Friday, October 16, 2020

Five on Friday - Favorite Amazon Prime Day Deals

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Happy Friday, y’all!  I had a successful week of Christmas shopping thanks to Amazon Prime Day and today I’m going to share my top five favorite Prime purchases from this week from the sale!

O N E – Girls Corduroy Dress with Pockets

The other day at Jacob’s baseball game, our friend’s daughter who is Olivia’s age had on the sweetest little corduroy apron dress.  She told me that it was Matilda Jane, but I knew I could probably find something similar on Amazon for a lot less, and guess what?  I had major success! 

Just one quick search, and I found this precious piece that looks exactly like the Matilda Jane version for less than half of the cost of MJ.  Amazon has this one in three different styles, multiple colors of each style, and the sizes range from 3 months to 10 years.  I was able to get it on sale on Prime Day, but the non-sale price on Amazon is still only $22.99, which is a great deal.  Right now, you can also take an additional 5% off when you clip the coupon. 

It hasn’t arrived yet, but the reviews are great, and I can’t wait to see her in it.  I’m about 99% sure this is what I want Olivia to wear for our family pictures this year.  As a matter of fact, I think we may have to delay our photo session (no problem since we do them ourselves!) so we can wait for this dress to arrive.  It’s scheduled to arrive between 10/26 and 11/3, but I’m crossing my fingers and hoping it gets here a little earlier since I’d like to take pictures the weekend of 10/24. 


T W O – Wooden Rainbow Stacking Toy

Y’all!!!!  I’m a little embarrassed (but really not) to say that I bought this toddler toy for myself.  Hahahaha.  Y’all know how much I loooove rainbows and I thought this would be the happiest little addition to my office!  My bookshelf is just screaming for a rainbow knick knack like this one!

It’s regularly priced at $14.99 but I was able to get it for just $11.99 in the sale.  I wanted to share it today because I think it would be the absolute sweetest gift for a toddler boy or girl!  As a matter of fact, I don’t know why I didn’t just grab two so I can give one to my niece for Christmas… BRB, gotta go get that Prime Day deal again!!  (I’m typing this on Wednesday while the sale is still live.)  ;o) 


T H R E E – Fancy Apple Watch Band

Okay, I literally just stopped typing this post to go buy a second rainbow toy, so that’s done.  ;o)  Now, I want to talk about this Apple Watch band.  I am completely, utterly obsessed with my Apple Watch and closing my rings and tracking my steps, so I never ever take it off except for to sleep.  I wake up, and the watch immediately goes on my wrist, and then I don’t take it off again until I’m literally turning off the light at bedtime.  As a matter of fact, I probably wouldn’t ever take it off, but it has to be charged, of course, so I do that at night while I sleep. 

Because I plan to wear it every single waking second of every single day, I’d like to have a band for every type of occasion.  The standard band that comes with it is great for working out and for all of those casual days spent in athleisure, but I also wanted something a little cuter to wear with jeans and non-athletic wear outfits, as well as something fancier to wear on date nights and girls nights. 

I already bought this leopard band for the casual jeans days, and I’ve been stalking fancier bands that would look nice with dresses and formalwear ever since.

During a normal year when Covid isn’t lurking around, B and I go out for date nights at least once a month, and I also try to go out with girlfriends once a month as well.  B and I also get all dolled up once a year for the ball that we attend (although it’ll likely be canceled in 2021 – devastating), so I wanted something that could even be worn with an evening gown.

One of the influencers I follow on Instagram posted about this band on Prime Day and I snatched it right up!  It is so beautiful and exactly what I’ve been looking for!!  I also love that it’s fairly neutral so it should go with pretty much everything. 

The regular price is $22.99, so not bad, but I was able to get it for a fraction of the that.  If it hadn’t been on sale for Prime Day, I would have just added it to my Christmas wish list, but I figured I should just get it while it was so cheap.

It hasn’t arrived yet, so I can’t speak for the quality just yet, but I’ll report back when it does.


F O U R – Sweep

We love children’s books, and our kiddos read a lot, so I bought three new books during the sale to add to our Halloween and fall collection.  Some books were on sale, plus they had a buy three, get one free sale, so it was the perfect time to buy. 

My favorite of the three is this fall book called Sweep, and I can’t wait to see it in person.  The reviews for it are fantastic… everyone says that the illustrations are gorgeous and that the book gives great advice on how to handle big emotions.  I think that’s something we, as humans, will always struggle with, so I try to discuss these kinds of things with our kiddos often, and it’s nice to be able to supplement our conversations with a book, etc. every once in a while.  I think things tend to “stick” better when the kids aren’t just hearing words coming out of mom’s mouth… I’m sure they tune me out a lot of the time.  ;o)


F I V E – Lego City Advent Calendars

These weren’t technically Amazon Prime Day deals, but they were on sale on Prime Day, so I went ahead and grabbed them.  We’ve been doing fun Advent calendars for the last couple of years, so I thought we’d continue the tradition this year. 

This year, instead of getting licensed character calendars (Star Wars, Hatchimals, etc.), we decided to stick with the basic Lego versions (Lego City here and Lego Friends here) just to try something different.  Both of our kids love Legos, and they play with them constantly, so we know that these will get plenty of love long after Advent is over. 


Friday Funnies

In all seriousness, WHY do all of the new hand sanitizers smell like Jose Cuervo?!

Maybe the Baby Yoda memes will get old eventually, but today is not that day.  ;o)

I would legit show up to a Dave Matthews Band concert in this getup if it meant I got to see them live again.

I laughed way too hard at this!  Hahahaha.

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Happy Friday, y’all! 

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  1. Hahahaha on that rainbow toy you bought!!! I ended up getting the leggings you recommended, and I can't wait to get them! Also that apple watch band is so cute!

    1. That rainbow toy is even cuter in person!! I love it! I hope you love the leggings! I wore one of my new pairs yesterday and they are just the best!

  2. Oh my gosh, that waking up early meme is hilarious...and oh so true. I have always been an early bird which was not always the best at sleepovers, haha! I love that you got yourself that knick knack - perfect for your office. And I cannot wait to see your pictures with Olivia in that dress. It is SO stinkin' cute!!!

  3. Love your Memes as always and that little corduroy dress is just the cutest! Oh my goodness I better have a granddaughter someday, LOL! Olivia is going to look so beautiful in it! Happy Weekend xo

  4. Great finds! I love the idea of that rainbow toy as decor. As for going to concerts husband was all yeah, I think this will all die out by the election (conspiracy theory?!) and I was all ok I want to go to a concert for my birthday. So he asked me what concert? I said any concert that happens. Because no one is having a concert and that will prove that it's not over!

  5. You got some great finds during the Amazon sale. I was following along on Instagram too! I love that corduroy dress. Too cute for a little girl. Happy Friday, friend! 🧡

  6. The only thing I really bought during Amazon's sale was a new Kindle for myself. Mine hasn't been holding a charge well. All my kids, nieces, and nephews are at all that fun pre-teen/teen age where they just want money and gift cards. It makes shopping easy but kind of boring.

    1. Haha. Yes! I have several nieces and nephews who have reached the age of gift cards as well, and I definitely miss buying the kid toys for them!

  7. I remember my boys really liked that book, Sweep. We got it from the library last year. It does address feelings very well and we had some nice conversations about it after. We'll have to see if we can get it again because I think it would be good to talk about again. I hope you have a great weekend!

  8. Lol to that last one! I would totally don a hazmat suit to see Dave Matthews Band play #41, that is my jam! I need to get a watch band like that, I never take mine off too and I always get made fun of for wearing the band that comes with it with fancy outfits. Well, used to, who am I kidding, it's all athleisure all the time! Have a great weekend!

  9. I am going to look into that book Sweep. It sounds so cute and my girls would love it I think. I need to get the girls an advent calendar, but I am not sure which to go with.


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