear, twinkle light-filled igloos on the roof so people could enjoy time outside during the winter.  I immediately added “rooftop bar igloo during winter” to my bucket list and went on my way.  (And yes, I know there are way more interesting things to put on a bucket list, but the heart wants what it wants… what can I say?)

Anyway, the other day I was on Facebook and I saw that one of our local bars had made an announcement that they now have clear igloos on the rooftop all winter long!!!!  And they have twinkle lights up there, too!  Y’all!!!!  Look at the pictures!  They look so magical!  I can’t think of a better place to have drinks with my girlfriends!

I called the other day to see if I could reserve an igloo for our girls dinner next week, but unfortunately you have to pay by the hour to rent one out… and it is not cheap.  Boooo.  We probably won’t go that route for our girls dinner (they don’t serve food up there anyway), but it sure would be fun to do eventually!  I just think it’s really cool that we have something like this in our city. 

F O U R – Bottle Brush Trees

Can I just say that bottle brush trees made my Christmas décor this year?  I bought a few from Hobby Lobby when they were 50% off and they made such an impact on my overall décor.  Our mantle is just so whimsical this year!  Unfortunately I can’t find my exact trees on, but I did find these and these on Etsy that are similar, but they're much pricier.  Hobby Lobby's are an easy way to make a statement without spending a lot of money.

F I V E – Christmas Dots

That is all.

Friday Funnies

'Tis the season.

These CVS receipt memes never fail to crack me up.


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Happy Friday, y’all! 

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  1. I think I’m going to tell mr. Nine I want some Duck boots, soooo cute!! Love the funnies!

  2. Love that bobble sweater. I have a knit blanket that included bobbles and they always pop out on the wrong side!

  3. My friend's boutique (Charmed) has so many of those bobble sweaters. I absolutely LOVE them! Those Walmart boots are so cute, and such great dupes for the most expensive ones. I ended up getting a pair of Sorel's that look pretty much exactly like those earlier this year. Granted I probably need them given our weather, but if I lived in a warmer place the Walmart ones would definitely have been my choice, too!

  4. I am going to have to get some of those duck boots! I died laughing at the CVS funny. I have never heard of those igloos, that sounds so cool, but not so cool on having to rent it out. Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I love bobble stitch anything! Blankets, sweaters... give me all of the bobbles, especially for the holidays. ;) Duck boots are also on my list. Have a fantastic weekend, momma!

  6. What a deal on the duck boots! That's such a shame about the fee for the igloo's. Don't they know girls just wanna have fun...ha, ha!

  7. That sweater is so cute! I live in my duck boots. I've been to those igloos in NYC. It was really cool to see! Although, we went when it happened to be santacon and didn't know about it. It was a bunch of drunk people mess, but still entertaining lol. Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. I came so close to buying a few bottle brush trees the other day; I saw some pretty blue, silver and white ones.. but as much as I love blue, silver and white décor we really don't have that going with our Christmas stuff.

  9. What a bummer about the igloos,but still very cool! We have some at a bar here, but I haven't been yet! Duck boots are the best, especially this time of year! Have a great weekend! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  10. I got a pair of Tommy Hilfiger Duck Boots at Belk for $55. I thought that was a steal!
    Those Igloos are so COOL!

  11. Those igloos are sooo cool. I love my Duck Boots, but they are an investment for sure. I bought mine during their black friday sale last year. Otherwise I wouldn't have done it. I love Dots and need to try those ones!


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