Friday, February 19, 2021

Five on Friday - All About Brian, the Birthday Boy!

Brian’s birthday is tomorrow, so in honor of his big day, I thought that it might be fun to share a few basic things you may not know about him… the hubs behind the blog…

O N E – College

He has a bachelor’s degree in business from University of Georgia, and he graduated from there the same year that I graduated from high school… c/o 2000!  He’s been a diehard Georgia fan ever since, and he wears a Georgia shirt about 90% of the time… our red laundry pile is always HUGE.  Haha.  My family's love for UGA goes all the way back to the 1940's when my Big Daddy (grandfather) attended, so B fit right in.  ;o)

Unfortunately, I couldn't find his college graduation pictures, so here's one of the two of us at a Georgia football game in 2007.


T W O – Jobs

B has only had two jobs in his whole life… he worked at a pizza place in high school, and a few weeks after he graduated from UGA, he started his big boy job… he has been there ever since.  He’ll celebrate his 21st anniversary there this summer which means he’s been working there for half of his life.  I would love to explain to all of you what he does, but I’m still not really even sure.  Haha.  But in all seriousness, he’s in the credit card industry to put it (very) broadly.  He typically has to travel a lot (that has ceased during the pandemic), and his travels have taken him all over the world  Brazil, Ireland, England, Germany, Cyprus, Canada, etc.

The picture below was taken in Dublin, Ireland in 2003... he was pulled on stage at a pub by one of the Irish dancers to do an Irish jig.  Brian is on the far right, and my guess is that he was probably about three pints deep at that point.  Hahahaha.

T H R E E – Family

Brian is one of three kids, and he’s the baby… he has two older sisters.  Both of his older sisters also attended UGA, so he followed in their footsteps.  Fun fact, I am also one of three kids, but I’m the eldest… and I have two younger brothers.  So he and I are complete opposites when it comes to our upbringing with siblings… I grew up with boys who are younger than I am, and he grew up with girls who are older than he is.

The picture below is of he and his two older sisters.  Look how cute he was!!  


F O U R – Sports

He’s been athletic his whole life, playing soccer for nearly a decade as a young kid, and later making the switch to tennis as a teenager.  He still plays tennis to this day… well, when we’re not in a pandemic, anyway.  He also plays the occasional round of golf, and he's also a boss at skiing, water-skiing, and knee-boarding.

Here he is water-skiing on his friend's boat back in 2004.  I took the picture.  :o)

F I V E – Hobbies

In addition to playing tennis, B loves to watch football (and other sports when UGA is involved), and he loves to play video games.  He also collects coins, he collects rocks (well, he used to anyway), and he loves live music as much as I do.  He’s probably been to even more concerts than I have, and I’ve been to upwards of 120. 

One of his favorite bands of all-time is 311... that's him with Nick Hexum (the lead singer from 311) in the picture below.  It was taken in 2000 a few years before we met.

Friday Funnies

It's funny because it's true!  Hahahaha.

Skinny jeans and side parts for life!

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Happy Friday, y’all!  And happy birthday to our best guy!!  We love you so very much and we can’t wait to celebrate you!

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  1. There’s a college graduation pic hanging on the wall in my home office, ya goober! Thanks for the love!

  2. How much fun is this post! Happy birthday Brian!

  3. Happy Birthday to Brian!! Wishing him the best! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  4. What a fun post. Dave and I graduated college in 2000 as well. Dave has two older sisters, but I just have one younger brother! lol at Brian's comment above! Happy birthday!

  5. Fun post, Lindsay! Hope your hubby enjoys his birthday! You and I graduated high school the same year. ☺️

  6. Happy Birthday to Brian!! How cool he can water ski! I'm pretty sure I would not even be able to stand up if I tried lol. I hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating him!

  7. Loved learning more about Brian! Super impressive that he's been with his company that long -- sure speaks to his loyalty. :) Hope he has a great day and weekend, and you too!

  8. Happy Birthday to Brian! I enjoyed getting to know him better. He looks like a little kid in that picture with Nick, not a college grad! Hope y'all have a lovely weekend celebrating!

  9. Happy Birthday Brian! That is crazy that he has only had two jobs and he has been at his current one for 21 years. I thought me being at mine for 15 was a lot, but Brian has us all beat! That is cool that Brian met the lead singer of 311. I hope you guys have a great weekend celebrating him!

  10. Hope he has a wonderful birthday!

    1. Thank you! He sure did. We enjoyed celebrating him last weekend.

  11. O-H EM GEE! Your man got to meet Nick!!!! I saw them in concert like 16-17 years ago in St. Pete and that was one of the best concerts ever. Roots opened up for them.

    That closet is making me drool and my heart skip a beat. Although if I had a closet like that my husband would trip HAHA!!!

    My biggest dream is to go to Ireland. My brother in law is from there. One day we will all go if I can be heavily sedated. I don't like flying and I definitely don't like flying over open water.

  12. Such a fun post! I cannot believe he’s been at his job coming up on 21 years - how is he old enough for that?!? :)


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