Friday, March 6, 2020

Five on Friday - March Goals

It’s goals day!  For the next three months it’s going to be positively crazy around here because of baseball, dance, school, and all of the end-of-school year activities.  Therefore, I’m going to try to keep my goals a bit lighter. 

Let’s see how I did in February and then we’ll move on to the March goals.

As always, I’m using a Y for YES and N for NO to indicate whether or not I accomplished my goals.

February Goals


Y  Worry, rush, and complain less, live in the present and choose joy. – Worry is a daily struggle for me and unfortunately it probably always will be, but I feel like I’ve been very aware of it and I’m learning to redirect my thoughts, too.  So I’m giving myself a yes for this for effort.
Y  Be positive, confident, and kind and don’t sweat the little things. – Mostly, yes.
Y  Attend the annual benefit ball for our school with B.
Y  Go on one other date night with B. – We went out to dinner and tried a new restaurant!
Y  Attend bible study. – I was able to attend once this month.  Not ideal, but better than nothing!
Y  Attend February Book Club.
Y  Attend the Home & School Association meeting for February.
Y  Attend the school spring event meeting(s).
Y  Celebrate Grandparents Day at the kids’ school.
Y  Have a mommy/son date night. – Jacob and I had dinner together while B and Olivia were at the Daddy/Daughter dance.
N  Meet a girlfriend for lunch. – I never took the time to arrange something.
N  Get outside and walk with Maui while the kids are at school. – It literally rained almost every single day in February so I legit never had a chance to take her.  There were a couple of sunny days here and there but they were either weekend days or weekdays where I already had something planned.
Y  Do something special for kids for the first two weeks of February for Valentine’s Day. – I wrote one thing I love about each of them on a heart and taped it to their doors each evening after they went to bed.
Y  Continue putting the phone away each evening before dinner until after kids are in bed.
Y  Hang out with kids after dinner every evening. – Baseball had us scrambling more often than not, so there weren’t many opportunities to do this, but we did it when we could!
Y  Host a Super Bowl get together at our house.
Y  Start reading a new self improvement book. – I started How to Win Friends and Influence People because so many people recommended it. 

Y  Find a couple of new healthy lunches (for me) to throw into the rotation. – Avocado toast on Dave’s Killer Bread and sweet potatoes mashed up with cinnamon.
Y  Meditate most days. – I meditated every single day in the month of February.  I’m on a two month streak!
Y  Quiet time most days. – I did quiet time every single day in the month of February... another two month streak!
Y  Drink 64 oz. water most days.
Y  Work out at the gym twice per week.
Y  Try out a new machine at the gym. – I started using the stair stepper, the hip abductor machine, and the hip adductor machine.
Y  Find an essential oil to use during my meditations. – I’ve found that Peace & Calming seems to ground me the most during my meditations, but I also like Frankincense and Vetiver.
Y  Organize my prayer list.
Y  Continue visiting with therapist.
N  Experiment with my hair and find a new way to style it. – I never took the time to do this one.


N  Make two more Whole 30 meals for dinner. – I made one and purchased the ingredients to make the second, but I never had a chance to.
Y  Finalize Disney plans. – Our entire trip is booked, Memory Maker has been added to the package, everything is paid in full, a stroller is lined up, and we are just counting down the days until we get to leave!
N  Get kids to practice riding bikes without training wheels as much as possible. – Too much rain and too much baseball did not allow for this.
N  Attend a UGA basketball game, take 2. – We’d planned on attending the home game the last Saturday of the month, but B threw out his back and cannot sit for long periods of time, so we decided not to go.  The car ride there and back + sitting at the game just wouldn’t be good for him and we really need him to heal fully for Disney World! 
Y  Finish preparing for Valentine’s Day.
Y  Celebrate Valentine’s Day.
Y  Prepare for Brian’s birthday.
Y  Celebrate Brian’s birthday.
Y  Prepare for Olivia’s birthday.
Y  Celebrate Olivia’s birthday
Y  Apply for scholarship for Olivia.
Y  Utilize hot thermoses more for kids’ lunches. – I made mac n cheese for them for Ash Wednesday and the first Friday of Lent since we weren’t eating meat.
Y  Haircuts for Jacob and Olivia.
Y  Get Dave Matthews Band tickets for their summer tour.


Y  Clean out kitchen cabinets/bar cart.
N  Clean out closet under stairs.
Y  Clean out my dresser
Y  Clean out my night stand.
N  List more clothes on Poshmark.
N  Start test-driving vehicles.
Y  Complete 3 things on Master To-Do list. – I ended up doing 6 things!  I created a new file for some keepsakes, I relabeled some old storage boxes, B preserved the old news segments that we had recorded from when my grandfather died, and a few other things were done.
N  Research condos for beach trip, take 2.


Y  Complete one post for Spring Break.
N  Complete one post for summer. – But I got one started at least!
Y  Start working on 2020 Recap.
Y  Take 3 pictures for Instagram.


42 items accomplished
11 items not accomplished

Monthly Stats

Books Read: 1
    City of Girls – Elizabeth Gilbert

Meditation Days: 29

Pictures of My Successes


My 61 day meditation streak!

Dinner Date with Boo!

Healthy lunch!

Whole 30 dinner

Now for the March goals…

March Goals


Worry, rush, and complain less, live in the present and choose joy.
Be positive, confident, and kind and don’t sweat the little things.
Continue reading self-improvement book.
Do The Best Lent Ever program. 
Go to confession.
Attend the school spring event meeting(s).
Send out sponsorship letters for spring event.
Have a girls dinner.
Attend Couple’s Club for our church.
Attend the Home & School Association meeting for March.
Celebrate Mama Cass’s 91st birthday!


Meditate most days.
Download the full version of Calm app.
Quiet time most days.
Drink 64 oz. water most days.
Work out at the gym as much as possible.
Try yoga.
Start taking elderberry supplements.
Start cooking with turmeric.
Visit with the dentist to check on my TMJ progress.
Continue visiting with therapist.
Find a general practitioner.


Kids start taking elderberry supplements.
Find some less sugary snacks for the kids to eat every afternoon.
Use wellness roller on all of us daily.
Watch Jacob play a whole lot of baseball.
Take Olivia for a thyroid check-up.
Start prepping for Easter. 
Start looking at summer calendar – swim lessons, VBS, vacay, camp, etc.
Pack and prepare for Disney World.


Clean out purse.
Clean out closet under stairs.
Start test-driving vehicles.
Complete 1 thing on Master To-Do list.
Research condos for beach trip, take 3.


Complete all posts for Spring Break.
Complete one post for summer.
Continue working on 2020 Recap.

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Happy Friday, y’all!

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  1. You did fabulous on your goals! The worry less thing is so hard to do. Good luck this month!

  2. Oh my goodness, that Vanilla Ice meme is great! As always, you did great with your goals. I am sure March will be just as good!

  3. Love your funnies so much, perfect for Friday smiles. You get it girl! March will ROCK!

  4. You are doing great on your goals as always! I'm jealous of your Disney trip!

  5. You did an amazing job on the goals this month! Keep up the good work on the meditation and I a look forward to see how you like yoga. Can't wait to go this weekend. Have a great one!

  6. Great job on your goals in February! You are right, the next 3 months are going to be CRAZY!
    Can't wait to follow along while y'all are at Disney!

  7. I swear you get more done in one month than most people in the whole year! Hope the rain subsides soon! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  8. The next few months are going to be so crazy! I love the idea of scaling back and making sure you are working towards attainable things. I can't stand putting something on my list knowing I probably won't get to it. I hope you have a great weekend!


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