Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Nordstrom Sale 2020 - Splurge vs. Steal

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The Nordstrom sale is open to the public today, and everyone can shop, including those who are not cardholders like myself.  Unfortunately, if you didn’t shop early, it’s highly likely that many of the items you had on your wish list are already sold out.  Every year without fail, there are always popular items that sell out quickly, and people who shop late end up missing out. 

If you tried to shop this morning and you weren’t able to get your hands on some of the items you wanted, or if you’re just looking to find a better deal on similar items to those that are still in stock – you’re in luck!  Today I’m sharing some of my favorite NSale items and the steals that I found for them on Amazon!

BP Print Long Sleeve Dress

This was one of my top picks from the sale, but it’s sold out in all sizes for this particular print.  I found a great option on Amazon and it’s less expensive than BP’s version.  I have this exact dress in dark green with white dots and it’s one of my absolute favorites.

Nordstrom Sale Price (sold out) – $31.90
Amazon Price (buy it here) – $24.95

Halogen Long Sleeve Modal Blend Tee

This essential layering piece is another great pick because it’s so versatile.  It is sold out in black and white stripes, but as always, Amazon comes to the rescue with this long-sleeve piece that’s just as great. 

Nordstrom Sale Price (buy it here) – $19.90
Amazon Price (buy it here) – $13.75

BP Lace Trim Satin Camisole

This camisole is darling, and it’s also another great layering piece.  It is still in stock at Nordstrom, or you could snag this similar cami on Amazon and save a few bucks.

Nordstrom Sale Price (buy it here) – $24.90
Amazon Price (buy it here) – $16.88

Madewell Kent Cardigan Sweater

It’s looking like cardigans are here to stay and I’m not mad about it!  Cardigans in the Nordstrom sale are typically very pricey, even during the sale, but I found an option from Amazon that won’t break the bank.  And FYI, the Amazon cardigan comes in 39 different colors... I've never seen a cardigan come in so many shades ever, so chances are, if you're looking for a particular color, they'll have it!

Nordstrom Sale Price (buy it here) – $59.90
Amazon Price (buy it here) – $26.99

Halogen Animalia Print Top

I loved this basic long-sleeve top, but yet again, it’s completely sold out in all sizes.  I found this version on Amazon and I actually prefer the print on the Amazon version.  I also prefer the price.  ;o) 

Nordstrom Sale Price (sold out) – $30.90
Amazon Price (buy it here) – $17.99

Chelsea28 Ribbed Off the Shoulder Sweater

I love this sweater, but again, it’s sold out in all colors and sizes.  I found one on Amazon that’s similar and the price is less than half of the Nordstrom version.

Nordstrom Sale Price (sold out) – $49.90
Amazon Price (buy it here) – $23.99

Zella Live-in High Waist Leggings

I own two pairs of these Zella leggings and they are always a favorite.  I found these 90 Degree leggings on Amazon a couple of years ago and they are every bit as good for a smaller price tag.  I own a couple of pairs of the 90 Degree leggings as well and I love them.  At 4.3 out of 5 stars and nearly 10,000 reviews, you know they have to be good.

Nordstrom Sale Price (buy it here) – $38.90
Amazon Price (buy it here) – $27.99

Spanx Faux Leather Leggings

Everyone raves about these faux leather leggings, but even on sale, they are extremely pricey, especially for leggings.  I found some that look similar on Amazon, and with 4.2 out of 5 stars and 3,800 ratings, they sound like a great alternative… at less than half of the price of the Nordstrom leggings.

Nordstrom Sale Price (buy it here) – $64.90
Amazon Price (buy it here) – $26.76

Zella Restore Soft Pocket Lounge Leggings

These soft joggers look soooo comfy, but like many other items, they’re sold out.  I found some on Amazon that look very similar, and they also look super cozy.  They're also currently 28% off right now!

Nordstrom Sale Price (sold out) – $42.90
Amazon Price (buy it here) – $22.50

Gorjana Star Pendant Necklace

This little necklace is darling, and I found one so similar on Amazon for a fraction of the cost.

Nordstrom Sale Price (buy it here) – $29.90
Amazon Price (buy it here) – $11.99

Madewell Disc Chain Necklace

This necklace was on my radar from the first day I previewed the sale, but it’s another item that sold out quickly.  I managed to find one similar on Amazon, and in true Amazon fashion, the price can’t be beat.  I am buying the Amazon version for myself!

Nordstrom Sale Price (sold out) – $34.00
Amazon Price (buy it here) – $8.98

Chantelle Lingerie Soft Stretch Seamless Hipster Panties

I’ve been wearing these for years and I always load up during the NSale.  They’re so comfortable, they stay in place, and you can’t see the lines under your clothes.  They are pricey, but in my opinion, are worth every penny.  I only buy them once a year, during the sale, but if you’re looking to spend less, I found some similar ones on Amazon.

Nordstrom Sale Price (buy it here) – $14.90 per pair
Amazon Price (buy it here) – $3.50 per pair

So what do you ladies think of my finds?  Pretty great, right?

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  1. I heard Olivia’s voice when I read that last sentence: “Pretty great, right?”

  2. Yes! I am loving your steal finds.

  3. You know I love this post! That disc necklace is super cute. And I am with you on the animal print tee - I prefer the Amazon print, too!

  4. I love when you do this! Soooo good girl. I think some of yours better!

  5. I love that you compare the "real" one to Amazon. You did good friend. You did good!

  6. LOVE that you shared this! I have that animal print top from Amazon and it's perfection! Every single thing on my wish list except the Spanx leggings were sold out last week when I had early access - craziness! The leggings just arrived, and that's the extent of my spending during this year's sale. It was so poorly executed this year, which I'm sure they'll learn from with planning for next year.

    Green Fashionista

  7. It's disappointing when you can't get items you want at the sale. Amazon is a great option and I like your picks. Have a nice day.

  8. I hate that pretty much everything I wanted was sold out! Love the splurge vs. steal here, some of these are such exact dupes!

  9. I have not even taken one look at the NSale this year!! Great post!

  10. It'll be nice to have these dupes handy since pretty much all of my wishlist is sold out LOL! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  11. Ok, this is amazing! Great job!!
    -Holley @

  12. I have heard good things about the Zella leggings. I did get some items from the sale, but most of what I wanted was gone. I love the save items. BUT I do recommend getting the Spanx leggings in the actual pair as those are nothing but amazing and well worth the price.

  13. Lindsay for the win! I'm all about saving money!

  14. So I literally just bought that leopard print crew neck sweater last week!! I have the same design in a t-shirt that I wear weekly so when I saw it in a sweater I knew I had to get it.

  15. Oh, my, you're the wizard of finding great dupes! I'm looking forward to seeing the chocker "in person."


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