Friday, August 14, 2020

Five on Friday - Cute Skirt and Things Keeping Me Sane

We made it through the first week of school, and I’m ready for the slowness that the weekend will bring.  It’s been exhausting getting back into the groove of waking up early, getting ready, and actually leaving the house every morning after five solid months of going nowhere.  I think we all got way too laid-back (read: lazy) during quarantine, so this week has been a huge wakeup call!

That said, I am absolutely not complaining because it does feel incredible to be somewhat back to normal… although said incredible-ness has been overshadowed by crippling anxiety.  I feel like I’m constantly on edge waiting for someone to cough or ache or run fever.  It’s a roller coaster of emotions and I’m a bundle of nerves, y’all.  Unfortunately, I’m afraid this is the way it’s going to be until a) the kids end up getting sent back to distance learning (which I would think is inevitable at some point), or b) things get back to normal.

Ready for some favorites from the week and some of the things keeping me sane?

O N E – Cute Skirt

My mother-in-law ordered this skirt for my birthday, and it was backordered forever.  It finally arrived a couple of weeks ago, and I love it SO much.  It’s adorable and comfy and cool for summer.  It can be dressed up with a tank and heels for date night or dressed down with a tee and Converse for errands.  It washes and dries well, and I just love it.  I bought this tan and white one, too, and I love it just as much.  P.S. Ignore all of the dirty laundry in the background.  ;o)

T W O – Sunroof Drives

Now that I’m dropping the kids at school again, I have an excuse to get out of the house, and after I drop them, I’ve been opening the sunroof and blasting my music.  Towards the end of quarantine, I’d started taking solo drives a couple of times per week just to get out of the house, and it always seemed to do the trick to clear my head.

Sunroof open + sunglasses on + music blasting + singing at the top of my lungs = cathartic.

Makes me feel young and carefree and forget all of my worries if just for a few minutes. 

Sheesh, I sound like I’m going through a midlife crisis.  Lol.  I blame 2020. 

T H R E E – Music

The most important item in that recipe above has always been and will always be – MUSIC.  I was raised in a musical family and music has always been a huge part of my life.  I play it all day every day while at work, while driving, while cooking, and it’s always been one of my most very favorite things in life… especially when it’s live!!  (And don’t get me started on how much I miss live music, y’all… B and I had four concerts scheduled for this year that have been canceled/rescheduled, and it’s just devastating.)

I used to spend hours upon hours making mixed tapes, and eventually burned CDs, creating different playlists that would become the soundtrack of my life.  Thankfully, now, I can make playlists straight on my phone and it’s a whole lot easier.  I currently have 50+ playlists on my phone… one for pretty much every mood!  I swear, if I ever need to find a side hustle, I’d make a great DJ!  Haha.

I love how music can take you straight back to a time and a place, providing a little escape when you need one… especially when you can’t physically escape.  I’ve been needing to “escape” a lot lately, and music has been my portal as well as my refuge from this funk I’ve been in, and for that I’m just so grateful.

So, what have I been playing lately?  Aside from the new Taylor Swift album (which is phenomenal… and devastating) I’ve been listening to a lot of late 90’s and early 2000’s R&B and pop… Usher, Jagged Edge, 112, Brian McKnight, NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, and Dave Matthews Band… always Dave Matthews Band… especially during the summa summa summatime.

F O U R – Books

Another great way I like to escape is through reading.  I’ve been an avid reader since I was teeny tiny.  When I was young, I always had my nose in a book, plowing through The Baby-Sitter’s Club series, R.L. Stine’s Fear Street books, and so many others. 

All these years later, I still love to read, and although I don’t make very much time for it during the kids’ school year, I do read a ton during the summer.  I’ve read more than ever this summer since we’ve been quarantining, and so far, I’ve read almost four just in the month of August alone.  It’s been another great way to get out of my own head for a bit every day.

F I V E – Tabitha Brown

I started following Tabitha Brown on Instagram a few months ago and she is quickly becoming my favorite person on Instagram ever.  She is vegan, which is primarily why she started her IG account, but she also discusses other topics as well.  I’m not even vegan (nor do I have any interest in becoming vegan) but I find myself watching every single solitary video she posts because she is THE BEST THING EVER, y’all.  Her entire family is!! 

Do yourself a favor and go watch a few of her video posts… I guarantee you will have a smile on your face in three seconds flat.  I love her.

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Happy Friday, y’all! 

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  1. That is a cute skirt!! And I can totally understand the anxiety, I'm glad that school is going well so far though! I totally loved Baby Sitters Club and Fear Street too! That brings back memories. :)

    1. Thank you! And yes, those were both my jam! I can't wait to read some of them with the kids one day!

  2. Glad you have some ways to cheer up! I hope the anxiety lessens somehow!

  3. I love to escape through reading too! Yes to that funny about liquor stores - I have 100% drank more since March than ever LOL! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  4. I have that same skirt in all black and I just LOVE it so much. It's so cute and comfy and I've been eyeing a few other colors and patterns.. I have been reading SO much! It's a great stress reliever for sure.

    1. Isn't it soooo comfortable?! I love it! It's perfect for these hot, humid days.

  5. That skirt is SO cute! I honestly never think about skirts when I'm shopping, but always love the away they look on other people! I am the same way with the solo drive -- so if it's a midlife crisis, we're in it together! lol. The Ariel meme is too true. Hope you're having a great weekend!

  6. The if Karen was a vest meme is too funny. I was always that kid up in the playground with my mom yelling at me to come down so we could leave. Ha. I LOVE that skirt. I wear mine all the time.

  7. I LOVE your skirt on you - you look favulous - and they look great with the sandals. I totally get what you mean about the driving and the music - it makes you feel free after lockdown, totally. Yes to the playlist too - I love Usher and 'girlfriend' esp by NSYNC is such a good upbeat throwback classic! Best of luck managing the anxiety - ALL WILL BE WELL. Big hugs!! XX

    1. Thank you so much! You are so sweet! Hugs right back at you!


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