Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Easter Basket Stuffers Delivered to Your Door

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During this time of social distancing we are avoiding going out except in times of absolute necessity because it’s so important to stay home and do our part to flatten the curve.  Easter is right around the corner which means that Easter basket stuffers will need to be purchased, but I don’t personally believe that Easter goodies are necessity enough to put others at risk, so everything for our kids’ baskets will be purchased online this year.    

Today I’m sharing a few Easter basket stuffers that can be ordered online and delivered straight to your door so you can be prepared without having to set foot in a store.  Please note that if you do decide to do your shopping online, I highly suggest shopping immediately as Amazon, Target, Walmart, and many other retailers are delaying shipments for non-essential items.  I placed orders for many of the items in this post on Amazon a few days ago, and even though we are Prime members and the items do qualify for Prime two-day shipping, many of them will not deliver for more than a week.  In addition to the shipping being delayed, Amazon is no longer receiving shipments of non-essential items which means that once items are sold out, it may be a while before they’re back in stock.  Trust me, sidewalk chalk is hard to come by on Amazon right now!!  You better shop right now, people!!  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

For the Girls

Heart Sunnies – these precious heart-shaped sunglasses are perfect for spring and summer… warm weather is upon us, and even if you can’t travel anywhere for spring break, your little girl can still get some use out of these at home in the back yard!  The best part?  These are unbreakable!  Yes ma'am!

Sticker by Number Books – basically like paint by number, but you use stickers instead!  These books are filled with illustrations that are divided into dozens of sections.  Each section has a number that corresponds with a particular sticker, so you have to find each sticker and stick it in the corresponding section.  Olivia has one of these books and she loves it!  These are also great gifts for boys.

Unicorn Bubble Blower – our kids still love playing with bubbles and this unicorn bubble blower is perfect for outdoor time for all ages.  We’ve been spending all the time outside and doing all the outdoor activities!

Easter Bunny Lego Set – this bunny Lego set is perfect for the Lego lover.  It’s fairly small at just 126 pieces so it’s the perfect size to squeeze in an Easter basket.

Tulle Pom Pom Skirt – if this isn’t the cutest, most fun little skirt then I don’t know what is!!  This is the perfect skirt for playing dress-up at home, but it’s not too outrageous to wear outside of the house either!  ;o)

1000+ Sticker Book – what little girl doesn’t love stickers?  This 40 page book is filled with over 1000 stickers and the designs are absolutely adorable.  This book has 712 reviews and it has 4.8 out of 5 stars so it must be good!  At only $4.99 I’d say that’s a major steal!

Bunny & Rainbow Headband Set – this set of two glitter headbands is just precious and it’s only $4.90 for both!  These also have 4.8 stars, so I’m hoping that means the quality will be good.  Ours should arrive next week and I can’t wait to see them!

Lip Gloss Set – this set of 7 lip glosses is perfect for the little girl who wants to wear makeup but isn’t quite old enough yet.  The set includes flavors/shades of cherry/red, lemon/yellow, blueberry/blue, strawberry/pink, vanilla/white, grape/purple, and orange/orange and all of them have a glittery finish.  These are also highly rated at 4.5 stars.

Jesus Calling Devotional for Girls – this is the little girls’ version of my very favorite devotional and it is perfect for an Easter basket stuffer.  Jacob has the Jesus Calling for Kids devotional and it is absolutely wonderful.

Sterling Silver Earring Sets – Olivia’s ears were pierced late last year so now she’s enjoying collecting new earrings in all colors and shapes.  We discovered early on that her ears are sensitive to certain metals, so we have been sticking to sterling silver only.  She was gifted a few pairs of this brand from Kohl’s for Christmas and they are the absolute perfect size for her little ears.  They are sterling silver and excellent quality and she’s been wearing them for months with no trouble.  She has both the butterflies/flowers/rainbow set and the unicorn set and she’ll be getting this mermaid set in her Easter basket.  They also have this bunny set that would be perfect for Easter.  These are worth every penny and I highly recommend them… especially if your little girl has sensitive ears.  Also, Kohl’s has been running some fantastic sales online since their brick and mortar stores are closed, so you can get these for a great deal right now!


Scratch and Sketch Book – I’ve discussed these a few times on the blog because both of our kids love them so much!  There are many different books with different themes and they are just so much fun for boys and girls!

Slider Number Puzzle – I had a wooden puzzle just like this when I was little and I loved it so much.  This is perfect for a girl or boy. 

Jesus Calling for Kids – Jacob has this book and it is wonderful.  I read it with him some days and I love how it breaks everything down easily for kids to understand.  It’s a great tool to provide your child with so they can establish quiet time with God at a young age.

Sunglasses – these are unbreakable which is perfect for those rough and tumble boys!  They come in lots of different colors, too, and they’re only $9.99!

Bunny Farts Cotton Candy – Y’all, never in a million years did I think I’d be buying something called Bunny Farts to put in my child’s Easter basket, but here we are.  Haha.  Our kids get enough candy from Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day so I don’t like to put much in their Easter baskets, but I do always like to put one treat in there.  I came across these Bunny Farts on Amazon and knew it would be the perfect one to put in both of their baskets because, like most kids, our kids love potty words and gross stuff.  They are going to think this is the most hilarious thing.  Plus, they both like cotton candy so there’s that.

Lip Smackers Coca Cola Flavors – both of our kids love the different Lip Smacker sets, and this one is one of Jacob’s favorites.  We got it for him for Christmas a couple of years ago and he has used almost all of them. 

Dinosaur Bubble Blower – this is the dino version of the unicorn version I posted about for girls!  So cute! 

Spot It – this is the perfect travel game.  It’s small enough to carry around with you and it’s also a game that can be played quickly.  Our kids love it!

Mystery Mosaics – these are perfect for girls and boys, and both of our kids are completely obsessed with them.  They each have a couple of these books and they’ve been doing them nonstop since we’ve been in quarantine.  These books keep them busy for hours.  They’re basically color by number but in mosaic form which adds another layer of fun to it.  When you first start, all you see is a black and white grid, and once you get it all colored in, the picture is revealed.  Pretty cool!  Amazon currently has sets of two books with colored pencils, too!

Sidewalk Chalk – always a staple for spring, this is the perfect gift to put in your kids’ baskets to encourage art and outdoor time!

I hope I was able to provide you with some ideas today… don’t forget to shop now since shipping is being delayed!  AND STAY AT HOME!!!!  STOP THE SPREAD!

Happy Wednesday, y’all!

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  1. This is just the reminder I needed to send a few things to my nephews!

  2. Great ideas! I keep on telling Matt we need to order ASAP, and he keeps on blowing me off. I think I may just do it today and be done with it. Annabelle has already asked if the Easter Bunny can still come because of "the Virus" as she calls it. Her birthday was already ruined I'd hate for Easter to be too (Mass is already cancelled for Easter Sunday).

    1. I would definitely do it soon if you haven't already. Most of our stuff ended up arriving faster than Amazon originally stated so I'm assuming they're just overestimating how long things will take just to be on the safe side. Our mass is already cancelled for Easter Sunday, too, and I hate it. I hope the Easter Bunny makes it to your house for sweet little Annabelle!

  3. I love these! The bunny farts are soo funny! Your kiddos will love that!
    -Holley @

    1. I know, it seems kind of weird to be putting stuff like that in an Easter basket, but I think they'll get a big laugh out of it.

  4. What a brilliant idea my beautiful friend! Hope you all are safe and healthy!

  5. These are all so fun - definitely doing some sidewalk chalk and bubbles for sophia! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  6. Okay, I'm obsessed with cute earrings and headbands. You can make me a little basket and send them my way. Please and thank you. Such great ideas!

    1. Haha. Me too!! Her little earrings are just so cute!

  7. Love these ideas! You're so right - I️ placed an order from Target and it says it's at least a week out from's a good idea to shop early!

    1. Yes it is! I don't want to end up empty-handed for the kiddos... we're trying to keep things as normal as possible for them and I'd hate to not have anything for them!

  8. Thank you so much for the reminder! I need to order some Easter basket goodies for Mason. We are also staying home and doing our part to flatten the curve. Great ideas! I am loving that Easter Bunny Lego set! Definitely ordering the Jesus Calling For Kids. That’s one we do not have! Y’all stay safe and enjoy your time at home together!

  9. Love all these ideas! Serena would go nuts over that bubble set and the heart shaped sunnies <3

    Green Fashionista

  10. I am sending this to my sisters to remind them that the Easter Bunny is immune to coronavirus!

  11. This is a great reminder! It's hard to think about Easter goodies in these times, but so important to keep our traditions and fun activities!

  12. You can’t go wrong with the scratch and sketch book or the delicious lip smacker chapstick. I remember having those when we were younger. We purchased the scratch and sketch Christmas book version and the family had fun taking turns and filling it in. It’s one of those activities that’s fun for all ages! I'm looking forward to building Easter baskets for our baby girl and our fur baby. Very thankful for online shopping!

    Kaitlyn @ Oh, the Places We’ll Go!


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