Friday, April 17, 2020

Our Week - The One with Quarantine, Week 4 (Apple Watch & Easter Sunday)

I know today is Friday and you’re probably expecting a Five on Friday post, but this quarantine and homeschooling has me all out of sorts with less time for the blog than ever, so I wasn’t ever able to get a weekly recap up this week.  Until today, that is.  This may be the first time ever that I haven’t done a Five on Friday post, so that’s kind of a bummer, but at this point I’m just thankful that I even have a post.

Last week was our first week back from spring break (if you even want to call it that), and we were back with our third week of distance learning.  I realized the other day that I’ve been calling this “homeschool” the whole time, mostly just because the kids are having school at home, but to clarify, it’s technically “distance learning” or “e-learning” or “online learning” (whatever you want to call it) because the school faculty and the teachers are still doing the majority of the work.  Obviously, I have to keep the kids on track and help them quite a bit (especially Olivia), but I am not providing any of the curriculum whatsoever.  The kids are still learning all new material and getting all assignments from their teachers via Zoom and I’m just here for the party.

Now that I’ve made that clarification, let’s get started on the recap…

Monday, April 6 (Day 24 of Quarantine)

Monday morning, we were up bright and early for week three of distance learning.  When I went in Olivia's room to get her up for the day, she was snuggled in her bed, reading a book.  Just like her momma!  

The kids spent all morning starting their new lessons, and I facilitated while also squeezing in several loads of laundry in between.  Monday, I started using my new Apple Watch, so I also snuck in some research while the kids were working.  I’m still learning how to use it, and it’s been the best!

Halfway through the morning, Olivia started saying she wasn’t feeling well (nausea and a tummy ache) so I cut her lessons short for the morning and let her rest… the beauty of homeschool!  She rallied by lunchtime, and then after lunch we spent some time outside.  I did some more pressure washing in the driveway while the kids did sidewalk chalk, but we didn’t last too long because it was sunny and HOT.

The four of us had leftover Funfetti cake for snack because – why not? – and then I did some work while the kids watched Lady & the Tramp.  They had never seen it and they both loved it. 

We had accidentally missed Jacob’s live Zoom math lesson Monday morning, so he tuned in for the afternoon session at 5 PM while I cooked dinner.  I tried a new recipe – sausage, green peppers, and sweet potatoes all baked together with turmeric and a few other spices, and it was a delicious and healthy way to end the day since we’d all had our mid-afternoon cake break.  ;o)

The weather was perfection Monday evening, so the four of us set out to FINALLY hike the whole trail through our neighborhood.  It was a very picturesque walk that sometimes made it feel like we were deep in the woods.  There are three different wooden bridges on the path over the creek, and it’s just a really beautiful place to walk.  There were also more people out in our neighborhood than we’d ever seen, so we had to be really careful to stay far away from everyone.

The trail comes out on the other side of the neighborhood from our house, and at the other end there’s a playground.  B and I had only seen the playground once, ten years ago when we moved into our neighborhood, and it wasn’t very impressive.  So, we were pretty shocked to see that the playground has been upgraded to a really nice one.  We will definitely have to let the kids try it out once all this quarantine business has passed!

Our walk on the trail, through our neighborhood, and back to our house took about 45 minutes, so I was excited to see that I had nearly closed most of my rings by the time we got home, and I ended up closing them before the day was over.  I’m telling y’all, this watch is keeping me all kinds of motivated to get up and get out and MOVE!

Tuesday, April 7 (Day 25 of Quarantine)

Tuesday, the kids spent the morning distance learning.  Jacob had his first real test (math) since they started distance learning, and the website we were using kept giving us a weird error message for two of the problems.  Fortunately, we were able to call his teacher and work it out, and he ended up getting a 100!! 

About halfway through the morning, B and I realized Tuesday was the day to book our fast passes for our Disney trip in June (which I’m pretty certain isn’t going to happen anyway), and we had already missed the prime window to grab them.  Forehead smack.  Fortunately, B was able to go on and get most of the ones we wanted, even though the times aren’t ideal.  We’ve spent some time adjusting the times and grabbing better ones since then, so now we mostly have everything we want.  Probably all a waste of time, but I’d rather waste our time now than not bother at all and then have no fast passes or reservations if we are able to go.

Between the technical difficulties and missing the boat for fast passes, plus Olivia catching up on the things she’d missed Monday, I was stressing a good bit by the time lunch rolled around.  Fortunately, B swooped in and ran out to grab Chick-Fil-A for lunch so I didn’t have to stop and make anything. 

Monday was pretty rainy, so we didn’t have an opportunity to get out much, so the afternoon was spent indoors playing, watching a movie, and working.

I decided to get dinner on the table earlier than usual, and while I was cooking, Brian headed outside to inspect the back fence because he saw something white draped over the back fence.  Turns out, it was the belly of a SIX FOOT SNAKE.  It had draped itself vertically, belly out, on the back of our fence and it was just hanging there.  B went and got the snake tongs he ordered after our snake debacle last year (LOL), but it slithered under the fence before he could get it.  Y’aaaall.  I CAN’T!!!!  We’re literally confined to this back yard for our fresh air… I DON’T WANT TO CONTINUE SHARING IT WITH SNAKES!!!!  Especially six-foot long ones.  Cue all the tears. 

After dinner, I had a live Zoom meeting with Olivia’s teacher and all of the other parents of her classmates to discuss the rest of the school year with distance learning.  Her teacher has decided to start doing weekly live Zoom lessons as well as one-on-one live Zoom lessons with the kids so they’ll each get the individual attention they need.  We also found out the best news ever and I was in tears over it – WE GET TO HAVE A KINDERGARTEN GRADUATION!!!!  They polled all of the parents for two potential dates, one at the end of May, and if things aren’t back to normal by then (which we’re assuming they won’t) there is another tentative date selected for the end of July.  Please, please God, let this be over by then so I can watch my last little baby graduate kindergarten!

That news pretty much made my night, so we all decided to celebrate with a walk around the neighborhood since the rain had stopped.  While we were walking, B and the kids and I were discussing the whole situation that we’re all in and some of the sad things about it, and Olivia proceeded to say, “STUPID CORONA VIRUS SUCKS AND IT’S ALL THE BAD WORDS!!!!”  Lol.  As much as I wanted to tell her to watch her language (we don’t let the kids use the word “sucks” in that manner), I had to agree with her.  Ya know? 

When we arrived back at our house, I was feeling ambitious, so I pulled out the pressure washer and worked some more on the driveway.  As much as I’m enjoying pressure washing, it has done a number on my upper back and neck, so I’m having to do little chunks at a time and space it out so I don’t tear up my back completely.  I’m about to have to hand over the reins to B, I think.

The rest of the evening was spent meditating and hanging out and watching TV.

Wednesday, April 8 (Day 26 of Quarantine)

Wednesday morning, Olivia was assigned an art project, and she decided she wanted to make a little monster.  She crafted her monster all on her own, and then we texted a picture of it to her teacher.  Her teacher has been urging everyone to text and send pictures and say hello just to keep in touch, and we’ve been doing just that!  She also spent some time putting together puzzles while she listened to her teacher read a story.

We wrapped up schoolwork by lunchtime again, and then after lunch, I had a Zoom meeting with my therapist.  She’s been such a rock for me during this crazy time and I’m thankful for technology so I can continue meeting with her without compromising her health and safety or mine. 

Wednesday afternoon, the kids decided to pull out every single puzzle we own, and they put all of them together in the foyer.  Haha.  They are some puzzling machines!!  (Picture was taken in the evening.)

The kids and I took an afternoon walk around the neighborhood, and Olivia got to see her friend from dance again.  I went to school with her friend’s mom, so I know all of her family.  Her grandmother was with her, so I got to see her for the first time in years.  She was my room mom growing up, so it was fun to catch up with her!

When we got home, we Facetimed with my Mama Cass.  We are so used to seeing her in person at least twice a week, so we have been missing her fiercely throughout this whole ordeal.  I can’t wait until this is all over so we can get back to Saturday evening church/dinner and Sunday dinner with her again.

The kids watched their afternoon movie while I worked, and then I pulled some barbecue out of the freezer for an easy dinner.  It stormed all evening so we were stuck indoors after dinner, so I used the time to order our ham for Easter from Honey Baked Ham (such a treat!) and organize my essential oils again.  They’d gotten a little out of control! 

I had a live Zoom meeting with Jacob’s teachers and all of the third grade parents at 7, and his teachers went over the curriculum for the remainder of the year.  They, too, are going to start having more live Zoom lessons, and Jacob will be having them daily for the remainder of the school year. 

Right after our meeting, it was time to get on Facebook with our church and school family for the first live bedtime story with our friars.  They’ve decided to start doing bedtime stories for the kids every Wednesday evening at 7:30 as another way to keep us all connected and it just warms my heart, y’all.  It was so dang sweet.  And funny, too.

The storms were gone by the time the bedtime story was over, so B and the kids and I stepped outside just in time to see a beautiful rainbow.  I wasn’t able to get a good picture of it, but one of our neighbors did and she posted it in our neighborhood Facebook page.  Just look how beautiful.  We also spotted a heart in the sky made of clouds, and the most beautiful sunset.  More reminders of who is in charge. 

Thursday, April 9 (Day 27 of Quarantine)

Thursday morning was a bit chaotic, and we ended up forgetting to get on Jacob’s live Zoom meeting with his teacher.  Fortunately, we didn’t miss anything important since it was just for fun, but Jacob was sad that he missed the class scavenger hunt.  I felt terrible when I realized we’d missed it, and I tried to log on to see if they were still on, but we were an hour late so it was over.  :o(

Since things had been so chaotic all morning for the kids and me, B offered to make lunch to let me have a break.  He made one of his specialties, and something that he’s been making as long as I’ve known him… mini pizzas.  They’re so easy and so darn cute and I’m going to share the recipe, hopefully next week sometime.  :o)

Maui was in dire need of a bath after lunch due to some issues she was having (I won’t go into details… just use your imagination haha), so I gave her a good scrubbing after lunch.  She was due to go to the groomer right before all of this started, so her hair is out of control, so I’m going to have to give her baths more often until she can get her summer haircut. 

It was a breezy day Thursday, so the kids and I went outside to fly their kite after Maui’s bath.  I haven’t really flown many kites in my day, and I never realized just how hard it is to get it to stay in the sky.  Lol. 

Thursday evening, I made a light summer pasta with bacon and corn that we all love, and then our whole family went for a walk on the trail in our neighborhood.  One good thing coming from this quarantine is all of our family walks!  We love them!

When we got home, I was still feeling energetic, so I left B and the kids at home to get ready for bed, and I went for an evening run alone.  There were tons of people out and about working in their yards, walking, and playing, and I just adore the hustle and bustle of our neighborhood since this quarantine has started.  I kind of feel like I’m living in the 1950’s when everyone actually spent evenings at home and not at their kids’ extracurricular activities.  I ended up having a pretty great run, only slowing down to walk a couple of times… most of the time when I run now, it’s half running, half walking because I just don’t love to run anymore. 

Friday, April 10 (Day 28 of Quarantine)

The kids were out of school for Good Friday, so we all slept in, and after breakfast I went for a run alone.  B did have to work that day, but since he’s working from home, he can listen out for the kids when he’s not on conference calls, and it’s nice for me to sneak out every once in a while for some time to myself.  It was sunny and beautiful, but cold and windy, and I quickly realized that the wind was working against me.  My run wasn’t as successful as the one from the previous evening, but it wasn’t terrible either. 

Once I got home, I showered and got ready for the day and by then it was time to make lunch.  I made some grilled cheese sandwiches since it was the last Friday of Lent, and after lunch, the kids and I spent the afternoon coloring rainbows and talking about the meaning of Good Friday.  As a lot of you know, Good Friday is meant to be a somber day since it’s the day that Jesus was crucified, so we kept it low-key most of the afternoon, doing a ton of coloring together at the kitchen table. 

Later that afternoon, I set the kids up with Frozen 2 because I had to escape to my office to put their Easter baskets together.  I’d purchased all of the items sporadically online all month, but I hadn’t actually set it all out to make sure it was enough/too much/equal between the two kids.  Fortunately, everything ended up being just about right, so I got the baskets stuffed, and hidden away in my office closet. 

B got off of work around 4 and we decided to take the kids to the park to get out of the house.  At that point, I hadn’t been out of the house for 10 whole days (I think??), and it had been even longer since the kids had.  The park was fairly busy, but we chose a park that’s very large and spaced out, so we were able to avoid being near anyone.  We walked around for a good hour, getting some exercise and seeing the ducks and geese, and before we knew it, it was time to leave and grab some dinner.

We decided to order a pizza to pick up on the way home, and we were shocked to find that the wait was going to be over an hour.  B ended up driving all of us home, and then he went back out to get the pizza when it was ready.  I was thinking that our outing was going to make me feel a little more normal, but instead, this one made me feel sad, and I spent the next hour longing for the way things used to be.  Friday nights we pretty much always go out to dinner somewhere, and it was just another reminder that we’re not free to do what we want to do right now. 

I decided I wasn’t going to let myself get in yet another funk, though, so I turned on some happy music, mixed up a happy scent in my diffuser, and grabbed a beer.  By the time B was home with the pizza, I was back to feeling good again. 

Trolls 2 came out on demand Friday, so we purchased it on Amazon to watch as a family.  We were all huge fans of the first Trolls movie, and the second one didn’t disappoint.  I didn’t quite enjoy it as much as the first, but it had the same wit as the first, and we all enjoyed it.

Saturday, April 11 (Day 29 of Quarantine)

Saturday morning, B and I woke up to our very own Easter egg hunt made just for us by the kids.  <3  They had put a bunch of Duplos together to look like eggs and they hid them all around the play room for B and me to find when we woke up.  Just for the record, Brian would want you all to know that he found more than I did.  <Eyeroll>

For breakfast I made some homemade waffles with Easter sprinkles, and then B, Jacob, and I snuggled up on the couch to watch Lego Masters while Olivia painted.  We’ve been doing this new Saturday morning tradition for a few months now, and I’m going to be sad when Lego Masters is over after this week.  Also, just look at Olivia's painting of Jesus!  Precious.

Once Lego Masters was over, B and I sat down to make a to-do list for the day because… we actually had places to go and things to do for the first time in forever!  It felt pretty good! 

First up, we all got ready for the day and then had a quick lunch at home, and then we had to be at one of my friends from bible study’s house at 1 PM for a birthday parade.  There were already at least 10 cars in line when we arrived, and many more came, for a total of around 20 cars!  Everyone hung out of their windows and sunroofs shouting, honking horns, and waving signs and balloons, and it was such a fun way to celebrate my sweet friend’s daughter.  And the kids got to see some of their friends from school so that was exciting, too!

We headed straight to Target after the birthday parade because we were almost out of milk, and getting low on TP.  In the United States, they are now requesting that everyone wear a mask in every public place, so B borrowed my mask and went in alone while the kids and I waited in the car.  If there’s one store I miss during all of this, it’s Target, so it was odd just sitting in the parking lot when normally we’d all just go in together.  Since I knew the kids and I would stay in the car the whole trip, we brought Maui along for the ride, because WHY NOT?  She’s loving this quarantine, by the way.  While B was in the store, I hopped out of the car and snapped a selfie just to remember these weird times. 

While we waited, I people-watched, and it was just bizarre to see everyone parking towards the back of the lot to avoid other cars… nobody was fighting over front row like usual.  At least half of the people walking in wore masks, and there were lines outside of Dollar Tree and Michaels since they were only allowing a certain amount of people in at once.

I’d also like to note all of the new rules that Publix has put in place to mark this weird time we’re living in… Publix now has all aisles marked one-way so you have to follow the arrows through the store.  You’re not allowed to pass anyone in the aisles and if you forget something, you can’t just turn around and go back and get it.  Instead, you have to continue down your one-way aisle, come back up the next aisle over, and then go back down the original aisle to get what you missed.  There are tape marks on the floors at the registers to ensure people stay six feet apart, and they have put up plexi-glass between the cashier and the customer to avoid the spread of germs.  I haven’t been there to see it first-hand since B has been doing the grocery shopping, but I just had to note this here to remember forever.  It’s just so weird.

B had a semi-successful run, scoring the last gallon of milk + two half gallons, and a 12-pack of toilet paper.  We had hoped to find one of the larger packs since they’re limiting it to one per customer, but no such luck.  I guess twelve rolls is better than nothing, though!

We stopped by Honey Baked Ham next to pick up our Easter ham, and then headed back home to wipe everything down and get it put away.  B and the kids baked some homemade chocolate chip cookies for Easter while I stuffed Easter eggs for the kids’ egg hunt later in the day, and then we all spent some time relaxing outside because it was another stunning day.  Seriously, this weather has been spoiling us lately.  I’m enjoying all of the sunshine and clear blue skies without all of the heat and humidity that will be here all too soon.

For dinner, B grilled hamburgers and we ate outside, and then after dinner, all of our parents came over to visit and watch the kids hunt eggs.  Obviously, they all stayed outside and spaced themselves around the yard so nobody exchanged germs, and it was so wonderful to see them all in person.  My mother-in-law brought a couple of my birthday gifts since we haven’t been able to celebrate with them yet, and I was thrilled to get my potted herbs.  She potted seven herbs for me last spring and we enjoyed them for the rest of the year, so I was thrilled when she offered to pot them for me again this year.  I can finally keep them alive, but I stink at potting them.  Haha. 

B and I hid eggs in the front yard for the kids, and then we all watched them scoop them all up.  It was over all too soon, and we had to say goodbye to everyone, but it left my heart feeling pretty darn full.  I even snapped a picture of myself when we went back inside because I wanted to remember how happy I was.  It’s such a roller coaster these days, y’all.

We all headed inside for the night after they left, and I turned on a Jillian Michaels YouTube video since I hadn’t yet squeezed in a workout.  The kids were intrigued, and they decided to join me, and they ended up loving it SO MUCH.  Haha.  They have requested to do more workouts with her every day since then.  Lol. 

B and I watched TV after they went to bed, and then the Easter bunny came and hid the baskets while we all slept.  ;o)

Sunday, April 12 (Day 30 of Quarantine)

Sunday morning was Easter, so we went downstairs and let the kids find their baskets that the Easter Bunny had hidden.  They were both thrilled with their goodies and they both settled in immediately to play.  I busied myself with breakfast prep while they played, and then we all sat down to some yummy cinnamon rolls. 

After breakfast, Olivia wanted to put on her new earrings (delicate pink crosses, perfectly fitting for the day), and she also wanted to put on three of her new temporary tattoos… probably not so fitting for the day.  Haha. 

We all got showered and dressed for the day after that, and yes, I made everyone dress up for mass even though we were watching from our couch.  ;o)  Mass was at 10:30 and we listened to an inspiring homily, we lit a candle at home, and we all renewed our Baptismal promises.  Father Manny walked up and down the aisles at church and blessed all of our pictures with holy water since we couldn’t be there in person, and before we knew it, mass was over. 

The weather was supposed to be yucky all day, so I rounded everyone up for a family picture in the back yard after mass since there was a break in the rain.  We set up the tripod and managed to get some pretty decent ones in one take.

It started to sprinkle just as we were finishing up, so we all headed back inside, and I started preparing for lunch.  Every single year for Easter, we always eat a huge lunch at my mother-in-law and step-father-in-law’s house, so I never have to cook.  I do always bring hot pineapple casserole (one of our favorites ever) but that’s it.  Since we typically eat ham at Easter, I knew I wanted to have ham, but instead of buying a whole ham that I knew our family would probably never be able to eat, we bought a half cooked ham from Honey Baked Ham Company the day before Easter.  If you’ve never had HBH before, you are missing out!  It’s the best ham I’ve ever tasted, and it is always such a treat.

I knew I would do the pineapple casserole with it, and I considered doing mashed potatoes or deviled eggs, but nobody else in our family of four likes either.  I KNOW.  So, I ended up being nontraditional, and I went with baked beans for another side since the kids actually eat and enjoy those.  I cut up some fresh fruit, and that was that.  Ham, pineapple casserole, baked beans, and fresh fruit.  Oh, and homemade chocolate chip cookies for dessert.  We can’t forget those!  :o)

I threw a few decorations out on the counter and the table, and B and I opened up a good bottle of wine.  We don’t usually drink at lunch, but hey, it was Easter Sunday and it was our big meal of the day, so why not?

We all stuffed ourselves silly and then I cleaned up while B and the kids watched The Swan Princess by The Atlanta Ballet.  They streamed a performance on Easter at 1 PM as a one-time special thing, and Olivia was enamored.  I spent the next little bit of time trying on and putting away my new birthday gifts from my MIL and tidying up from Easter, and then after the ballet was over the four of us sat down to finish our 2,000 piece puzzle.

While we were doing that, B accidentally jammed my toe and it hurt so bad I knew immediately that something was wrong.  I was able to move it, though, so I didn’t think it was broken.  I continued to put the puzzle together until it was finished and then when I stood up, pain shot through my toe and I realized it was starting to swell and turn purple.  Sigh.  Long story short, I iced it, buddy-taped it to my other toe, and by the evening it felt good enough to walk on.  I think it was just a minor sprain, thank goodness.  I certainly didn’t want to have to go to the hospital!!  Anyhoo, back to the puzzle – WE FINISHED IT!  All 2,000 pieces of it!  Everyone was so proud. 

Olivia opened her new confetti popper nail polish that Grandpa had given her for Easter, and then B and the kids played video games for a bit, and I spent some time cleaning up my office and doing a little bit of catch-up.  Then we all had a simple charcuterie board for dinner.  We always eat so much for Easter lunch, that this has been our tradition for several years now, so it was nice to feel some sense of normalcy that evening.  And charcuterie boards are always the kids’ favorite way to eat, so it’s always a winner!

After dinner, the rain had stopped, so we snapped a couple of pictures of our rainbows, and then we all took a nice long walk around the neighborhood.  The skies were dark and moody, and the wind was whipping crazily the entire time, so we knew some bad stuff was on the horizon.  Our local weather station had been warning us all week that there would be bad severe weather with tornadoes on Sunday evening, and their predictions grew more and more grim as Sunday approached.  By Sunday evening they were using the words “historical night” and “strong tornadoes” and they warned repeatedly for everyone to prepare their safe space and buckle down. 

B and I spent the rest of the evening securing everything on the back porch and preparing our storm shelter (AKA the closet under the stairs).  We took a brief break to Facetime with my parents to wish them a happy Easter and a happy anniversary, because Easter Sunday also happened to be their 40th wedding anniversary!!!!

After that, we tucked the kids into their sleeping bags on the floor in our bedroom.  We wanted all of us to be in the same room so it would be easy to get everyone downstairs in our safe place when the weather came… because it was pretty much inevitable that it was going to happen.

B and I spent the rest of the evening watching the new Tiger King episode that was released, and then we went up for bed around 10:30.  The bad weather was expected to hit somewhere between midnight and 5 AM our time, so I laid there awake until it came.  It started rolling in around 1 AM, and by 2 it was getting plain scary.  The winds were gusting so hard, they woke B and the kids up, and the combination of rain and wind hitting the windows in our bedroom sounded so strong and loud that we were worried they could possibly shatter the windows.  So B and I hopped out of bed, scooped up the kids, and we settled them into the closet downstairs with lots of pillows and blankets.  At that point, the tornado sirens hadn’t even gone off, but it sounded like the entire world outside was being pressure washed, so we thought it was better to be safe than sorry. 

We sat down there for nearly an hour listening to the wind howl and watching the lightning dance, and once the front blew past on the radar (seriously, if you don’t have a radar app, GET ONE), I messaged my brother to see if he thought we were out of the woods.  He’s a weather nerd and he has some technology that he uses to watch for rotation and tornadoes just like meteorologists have.  He gave me the all-clear, so we headed back up to bed. 

I passed out a few minutes later and was out cold the rest of the night and then we woke up to clear blue skies and abundant sunshine Monday morning.  It was like it had never even stormed. 

There were several tornado outbreaks in surrounding counties and 70 mph straight-line winds in our area so there was a lot of damage done.  Unfortunately, one of the bridges on our walking trail got smashed by a fallen tree so we can’t walk the trail anymore.  Dang it!!  But we are thanking our lucky stars that the worst of it passed over us yet again.  We are supposedly in for it again this Sunday so if you could please keep us in your prayers that would be great.  This hasn’t been good for my anxiety at all, so to have to go through it again just one week later is not sounding too fun right now. 

And because it's Friday, here's today's funny!

I hope you all enjoy your weekend!

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  1. You are doing way better than me with blogging. I have been having such a hard time getting my stuff together. Also, I wish we had your nice weather... it is supposed to snow today. Like a few inches.... but then 50 this weekend. I hope you have a fantastic weekend friend!

    1. Oh my gosh, STOP IT. It's just way too late in the year for snow! Sheesh! I'm so sorry!

  2. Heck yes break out the good wine! I love all the rainbows. There is a rainbow at the end of all this girlfriend! I hope you have a sweet weekend!

  3. I'm surprised by what looks like a lot of cars in the Target lot! Man I miss Target shopping. We finished all the puzzles we borrowed from my friends and now we want more! That rainbow is amazing!!

  4. At least you had a pretty good Easter. Other than the tornado business. Yay for a Kindergarten graduation. That breaks my heart for so many kids that will not experience it. We haven't cancelled the rest of the school year yet, so I am hoping for the kids here that it can happen. I hope you guys have a great weekend!

  5. Isn't this all so CRAZY? I can't believe we are almost wrapping up week 5 of quarantining and still searching for TP!
    Glad we can cheer each other on via our apple watches!

  6. Way to go with all the walking...your neighborhood trail is so pretty. Yikes with that snake! We just see little ones around our house. Loved seeing all the details of your week. :)

  7. I am loving all their puzzles!! The weather has been crazy! We had a huge storm with all sorts of downed trees and power outages (no tornadoes though thankfully). While I did have to wait a good 5-10 minutes to get into the grocery store this morning I was pleasantly surprised it pretty well stocked with everything including paper goods and cleaning supplies. I walked out with everything on my list!

    1. I'm so glad y'all are okay. It seems like lots of areas in the US are getting hit hard with bad weather lately. And yay for getting everything on your list! That's definitely a rarity these days!


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