Thursday, June 18, 2020

What I Wore - May 2020

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Another month of quarantine down, another month of easy, breezy, and also somewhat boring outfits.  Ha!  Just like the last few months, there were several days in May that I either a) forgot to take my outfit picture (hard to remember when we never leave the house) or b) only wore a swimsuit/pajamas and didn't take a picture on purpose.  

Here’s what I wore in the month of May…  

May 2 - Top (similar)

May 3 - Eyelet Top // Brown Sandals // Bracelets // Olivia's Dress

May 4 - Top // Brown Sandals

May 5 - Brown Sandals

May 6 -

May 7 - Zella Live-In Leggings

May 10 - Pink Ruffle Top // Olivia's Saltwater Sandals

May 11 - Leisure Queen Tee

May 12 - Hello Sweatshirt

May 13 -

May 14 - Brown Sandals

May 16 -

May 17 -

May 18 - Tank // Zella Live-In Leggings

May 19 - Brown Sandals

May 20 - Cutoff Jean Shorts // Native Shoes

May 21 - Cutoff Jean Shorts

May 22 - Pink Tank // Cutoff Jean Shorts // Brown Sandals

May 23 -

May 24 - Green Tank // Cutoff Jean Shorts // Olivia's Floral Maxi Dress //  Olivia's Saltwater Sandals

May 25 - Cutoff Jean Shorts

May 26 -

May 27 - Tank // Zella Live-In Leggings

May 28 - Navy Eyelet Top

May 29 - Knot-Front Tee // Cutoff Jean Shorts

May 30 -

May 31 - Knotted Tank // Cutoff Jean Shorts

Happy Friday Eve, y’all!    


  1. Loving that Fourth of July shirt! And the Down to Fiesta one.

  2. It's fun to see the change from jeans to shorts! I clicked on those target shorts again - I forgot they were sold out last time you shared them and they still are! Darn!

  3. Yay for Summer clothes. I love this post and getting ideas on what to wear daily!

  4. You have such a great tee collection! I am having such a hard time finding decent ones at the moment, I'd love your wardrobe! You will hvae to wear 'prost y'all' to an Oktoberfest of course :)

    1. Thank you! And yes, I actually got the Prost, y'all shirt from a place in Helen, GA. That little town is modeled to look like a tiny German town and they do HUGE Oktoberfest celebrations there every year!

  5. I am loving that white eyelet top! And the knotted tank! Both look perfect for hot days!

  6. I think that white eyelet sleeved top looks better on you! I will definitely have to try tucking it in a bit.

    1. I love it on you, too! And yes, I originally had mine hanging out but it looked a little too baggy on the sides on me, so that's why I ended up tucking it in.


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