Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Our Week - The One with Jacob’s First Spring Baseball Game and the Temporary Collapse of Life as We Know It

Last week was just bizarre, y’all.  It started out like a normal, run-of-the-mill week and then things changed drastically as the week progressed.  The time changed, there was a full moon, Friday was the 13th, there's a pandemic, and a National Emergency was declared.  I’m sure you’re all in the same boat that we’re in right now, too, and it’s just weird. 

Monday, March 9

Monday morning I headed to the grocery store to do my bi-weekly shopping and I was shocked to see that the soup, canned goods, bread, peanut butter, and cleaning supplies aisles had all been obliterated.  At that point, things had not gotten very serious so I was pretty shocked to see everything out of stock already.  I’m the most prepared-for-everything person you’ll meet and I wasn’t even running out and loading up on extra food at that point.  You better believe that seeing the grocery store in that state did have me grabbing a few extra canned goods, though. 

The rest of the day was spent doing mounds and mounds of laundry and getting Jacob to baseball practice.  We had a late-ish dinner after practice but we managed to get the kids in the bed on time so we could watch the hot mess that is the Bachelor finale.  Oh Peter. 

Tuesday, March 10

Tuesday was a busy one.  I had a doctor appointment, a meeting at the school for our spring fundraiser, and some Target shopping and other errands to run.  Again, Target’s shelves were bare so that was frustrating.  We genuinely needed toilet paper at home to replace our typical stock and we couldn’t find any because all of the crazies have started hoarding it!  I mean, come on, people!!  Stop it!!

Jacob’s first baseball game was Tuesday evening and we were so glad that they were able to play.  Our eyes were on the skies yet again for rain all day, but fortunately, all we had were some sprinkles so the game was on. 

Jacob had three at-bats and ended up getting a double and two singles, both of which were also RBIs.  He’s playing second base this season (his first time ever playing infield) and he scooped up two direct hits throwing two different people out at first!!  Their team played an awesome game and ended up winning 9-6 and we are just so proud of all of them!!  (And I stole the group prayer picture from my friend Stephanie whose sons are also on the team.  What a beautiful shot she captured.)

Most of the team decided to go out for dinner after the game at one of our favorite pubs so we decided to tag along so we could get to know all of the families better.  The kids spent the evening in the game room while all of the adults chatted over dinner and it was a good evening connecting with everyone who we thought was going to be our baseball family for the next three months… but now baseball is canceled.  Sigh. 

We ended up getting home way past the kids’ bedtimes, but it was worth it to have a little bit of fun on a random Tuesday night.  The kids got showered and in the bed and then B and I watched the second half of the Bachelor finale.  Good gracious, Peter’s momma made me cringe!!!!

Wednesday, March 11

Wednesday, Olivia had her "dress like a book character" day at school.  She opted to be the unicorn from her new book that Pop and Cokie gave to her for her birthday.  :o)

I started out the morning at the gym.  It had been a full week since I’d been so it felt good to get the endorphins pumping and sweat out all of the toxins.  The rest of the day was spent working ahead on the blog as I was preparing to be at Disney World for spring break… which is now, also, canceled. 

We had a rare evening with no baseball practice, no baseball game, and no ballet or tap so we spent the evening at home.  I cooked an early dinner and then we all went for a walk around our neighborhood.  We hadn’t done that in months, so it was nice to get out.  The weather was warm and even though it was cloudy, it wasn’t raining, so it was a pleasant evening.

That evening several friends started posting pictures of the empty shelves at our local Sam's and it was quite a disturbing sight.

Thursday, March 12

Thursday, Olivia came in our room early in the morning before we were even awake complaining of a stomachache and she was really bad off for the next hour, crying out from the pain.  I gave her some children’s Pepto, and same as the last time I gave her Pepto, she threw it up within minutes.  Won’t be giving her that ever again!  Although I knew it was the Pepto that had made her sick, we went ahead and kept her home from school just in case it turned out to be a virus. 

B worked from home Thursday because his company was testing their remote system in the event that they need to shut down for an extended amount of time due to the rapidly spreading virus (spoiler alert, I’m writing this on Monday and they just shut down), so he was able to stay with Olivia while I dropped Jacob off at school.

After I dropped him off, I made yet another trip to Walmart to stock up on essentials because things had started looking so grim Wednesday evening.  I had already done our bi-weekly grocery shopping and I had loaded up on snacks at Target earlier in the week, but seeing all of my friends and family posting pictures of empty shelves around town made me go out to buy just one more pack of toilet paper and a WHOLE BUNCH OF WINE.  Luckily I was able to get everything that we need... good thing I wasn't there to buy cleaning supplies because that had zero.

By the time I arrived back home Olivia was watching cartoons, bouncing off of the walls, and saying that she was hungry, so I knew at that point her stomachache was probably just a regular ol’ stomachache from something she ate, and not a virus.  Thank goodness. 

Thursday was the day that things really went downhill regarding the coronavirus, and we all spent the day watching everything slowly shut down around us… Georgia schools (although our county didn’t shut them down that day), the kids’ sports (no more baseball), and worst of all – Disney World.  Yep, we had an elaborate trip to Disney World planned for the last week of March and Disney decided to pull the plug.  We know it was the right thing for them to do, but that doesn’t take away the sadness that comes with watching the trip you’ve planned perfectly for eight months get taken away just two weeks before departure.  Sigh. 

On the bright side, B and I no longer have to make the decision whether or not to go.  We’ve been going back-and-forth for a couple of weeks and I’ve been asking God for clear direction on which decision to make, and I’d say He came through.  I can’t think of a more clear-cut sign than Disney World closing.  Our travel agent assured us that we won’t lose our money and that we’ll be able to reschedule and get all of our same reservations, so hopefully she’ll be able to pull through for us.  We already sent her our new dates for the beginning of June so fingers crossed she is able to book all of our same lunch and dinner reservations and fast passes, the coronavirus will be contained by then, and we will have our best trip to Disney World yet!

Olivia spent the whole day watching cartoons on the couch and drawing at the table in an attempt to not spread any germs (in case she really was harboring some sort of virus) and I spent the whole day scrubbing down the house from said virus – washing all bedding and blankets and towels, and cleaning countertops and floors and other surfaces.  Everything needed a good washing anyway.

Since we had kept Olivia out of school she also missed dance, so we had a quiet evening at home.  Jacob had instructions to test the school’s online system so he will be able to do all of his schoolwork from home if the school shuts down (spoiler alert – it has), and after homework we made breakfast for dinner. 

It was mostly cloudy again, but warm, so we turned the kids loose in the driveway with sidewalk chalk to try to salvage the day after so much doom and gloom. 

Friday, March 13

Just when we thought the week couldn’t get any weirder, we were wrong.  Friday was just plain crazy… fitting for Friday the 13th, I suppose.  How fitting was the message in my devotional that day?

B stayed home from work Friday because he’s had a little cough and some sniffles, so I sent the kids off to school as I always do.  Just after lunch, the school called saying that Olivia was in the office and she wasn’t feeling well.  Sigh.  I was 99% sure that she had gotten overheated after playing on the playground because it was the hottest day we’d had in months.  That had already happened twice before, so I knew that had to be the issue.  However, since she’d been out “sick” the previous day, I knew I needed to go get her to err on the side of caution.

Sure enough, I drove to school to pick her up and she was totally fine.  She actually smirked a little when she first saw me, that little stinker.  My theory was correct – she’d just been outside on the playground, had gotten a little overheated, told the teacher her tummy felt weird, and her teacher called me, probably thinking I’d sent her back to school while she was still sick.  Just kidding, I’m sure she wasn’t judging me, but the timing of the events were all a little unfortunate. 

I drove her home, had just enough time to play one game of Pete the Cat with her, and then I had to turn right back around and leave again to pick up Jacob in the car line.  While I was sitting in the car line, I got the call from the school saying that school was going to be canceled until at least April 6 and that all students would be sent home from school with online access to do their work while we are out.  Sigh.

The kids and I got home at 3:30, just as Donald Trump was going live on TV to declare a National Emergency, and we all watched in disbelief, hardly believing any of that was happening.  Nothing like this has ever happened in anyone’s lifetime, obviously, and I just can’t believe it’s actually come to this.  It’s scary.

The four of us decided to go for one more dinner out since we’re not sure how long it’ll be before it’s safe to be back out in public.  We went at 5 PM with the hopes that the restaurant wouldn’t be too busy yet, and we ended up having a whole section of the restaurant to ourselves, which was nice, because we were able to support local business to help keep it strong while also social distancing (for the most part). 

We headed back home after dinner for some sidewalk chalk, and then we all sat down to watch Ratatouille on Disney+.  I was mentally exhausted from all of the craziness of the past couple of days (my anxiety has spiked because of all of the uncertainty) and I ended up sleeping straight through the entire movie right there on the couch. 

B and I put the kids to bed after the movie and he and I stayed up a little longer to watch Love is Blind, and then he and I called it a night a little early because he had to be up at 3 AM to work on a huge project for work… fortunately from home!

Saturday, March 14 (Day 1 of Quarantine)

I ended up sleeping until almost 9 AM Saturday morning which meant that I had slept for almost 11 hours total (for anyone who’s counting) and I felt like a new woman.  I made some homemade waffles for breakfast, and then we all watched Lego Masters that we’d recorded from earlier in the week.  Luckily, B was able to work on his project from home since they’re wanting everyone to stay away from the office as much as possible, so he was able to spend the morning with us even though he was working on the couch. 

After lunch, the kids and I all went outside for some fresh air and sunshine (doing our part to keep our immune systems strong!) while B went upstairs for a nap.  We ended up staying outside for several hours since it was a gorgeous day, although it was a little too hot for my taste for mid-March (81 degrees). 

That afternoon I checked on my hand sanitizer stock... going strong as always!

Our church didn’t cancel services this past weekend, so I was extremely torn deciding what to do.  The church lifted the obligation to attend and told everyone to stay home if they have been sick, but I have been well and I didn’t want to leave our main children’s liturgy leader by herself without any help.  Since B has had the sniffles/small cough (probably allergies), we ultimately decided that the socially responsible thing to do was to stay home.  Fortunately, we can livestream all of our masses from home, so at least we are able to stay in touch. 

We all got showered and piled on the couch at 5:30 to watch mass, and then after mass I made a quick trip to our favorite local pizza place to pick up some pizzas and lasagna for dinner.  It’s so hard to walk the line of social distancing and supporting local business, but we figured that was the best way possible to do so.  We typically go to mass and then dinner with my family on Saturday evenings, so my parents came over to our house to eat since we didn’t go out. 

Sunday, March 15 (Day 2 of Quarantine)

Brian picked up donuts Sunday morning because we hadn't had them in forever and then it was another lazy morning at home.  Every Sunday morning I spent about 30 minutes planning our week ahead, but this past Sunday, I spent about 30 minutes canceling every single thing in my planner.  Just so weird.

The kids had already managed to trash the entire play room by lunchtime so I was already dreading what was to come.

We had lunch planned at my mother-in-law and step father-in-law’s to celebrate my MIL’s birthday.  She loves to cook so she always prefers to just cook her own birthday lunch instead of going out somewhere so she did just that.  The weather was warm again, although the air quality was dangerous for sensitive groups like myself, but I chose to spend some time outside in the sunshine anyway.  The boys all played ball and Olivia played with the bubble maker and it was a peaceful afternoon.

We spent some time at home playing video games Sunday afternoon and then we headed over to my parents’ house for Sunday dinner.  We may be practicing social distance, but we’re still planning on visiting our families on Sundays as long as we can.  I’m sure that may change eventually, but we were glad to spend some time with them this weekend.

Wash your hands, y’all!

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  1. Things really have been just so crazy! And it just keeps on going. These are interesting times!

  2. Yes, so crazy. I've been having a hard time focusing on other things that's for sure. Annabelle has been out of school since Thursday (since she had the sniffles, and with everything going on I didn't want to be the parent who caused more craziness). Here in MI all bars/restaurants are closed for dine in. No gatherings larger than 50 (or it may be 10 now).

    1. Same here! All restaurants and bars just closed here yesterday at midnight. Take-out only. I'm glad they're doing it, though. It needs to be done.

  3. I’m glad you got some fun in before all this craziness started! I love Olivia‘s hair! I hope you have a sweet and safe day my friend!

  4. Well described about the craziness of last week. I feel the same about the uncertainty. It's so crazy. I basically crossed out my whole planner too.

  5. It's so surreal but it's necessary all the precautions that the government is taking to keep everyone healthy and safe and especially not overwhelm our hospitals. I'm sorry that Disney was cancelled, but oh do I feel your pain. I hope these next few weeks all go by fast for us! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. I feel like I am in a total whirlwind over here! Happy to hear you all are doing okay and taking each event as it comes. Thinking of you all!

  7. I am so glad you won't lose any money on your Disney trip! I almost want to buy a new planner now with all the cross outs and start over. Stay sane in these crazy times!

  8. You're right, this is the strangest time to be alive. I am praying everyone takes it seriously so that this won't last so long bc I need a vacation this summer!!! LOL!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  9. It's crazy out there, isn't it?! I️ can hardly believe how out of stock all the stores are. Glad you found what you needed and are home safely with your family! Stay safe!

  10. I'm so sorry about Disney...very disappointing! We had to cancel two college visits, and it will make the college decision harder. Hang in there.

  11. Isn't it nuts out there?! We're attempting to do groceries tonight and I told my kids to think of the list as more of a "wish list" than anything else. LOL. I am sorry to hear about your trip; I was thinking of you when I heard they closed. I've already warned our boys that I am not rescheduling again; if we can't make it this time the trip is canceled.

    1. I don't blame you. We may have to do the same. I'm sorry y'all are in the same boat.


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