Friday, March 20, 2020

Five on Friday - Sweet Messages and Timehop Cryfest of the Week

With all that's going on in the world lately, these last couple of weeks have been weird, mentally exhausting, and a little scary, but we're making it through!  The goal today is to talk about some good things that have been bringing joy!

O N E – Two Sweet Messages

I made an “I love you because…” board for our kitchen probably 8 or 9 years ago when Pinterest started and I was doing #allthePinterestprojects.  It was simple to make – I just printed “I love you because…” on a sheet of scrapbook paper, framed it, and the glass window of the frame acts as a dry erase board so Brian and I can leave each other little notes.

The board has been a fixture in our kitchen, and it has served many purposes, most recently as a countdown board to all of our big events.  The board has been in existence since before our kids were born and never have either of them written a message on it other than updating the countdowns.

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that someone had written “I love you because… you make things better.”  Based on the handwriting and the fact that “better” was misspelled, I knew it was Olivia so I asked her if she’d written it.  She responded with, “Yes, because you do make things better.”  <3 

I may have cried a little.  My sweet, sweet girl.

Also, I'm trying not to cry seeing that old Disney countdown... my, how things have changed since then.  

A couple of weeks ago when I had my crazy cough, I was laying on the couch while the kids were getting ready for bed and I saw the light turn on in my office.  I asked who was in there (because nobody ever goes in there other than me) and Jacob said that it was him.  Later when I went in there, I saw that Jacob had left a sweet little note on my keyboard telling me to feel better and he had drawn a rose on it, too.  <3

How did we get so lucky to have these sweet and thoughtful babies?  I’m so grateful for them every single day.

T W O – Family Roots

My mom received her results from her DNA test last week, and now I’m convinced that we might just have royal blood somewhere.  82% England, Wales, & Northwestern Europe!!  We knew we had strong English roots, but I don’t think anyone knew they were that strong.  And I don’t think anyone knew that we had Swedish roots so that was completely unexpected. 

My dad got his results a couple of months ago and his ethnicity is quite different than my mom’s, so now I’m even more interested to see what mine is… I must be a mix of so many!  I really should buy a DNA test sometime.  It’s just so fascinating. 

T H R E E – Named Storms

Our local news released the names for the 2020 hurricane season a couple of weeks ago and my mom and dad and brothers and I were all discussing how crazy it is because one of them is “Nana.”  You may remember that we lost my Nana (Daddy’s mom) on Christmas Eve this past year, and we thought it was just wild that her name popped up on the hurricane list… especially since Nana isn’t really a name so much as a “grandparent name.”  Or is it??  But anyway, it's like she's making herself known and telling us not to forget her.  <3

F O U R – Timehop Cryfest

A couple of weeks ago I posted about Olivia’s beloved Sheepie, the stuffed animal that she has loved and adored since birth.  It was a gift to her from her big brother, Jacob, and he gave it to her the day she was born.  She – and all of us, really – have treasured it since then and she takes Sheepie everywhere. 

Well, the other day this picture popped up in my Timehop and I didn’t even remember that we had a picture of him giving it to her for the first time!  This was just a couple of hours after she born, and I’m so thankful to whomever snapped this picture.  I’m sure it was probably my momma.  (And I obviously have a picture of it, too, since I’m clearly in the background taking a picture as well.  I guess I need to look for it.  Haha.)

Look at her squishy little face just fresh out of the oven!  TEARS, Y’ALL!!!! 

F I V E – BRCA Negative

I don’t think I ever mentioned this on the blog, but this past fall my doctor wanted to have me tested for the BRCA gene since cancer (including breast cancer) runs in my family on both sides.  I got my results back before Christmas and, thankfully, I found out I’m negative for the gene.  My risk is about 17% which is higher than the average person, but thankfully, it's just below the threshold that would require me to get mammograms every six months.  

That doesn’t mean that I won’t ever get cancer, but at least I know I’m not considered to have an elevated risk for it!  That said, since my risk is higher than that of the average woman my age, my doctor wants me to continue getting mammograms every year even though I’m under the age of 40.

Friday Funnies


This made me laugh so hard when I saw it a couple of weeks ago.  As we all know, things have changed drastically this last week so PLEASE, EVERYONE, STAY HOME.

Flights are legit as cheap as I've ever seen them.

LITERALLY ME.  I didn't even have to go out and buy soap because I ALWAYS stockpile it.  I keep at least 15-20 bottles of soap on hand at all times.  It's paying off to be a germaphob!!

On the Blog This Week

Happy Friday, y’all!

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  1. Your kiddos are so sweet! Both those notes are just really precious. And that picture of Jacob giving Olivia Sheepie - so sweet again!

  2. The world really is crazy. You're kids are just too cute friend! And I am so glad you tested negative for the BRCA gene. Stay strong Mama!

  3. Your kiddos are the sweetest, and hope you can make up the Disney vacay soon <3

    Green Fashionista

  4. Haha on the soap stockpiles! It's like people never washed their hands before...hope you're hanging in there!

  5. OMG they are so sweet and cute leaving you those notes! I am so glad you tested negative for BRCA. I get all the mammos too because my mom has never had one and her mom died of it. Hang in there in these weird times.

  6. I sent off my DNA kit in February. They are currently extracting my DNA and I should have my profile done by April 15th! Something to look forward to!

  7. I'm so happy to hear about the br. cancer gene...what a relief for you. Take care, friend!

  8. Your kiddos are so sweet because you are sweet and raising them right. They emulate what they see. My grandfather traced his family ancestry back to the Mayflower so I've always known I have a lot of English in my blood..

    1. Aw thank you for that. I really needed that, especially this week since they are with me 24/7 now. And HOW COOL!!!! That's awesome that you were able to trace your ancestry to the Mayflower!!


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