Friday, June 19, 2020

Five on Friday - June Goals

I started this post weeks ago, but I’m late posting it.  I’ve been late with everything else on the blog these past couple of months, though, so at least I’m being consistent.  Haha.  Before I get into the goals, I wanted to add a quick note that I’m going to start including a “Monthly Stats” section in this post.  I’ve always loved personal stats and I love quantifying things, so I’m going to start summarizing my stats for books read, meditation, and exercise.  Quarantine + getting my Apple Watch has turned me into a total fitness junkie, and I thought it would be fun to start including my workouts somewhere on the blog.  It made the most sense to house them here in the goals posts, and I’ll probably also include them in my yearly goals recap. 

Now, let’s see how my May goals went and then we’ll get to the new goals for June…

As always, I’m using a Y for YES and N for NO to indicate whether or not I accomplished my goals.

May Goals


N  Arrange a Zoom girls’ night. – Nope.

Y  Meditate every day. I did miss one day, accidentally, but we're calling it a win!
Y  Quiet time every day.
N  Drink 64 oz. water most days. – I have just been terrible at this lately!
Y  Buy new running shoes and try to continue running.
Y  Get my chipped tooth fixed. – Although it chipped again… womp womp.
Y  Continue visiting with my therapist.
Y  Finish reading 10% Happier.
Y  Download the full version of the Calm app.
Y  Continue embracing quarantine, focus on the positive things, make the most of it.


Y  Go strawberry picking.
Y  Visit the new mural in town.
Y  Celebrate Mother’s Day.
Y  Have an at home Field Day.
Y  Send out birthday party favors to all third graders in Jacob’s class.
Y  Have a Zoom birthday party for all third grade kids with spring and summer birthdays.
Y  Wrap up this very weird school year and start summer break.
Y  Wash kids’ bookbags and lunchboxes.
Y  Change bulletin board to summer bulletin board.
Y  Photograph kids’ artwork from second half of school and file.
Y  Invent a cocktail.
Y  Play Cornhole.
Y  Send happy mail to friends. – Jacob and his best friend Julian have been sending each other stuff back and forth in the mail during the quarantine, and Olivia sent something to her friend, Becca, who moved away last December.
N  Teach the kids how to wash a car. – Never took the time to do this.
N  Teach the kids to ride bikes without training wheels. – The kids hate doing this so we just keep putting it off.  Sigh.
N  Meditate with the kids. – Totally dropped the ball on this again.
Y  Kids continue doing their own laundry.
N  Life skills refreshers for the kids – how to wash hands, brush teeth, tie shoes properly. – Dropped the ball on this, too.  May was honestly busy despite the fact that we were quarantining, so we just never had time since we were working so hard to wrap up our school year.
Y  Read daily devotional with kids. – We’ve been doing this daily during the week, and I love that few minutes with the kiddos each morning reading and discussing.  I’m hoping it sets them up with a solid foundation for their own personal relationships with God.
Y  Take Olivia for her thyroid check-up.
N  Olivia have her well visit with pediatrician via video conference. – The doctor’s office rescheduled this yet again.  Sigh.
Y  Reschedule Disney trip (again). – For now, we have just canceled altogether.  We hope to reschedule for March 2021, but for now we’re just going to wait and see how things go.
Y  Think about summer camp, swim lessons, VBS, beach, and mountains just in case things start to get back to normal. – Summer camp and VBS were canceled and we were still debating swimming lessons in May.


Y  Buy ferns for front porch.
Y  Plant flowers in pots on back porch.
Y  Finish putting down pine straw in natural areas.
Y  Create a natural area around the two trees in our back yard.
N  List summer clothes on Poshmark. – Nope.  Sigh.
Y  Complete 3 things on Master To-Do list. – I rocked this, y’all!  I completed 10 items on the list this month, but I did add 1 new task, so for the sake of decreasing the list, it’s like I did 9 tasks.  To name a few, I hung something new over our mantle, I hung a new shower curtain in our guest bath, I hung something new over our bed, I put a small jar in the laundry room to hold lint, I filled out the “First Day of School” pages in Olivia’s baby book, I added a couple of new story highlights to my Instagram account, and I also did a few other things. 


Y  Try to post 3 times per week. 
Y  Continue using oils Instagram account.


33 items accomplished
8 items not accomplished

Monthly Stats

Books Read: 2
    Where Do I Begin? – Elvis Duran
    10% Happier – Dan Harris

Meditation Days: 30

Rings Closed on Apple Watch:
    Move Ring: 31
    Exercise Ring: 31
    Stand Ring: 31

Workouts Completed: 52
    Dance: 5
    Mixed Cardio: 8
    Outdoor Run: 2
    Outdoor Walk: 11   
    Stair Stepper: 3
    Strength Training: 9
    Yoga: 14

Time Spent Working Out: 30:58:01 (hours:minutes:seconds)

Calories Burned During Workouts: 6,152

Pictures of My Successes


Ring Activity

Outdoor run
Celebrating Mother's Day

Visiting the new mural in town
Brian making dinner for me on Mother's Day

The kids saying goodbye on their last day of school

Strawberry picking

Olivia's ENT visit
Hung something new over our bed

Hung something new over the mantle

Natural area in the back yard and new pine straw

Planted new flowers and plants on the back porch

New shower curtain
Now for the June goals… and since I’m no longer doing bucket lists for summer, fall, Christmas, etc. our bucket list items will now just be included in my goals.

June Goals


Start doing Sunday lunch with my MIL and step-FIL again.
Start doing Sunday dinner with my parents again.
Visit with my bro, SIL, niece, and nephew for my nephew’s birthday (socially distancing).
Celebrate my birthday with my parents.  Finally.
Celebrate Mother’s Day with my Mom.  Finally.

Meditate most days. (Not being as strict this month since we’re on vacation for a week.)
Quiet time most days. (Same, because of vacation and being out of normal routines.)
Drink 64 oz. water most days.
Run once or twice.  (Having to be careful because my SI joints don’t love the running.)
Close all of my rings on my Apple Watch every day except for when on vacation.
Visit dentist for a semi-annual cleaning.
Get my hair cut and highlighted!!!!  Finally!
Get my chipped tooth fixed… again. 
Visit the eye doctor for a check-up and order new contacts.  Finally.
Decrease therapy appointments to once per month.  Woo hoo!
Read 3 books.
Help with a project for the kids’ school.
Continue embracing quarantine, focus on the positive things, make the most of it.


Pick up all of the kids’ things from school.
Get Jacob’s hair cut.
Get Maui groomed.
GO TO THE BEACH (while also staying safe).
Take Olivia to her six-year-old well visit.
Celebrate Father’s Day.
Olivia take live Zoom ballet lessons.
Attend Olivia’s second dance recital.
Wash our vehicles with the kids.
Work on teaching the kids how to ride bikes without training wheels.
Meditate with the kids.
Life skills refreshers for the kids – how to wash hands, brush teeth, tie shoes properly.
Continue reading daily devotional with the kids.
Play in the pool in the back yard.
Look into booking private swimming lessons for the kids.
Watch the CNN/Sesame Street Standing Up to Racism Town Hall with the kids.
Talk to the kids about racism and everything that is going on in the world right now.
Preorder/buy/add our name to the library waiting list for books about racism.


Spray paint travel frames white and hang in bedroom.
Complete 2 things on Master To-Do list.


Post 3 times per week. 
Take a few pictures for my oils Instagram account.

Friday Funnies

My parents legit did this

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Happy weekend, y'all!

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  1. Whoohoo On 52 workouts! You look fabulous. Way to slay girl, bring on all the summer goodness!

  2. I love that you meditate everyday. Taking some time for peace and quiet and making sure I do my devotional is one of my summer goals.

  3. You always do great with your goal lists! I need to make well visit appointments for the kids.

  4. I think you did great. and you worked out that much?! I have been walking daily, but I haven't had many actual workouts. I can't wait to get back in the gym. I still struggle with the 64 ounces of water each day too. It has been a bit easier at home, but I don't drink as much as I should.

  5. Wow, these goals are.. well.. #goals!!! Haha! Great job, momma!!!

  6. Sorry to hear your tooth chipped again! You did great with your goals though.

    1. Thank you. This time it was so tiny that they were able to just buff it out.

  7. Hahaha, that last funny is just too good. :) I know you are already knocking out so many of your June's going to be another great month!


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