Monday, October 12, 2020

Our 2020 Mountain Trip by the Numbers

We are back from a wonderful trip to the mountains!  Of course, things looked a little different this year due to Covid, but thankfully, not much had to change.  We spend the majority of our time outside on our mountain trip, so we were able to do most everything that we usually do.  I’ll be recapping the entire trip, as always, but until then, here’s our trip by the numbers…

54 – The lowest temp while we were there… that was the low the first night.  Not as cold as in some year’s past, but I’ll take it!

75 – The highest temp while we were there. 

1 – Hurricane blew through while we were there.  (Hurricane Delta)

18 – Donuts consumed (there are no good donut places around there so we had to settle for store-bought, most of which were minis).

31 – Apples picked.

2 – Apples eaten on the trip.

10 – Adult bevvies consumed.

1 – Trader Joe’s pit stop made on the way to the mountains.

48 – Bottles of wine purchased at Trader Joe’s.

24 – Bottles of Trader Joe’s wine that was purchased for my parents and not for us.  :o)

4 – Bottles of wine purchased at the vineyard.

52 – Total bottles of wine purchased on our trip.  Lol.

6 – Ice creams consumed (and they all came from a box from the grocery store). 

0 – Ice creams consumed from an actual ice cream place. 

6 – S’mores consumed by the fire.

0 – Meals eaten at restaurants (for the first time ever on a trip, we didn’t set foot in or outside a restaurant, not even for ice cream).

1 – Picnic lunch we went on. 

1 – Peanut butter and jelly sandwich forgotten at the cabin (Olivia got to just eat a bunch of snacks instead, so she wasn’t mad about it.  Lol.)

14 – Gemstones Jacob found while gem grubbing.

32 – Fossils Jacob found while gem grubbing.

34 – Gemstones Olivia found while gem grubbing.

6 – Times somebody yelled out “COWS” because they saw cows.

1 – Time somebody yelled out “GOATS” because they saw goats.

462 – Pictures taken on our trip.

45 – Videos taken on our trip.

45 – Stories uploaded to Instagram.  Follow along with our entire trip here!

0 – Times we were asked if Jacob and Olivia are twins… probably because we hardly saw any people!  Haha.

6 – Times that Olivia asked for a snack in the car.

1 – Time that Brian asked for a snack in the car.  Hahahaha.

8 – Times Olivia asked if we were there yet.

6 – Tellurides we saw on the trip.

1 – Hawk that flew in front of our windshield and we almost hit it.  #Nature

32 – People not wearing masks in Ingles the second time we were there.  And yes, masks were required.  And yes, I counted because I was shocked at how many people were just blatantly disregarding the rules.

3 – College football games we watched on Saturday.  When it’s SEC vs. SEC for all games, every game is a good one to watch!  Plus, it was raining most of the day, so what else was there to do?

1 – Time we had to text my mother-in-law to ask her to put Maui’s lucky Georgia t-shirt on her.

1 – Time her lucky Georgia t-shirt turned things around and got us the win!  ;o) 

44 – Points Georgia scored against Tennessee… we whooped them once Maui put her shirt on!!

90 – Minutes that we had to watch a split screen with severe weather coverage during the Georgia game… there was really bad weather back home so they had to cut in… thankfully we were able to see our game, even though we couldn’t hear it. 

3 – Tornadoes that were in our hometown while we were gone… everyone and everything is okay as far as we know!

500 – Puzzle pieces put together on Saturday while we were watching football.

3 – Hours it took to put together said puzzle.

0 – Times the GPS fell off of the dashboard!!!!  First time ever this didn’t happen on a trip… I’m giving all of the thanks to my new SUV… the GPS must like it as much as I do.  ;o) 

9 – Times that B put on the brakes and the cooler slid forward with a bang.  Why can’t everything in our vehicle just stay where it’s supposed to when we’re on trips?!  Lol. 

9 – Average hours of sleep we got per night.  Yes ma’am!

732 – Miles driven on the entire trip.

Millions – Of beautifully colored leaves seen on the trip.

Tons – Of sweet memories made with my favorite people! 

Recaps coming soon so stay tuned!

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Happy Monday, y'all!

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  1. Our game Saturday was a nail-biter, too!! I am loving this football season because none of these games are fluff games!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. Sounds like a great trip! I can't wait for the recaps!

  3. I’m so glad you did this! Great family getaway. And happy you’re stocked up on wine for the holidays!!

  4. It sounds like such an amazing trip!! I can not wait until Big Ten starts up.... I just hope it doesn't end up getting cancelled.

    1. I think y'all will be alright!! Fingers crossed y'all get to play!

  5. Is it just me or do you guys always end up with some tropical storm or hurricane on vacation LOL! I had to giggle when i saw our story of all the wine you got at TJ's - job well done! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  6. What a fun trip! I loved the numbers!

  7. I always love reading your trip by the numbers round ups! Sounds like it was fun.

    1. Thank you! It was really nice to be able to get away. We definitely didn't let Covid ruin our trip!

  8. Love your by the numbers posts! Can't wait to hear all about the trip.

  9. What a fun trip. I can't wait to hear about it!

  10. So much fun! Can’t wait to hear about it!

  11. Kevin and I were cracking up at you asking your mother in law to put on Maui's jersey, I would totally do that! Sounds like it will be an epic recap! The mountains are the best!


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