Friday, July 31, 2020

Five on Friday - Fun Apple Watch Bands, Great Masks for Kids, Gold Star Choker, and an Easy Way to Chop Veggies

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Hey, hey, it’s Friiiidaaaay!  I have some especially good favorites to share this week so let’s get started!

O N E – Apple Watch Bands

As you all know, I’m obsessed with my Apple Watch.  I wear it all day every single day without fail and I’ve already reached the point where I don’t want to ever have to live without it.  Yep, it’s that good.

I still have lots of Amazon gift card money left over from my birthday, so I was browsing around for some goodies earlier this week, and I completely fell down the rabbit hole of Apple Watch bands.  Y’ALL.  Amazon has them in every single color and pattern you could ever imagine, and most of them are only around $5-$6!!!!

The bands are super easy to change out, so it’s no big deal to swap them daily to match your outfits.  My original watch came with the pale pink silicone band, but I’ve been thinking it’d be nice to be able to change it up sometimes, so I bought a couple of new ones this week to start my collection. 

This slim silicone leopard band is my favorite!  I love the silicone bands because they’re weather-proof and very comfy, and I especially love this band because it’s slimmer than the one that comes with the Apple Watch.  It also has two slits in the sides that make it more breathable which is nice when it’s hot as blazes during the summer.  The band is the absolute CUTEST and I’ve been sporting it all week.  I can’t wait to wear it with some fall clothes!  :o)

I also bought this plain white slim band because I figured that white will go with pretty much everything.  It is also made of silicone and it’s the slim version with slits so my wrist can breathe easier in the summer heat.

The quality is great for both of the new bands… they’re very similar to the Apple Watch bands, and at only $5.95 each, they just can’t be beat!  Now I want one for every outfit!

T W O – New Masks for Kids

Since we’ve chosen to send the kids back to school in person, we had to load up on masks since they’ll be wearing them all day every day.  My mother-in-law did make a couple for each of them that they’ve been using, but we thought it might be nice for them to pick a few masks with designs of their choosing with the hope that they’ll be more excited to wear them at school.  Or at least to tolerate them, anyway. 

I searched a few places online and ultimately settled on these masks from Gap.  They are durable, the bands are really stretchy and soft, and they have a thin piece of metal across the entire top of the mask that you can bend over the nose to keep it in place.  They fit on the kids’ faces perfectly, and they seem to be about as comfortable as face masks can be, plus they are machine-washable, so we highly recommend these!

T H R E E – Easy Way to Chop Veggies

B gets employee rewards points at work, and then he can cash them in for items in the employee catalog.  He recently cashed in a bunch of points for a really nice Bose speaker, and he had a few points leftover, so he surprised me with this OXO chopper for the kitchen.  I had mentioned it in passing several months ago, so he scooped it up. 

Y’all!!  This is the best thing ever!  I can’t believe I’ve lived this long without it.  I can now chop a whole onion or a whole bell pepper in about 20 seconds!!  It chops other things, too, but so far, I’ve only used it for those two items.  It’s super easy to use and the back end is open which makes it easy to dump the chopped-up veggies straight into the pot.    All four pieces of the chopper come apart in a flash, and they are all top-rack dishwasher safe for super easy clean-up.  If you’re not using one of these in the kitchen, you’re missing out!  It is going to make cooking prep so much faster and easier. 

F O U R – Star Necklace

When we watched Outer Banks a few months ago, Sarah Cameron’s gold star choker caught my eye, and I’ve been wanting one ever since.  I found several great options on Etsy, including this perfect dupe right here, but I also found a few options on Amazon, and ultimately went with this one.  I like that the stars dangle and are further apart, but that the necklace is still dainty and delicate.  This necklace was only $11.99 and so far, it’s holding up nicely.  I have a tendency to put on a necklace and then wear it for days on end, sleeping and showering in it, so I need jewelry that’s durable.  This one is not solid gold, but it’s 14K gold plated, so hopefully it’ll hold up for a while.  Not bad for the price!

F I V E – Supermarket Sweep

Did you guys see that the old episodes of Supermarket Sweep are on Netflix now?!  Oh man, I loved that show when I was little.  I grew up watching it every single afternoon during the summer in the 90’s and it’s one of my favorite gameshows of all time. 

When I found out that the reruns were on Netflix, I was ecstatic, and much to Brian’s dismay, we started watching them with the kids this past week.  The kids love it, too now, and it is just as good as I remember all those years ago.  Except now we have the added bonus of being entertained by everyone’s crazy 80’s and 90’s hair and outfits, too.  ;o) 

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  1. Those watch bands are really cute. I love the slit, too! You've reminded me I have one of those choppers tucked away in a cabinet. I need to bring it back out!

  2. I need to make my girls more masks, in case we do go back full time. We have a chopper too, and it is the best thing ever!

  3. I'm actually in need of some new apple watch bands myself because I've only been wearing my silicone white one LOL!! Hope you have a great weekend girl! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  4. I ordered some masks for my kids from etsy, I'm hoping they work for them! Love the apple watch bands. And we have that chopper too! Not OXO brand, good to know they make one!

  5. I just love the picture of the kids and their sweet little masks! And those watch bands are gorgeous! I hope you have the sweetest weekend!

  6. Just added that leopard band to my cart! Love it!
    One of my besties daughter has an etsy shop and sells those star necklaces and they have been a HUGE hit! Ella wears hers just about every day!!

  7. I LOVE Supermarket Sweep. I have been watching it on Netflix as well. I need that OXO chopper. I hate chopping veggies. That is a really cute necklace. I love dainty jewelry. Have a great weekend!

  8. I used to love Supermarket Sweep! I bet it's a riot seeing all the old styles.

    1. It sure is! We have all been cracking up! The series on Netflix appears to skip around through the 80's and then you can tell when the episodes move to the 90's because the hair gets smaller and the outfits get a little less wild. Haha.

  9. I have looked at that chopper so many I think I need to "add to cart!" Have a great weekend!

  10. You're lucky your kids get to wear masks with designs! Our Catholic School is saying only plain colors for our kids. Womp womp. I was hoping they could wear whatever ones they wanted to make it more fun and appealing to wear them.

    1. Oh dang, yeah that stinks. I was worried our school would do that too since they have to wear uniforms, but thankfully, they are allowing them to wear anything they want. I think so it will be more appealing to the kids like you said, but also so hopefully the masks will all be unique enough to each child so we don't have to worry about them getting them mixed up and wearing someone else's mask. EEK! That is what scares me the most!

  11. That necklace is so cute! I have a super similar one from Madewell that I still wear ALL the time. It's a great summer piece. Great find with the watch bands too! Happy weekend :)


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