Friday, April 3, 2020

Five on Friday - April Goals

When I saw this post approaching on my editorial calendar, I just had to laugh… like I’ve even been working towards accomplishing goals with all that’s going on in the world!  Haha.  Most of my goals for March weren’t even achievable anyway due to the quarantine, so this post will be interesting, to say the least.  Sigh.  I’m still going to go through the post and tally what was and wasn’t accomplished just for the fun of it, but this will, by far, be the worst month for accomplishing goals yet!

As always, I’m using a Y for YES and N for NO to indicate whether or not I accomplished my goals.

March Goals


N  Worry, rush, and complain less, live in the present and choose joy. – With all of this going on, uhhhh no.  I’ve probably worried more than ever and I’ve been in a serious funk for a while. 
N  Be positive, confident, and kind and don’t sweat the little things. – While I’ve been trying my very best to be positive and kind, you can probably imagine that this has also been a major struggle these last few weeks.
N  Continue reading self-improvement book. – I put it on pause for a few, but I’m about to pick it back up again.
Y  Do The Best Lent Ever program. – If there’s one thing I’ve been focusing on more than ever, it’s spending time with God.  I’ve literally done this course every single day.
N  Go to confession. – Our church has canceled most events and we’ve been social distancing, so unfortunately, this was a no-go.
Y  Attend the school spring event meeting(s). – Well, we attended the meeting, but only to cancel the event.  Haha.
N  Send out sponsorship letters for spring event. – The event had to be canceled so there was no need to send the letters.
Y  Have a girls dinner. – Thank goodness we had scheduled this for the first week of March!  We were able to make it and try a new restaurant!
Y  Attend Couple’s Club for our church. – Yes, thank goodness we were able to attend this, too!  It was good timing since we’re now all stuck at home not being social.
Y  Attend the Home & School Association meeting for March. – Yep, we had to Zoom, but we got it done.
Y  Celebrate Mama Cass’s 91st birthday! – We couldn’t have a big party like we originally wanted to, but we improvised with a social distancing yard party.  Hopefully we can have a redo when this is all over.


Y  Meditate most days. – I meditated every single day.  Lord knows, I need it right now more than ever.
N  Download the full version of Calm app. – Still haven’t done this, but I really should.
Y  Quiet time most days. – I did this every single day, too.  It’s so important right now more than ever.
N  Drink 64 oz. water most days. – Now that the kids are home and I’m schooling them, I’ve dropped the ball on this because I just don’t think about it while I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off.
Y  Work out at the gym as much as possible.- Well, I made it a couple of times, and then that was it.  It’s now closed like the rest of the nonessential world.
Y  Try yoga. – I did try it once!  It hurt my back pretty bad, though, so I never did it again.  I’d like to try again soon, though.
Y  Start taking elderberry supplements. – I did start taking this, but then I heard it could possibly make the virus worse, so I discontinued them for now.
N  Start cooking with turmeric. – I bought some but I haven’t made anything with it yet.
N  Visit with the dentist to check on my TMJ progress. – The appointment was canceled like everything else.
Y  Continue visiting with therapist. – Yes, we were able to have our appointment via Zoom!
N  Find a general practitioner. – Not even bothering with this right now because nobody is open.


Y  Kids start taking elderberry supplements. – They did start taking these, but again, we discontinued after I read that article about it making the virus worse.  Who knows if it’s even true, but we’re just erring on the side of caution because that’s what I do.
N  Find some less sugary snacks for the kids to eat every afternoon. – With all of the chaos in the world right now, that’s been the last thing on my mind.
Y  Use wellness roller on all of us daily. – I have been using this a lot… not every single day, but I’m trying to remember to do it as much as possible.
N  Watch Jacob play a whole lot of baseball. – We watched him play exactly one game and then everything was canceled.  :o(
N  Take Olivia for a thyroid check-up. – Nope, they’re closed, too, so her appointment was moved to April… and now it’s been moved again, this time to May.
Y  Start prepping for Easter. – I did get everything squared away for the kids’ Easter baskets, because, by golly, we’re going to try to make Easter be as normal as possible.
N  Start looking at summer calendar – swim lessons, VBS, vacay, camp, etc. – Why bother?  Nobody can make plans right now because we literally don’t know what anything is going to look like this summer.
N  Pack and prepare for Disney World. – Sadly, our trip was canceled.
N  GO TO DISNEY WORLD! – Canceled.  :o(


Y  Clean out purse. – I finally did do this, and now I’m not even using it because I’m not going anywhere.  Oh, the irony.
N  Clean out closet under stairs. – Nope.  Since I’ve been homeschooling the kids, I haven’t had any time during the week to do this.  And on the weekend, I don’t have the motivation. 
N  Start test-driving vehicles. – Nope, everything is closed and we’re all staying away from public areas.
N  Complete 1 thing on Master To-Do list. – Nope.  Again, no motivation.  Too much craziness.
N  Research condos for beach trip, take 3. – Nope.  Don’t even know if we’ll be able to take a trip this summer.


Y  Complete all posts for Spring Break.
N  Complete one post for summer. – Nope.  Now that I’m homeschooling the kids, I barely have time for anything other than school.  The blog is officially taking a back seat.
N  Continue working on 2020 Recap. – Nope.


17 items accomplished
22 items not accomplished

Monthly Stats

Books Read: 1
    Open Book – Jessica Simpson

Meditation Days: 31

Pictures of My Successes


Girls Night!

Couples Club!

Jacob's one and only baseball game... my gosh, I hate that we're being robbed of his last season of coach pitch.

Gym time

Quiet time

Home and School meeting

Celebrating Mama Cass six feet away

Now for the April goals… and these will be mighty odd considering the circumstances.  I’m focusing a lot more on family-oriented fun stuff and less on other things.  Although, I do want to set a few goals for the blog and our house just to keep my focus on things I can control and less on the things that I can’t.

April Goals


Embrace quarantine, try to focus on the positive things, and make the most of it.
Attend bible study via Zoom!!
Arrange a Zoom girls’ night.
Celebrate my quarantine birthday.
Continue reading self improvement book.

Meditate every day.
Quiet time every day.
Drink 64 oz. water most days.
Start running.
Continue visiting with my therapist on Zoom, of course.
Start taking Vitamin D.
Work on my tan.  :o)


Continue online/homeschool and keep the kids on track.
Keep the kids feeling safe and happy despite conditions in the world around us.
Have a “Disney” day at home since our Disney trip was canceled.
Sidewalk chalk our driveway.
Play in the blow-up pool.
Bake cookies.
Play Cornhole.
Send happy mail to friends.
Give Maui a bath.
Teach the kids how to wash a car.
Teach the kids how to fold and put away laundry.
Teach the kids to ride bikes without training wheels. 
Teach the kids how to meditate.
Life skills refreshers for the kids – how to wash hands, brush teeth, tie shoes properly.
Read daily devotional with kids.
Prepare for Easter.
Celebrate Easter (dress up for family pic, church online, and egg hunt in our back yard)
Book fast passes for Disney in June in case we are miraculously able to go.
Think about summer camp, swim lessons, VBS, beach, and mountains just in case things start to get back to normal.


Hang American flag.
List summer clothes on Poshmark.
Complete 3 things on Master To-Do list.


Try to post 3 times per week. 
Complete one post for summer.
Continue working on 2020 recap.
Do a Day in the Life on Instagram stories.
Do a time-lapse video on Instagram stories.
Use Instagram oils account more.  I love my oils and really want to focus on them again!

Friday Funnies

Yes, exactly!

Oh my goodness, what I wouldn't do for some cheese dip and a margarita right now!

We may have to see if we can get some take-out tonight.

Me on Sunday. :o(
We're gonna have to have a redo when all of this is over!

On the Blog This Week

Happy Friday, y’all!

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  1. This was definitely a hard month to accomplish goals and everything we had planned was a wash - but i like your goal of trying to embrace the positive of this time. It's certainly not easy and every day i wake up I could be happy or sad - it just depends. I do need to drink more water though...xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I think you did the best with what you could! Such a strange month with things changing in the middle. I like your April goals. With spring break and my kids not being occupied by school I'm going to need to find ways to entertain them!

  3. I think with everything going on you still did a great jobs. Many of our goals have been put on the back burner for things and each day seems to be different depending on how the kids are. I love that you also have some goals for them. I need to get mine on board with learning to fold laundry.

  4. Happy early birthday sweet girl I am here to tell you that my birthday yesterday was one of the best I ever had, I barely even realized we were in quarantine and for that I am so grateful. I can only wish the same for you! Goals are just taking on a little bit of a different route right now as our celebrations but we can do this and I wish you every happiness and joy there is! xo

  5. You still accomplished a lot more than I would have. Happy Early Birthday!!!

  6. Sorry yoga hurt your back, need to engage those abs and it will not hurt, I promise! You accomplished so much in these weird times. I hope you have a happy birthday weekend!

  7. You did a great job of readjusting your goals for this crazy quarantine! My fave is "work on tan." :)

  8. We read so many conflicting things about Elderberry too that I had no idea if we should keep taking it or not and then we ran out of our supply and couldn't find them anywhere anyway. I felt the same way about my March goals and trying to set April goals. I think we all get a pass though.

    1. I just don't know what to do about that and I'm sure there's probably not even enough research done on the subject yet anyway!

  9. it's good that you got some things done even if the changing world made it hard to complete everything! I'm definitely trying to give myself grace, it's a big change for everyone and we can only do what we can!

    Hope that you had a lovely weekend :) We all stayed home and stayed safe, hope you did too.

    Away From Blue


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