Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Our Week - The One with Summertime, Week 4 (Camp and Father’s Day)

Hey, y’all!  Today I’m recapping last week, our fourth week of summer, and I’m also including the previous Sunday since it was left out of the beach recaps.

Sunday, June 13

Sunday was spent doing laundry, cleaning the house, and getting settled back in after our trip.  We had a cheeseboard for lunch since there wasn't much else in the house, and then I spent a good chunk of the afternoon working in my office to catch up on some blog stuff and sort through the hundreds of pictures and videos I’d taken on our trip.

Olivia had been begging to see my parents and Mama Cass because she wanted them to sign her cast, so we got together with them for Sunday dinner at our house and everyone just picked up takeout.  My momma and daddy had new windows installed all around their house, so their house was still in shambles and she couldn’t cook.  I hadn’t been to the grocery store, so I had nothing to cook, so takeout it was!

We spent the evening around the table in our dining room – no more outdoor dinners for a while because the heat has officially kicked in – and the kids filled them all in on our trip.  Olivia also got her cast signed by one and all and she was a happy camper.  Mama Cass also checked her loose tooth, but it wasn't ready yet, much to Olivia's dismay.  ;o)  

Monday, June 14

Monday morning, the kids headed off to science camp!  Every summer, their school has summer camp and each week is a different theme.  Now that I no longer work a corporate job, I’m home all the time, and can therefore stay home with them.  However, they always love to see their friends during the summer, so B and I let them each pick a week of camp to attend. 

Jacob chose science week and Olivia chose water week this year, but obviously water week is a bust now because of her arm.  Her cast will technically be off by then, but I don’t know if it’ll be okay for her to be doing the slip and slide and jumping in inflatables right after the cast comes off, so we told them they won’t be doing that one.  The camp director assured me that they could accommodate Olivia and her big ol’ cast at science camp, though, so we decided it was probably fine to let them go ahead and attend that.

We were all up bright and early Monday morning so we could get them there to enjoy the full day, and we rolled up to the school at about 8:15 to drop them off.  When we pulled up, Jacob’s best friend was getting out of the car to head in, too, and they were both so excited to see each other. 

I got them both checked in, and then I spent the whole day grocery shopping, catching up on blog work, and doing all of the laundry that I hadn’t finished over the weekend.  Before I knew it, it was time to pick them up.  Camp is from 7:30 AM to 6 PM to accommodate working parents, but we can drop them off and pick them up whenever we want.  The kids had asked me to pick them up around 3-ish, which is the time they’d normally get out of school, so I did just that, and neither of them wanted to leave.  Haha.  They asked if we could stop by my momma’s office on the way out, so we did pop in and say hi to her.

The entire drive home, they were both talking nonstop about all of the fun they’d had and all of the snacks they’d eaten.  Hahahaha.  Our kids love a snack!  I had been worried about Olivia since she couldn’t go to the playground at all, but her camp director told me that her BFF, Rebecca (who’s in her class at school), didn’t leave her side the whole day.  She said that Rebecca helped her when she needed help with anything and she stayed inside with Olivia during recess to keep her company since she couldn’t go out.  Y’all!  That just made my heart so happy!  Olivia was also thrilled because she’d racked up on tons more signatures for her cast.  ;o)

When we got home, both kids were both exhausted, so I let them play video games for a bit while I finished up my work.  Just as I was about to head down to cook dinner, we had a random afternoon thunderstorm, and the power went out at our house.  Sigh.  B checked the status, and Georgia Power said it wouldn’t be restored until 7:45-ish, so we started thinking of alternative plans for dinner.

I busied myself with putting away groceries and getting everything ready for the next day, when the power popped back on!  Whew!  I was able to cook dinner, and we just ate later than we normally would due to the delay.  The kids showered while I cooked (and I helped Olivia with her bath in between cooking), and then after dinner we all watched two new episodes of Breaking Bobby Bones.  I also squeezed in a stair stepper workout while we watched.  After the kids went to bed, B and I started catching up on The Bachelorette, but we didn’t make it far before we decided to go to bed, too.


Tuesday, June 15

Tuesday was day two of science camp, and the kids had already asked me to pick them up later in the day, around 4, so they could have a little bit of extra time.  After I dropped them, I ran to Target and Fresh Market, and then I headed back home for a bit to get some work done.

Brian had to be back in the office to work on Tuesday for the first time in 15 months, so I had the whole house to myself, which was weird after 15 long months of somebody being home all the time.  As of right now, his company is staggering the days, so he’ll work from home Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and he’ll only report to the office on Tuesday and Thursday.  So right now, he’s getting the best of both worlds!

The kids and I had our semiannual dental checkups Tuesday morning at 11, which was unfortunate since they were scheduled the same week as camp, but we schedule them six months in advance so there’s no way to know what’ll be going on that far down the road. 

Therefore, I picked the kids up at 10:45 from camp, whisked us all over to the dentist, and then whisked them right back to camp by noon for lunch.  All three of us were in the no cavity club, and it was a great checkup for one and all!

The rest of my afternoon was spent working, and then I picked the kids up at 4 as they had asked.  We headed straight home and I got the dishwasher unloaded and prepped everything for the next day, and then when B got home from work, I headed to the funeral home for a rosary and visitation for one of my oldest, dearest friend’s step-dad who passed away from cancer. 

I sat with my momma and then afterward, we chatted with two of my friends and their moms as well as our priest who was there to do the service.  It was so nice to see my friend Jen, but it was unfortunate that it was under those circumstances.  Please keep her and her momma in your prayers as they grieve the loss of one of their favorite people. 

By the time I got home, B had already fed the kids, and they were getting ready for bed, so I made myself a light, quick dinner, and then we all settled in at 8 to watch Lego Masters.  I got in another workout while we watched, and then B and I caught up on some TV before heading to bed.


Wednesday, June 16

Wednesday was another day of camp for the kids, and I had a busy day of work and appointments.  I also got a jump start on back-to-school ordering, and I ordered all of Olivia’s jumpers, skirts, and tops for the upcoming school year.  They all have to be ordered from a specific uniform company, and sometimes their shipping is slow, so I didn’t want to risk waiting too late to order.  Fortunately, all of Jacob’s tops still fit, so he’ll just need some new shorts and pants (which we can get from anywhere… we love Old Navy or Target for those) and he’ll be good to go. 

I picked the kids up from camp at 3:45, cooked dinner, and the evening was spent at home cooking, playing, and catching up on America’s Got Talent.


Thursday, June 17

Thursday morning, I dropped the kids at camp, and then came home to an empty house again since B was working in the office again... well, empty except for Maui.  ;o)

I spent the whole day working on the blog and I also ordered a few more back-to-school items like socks, undies, bows, etc.  All that’s left is Jacob’s shorts and pants, cartwheel shorts for Olivia, new shoes for both of them, and they’ll be all set!  Patting myself on the back for knocking this out so early in the summer.  ;o)

I grabbed the kids from camp Thursday afternoon and then we headed straight home so I could start cooking.  B had a tennis match Thursday evening, so I had dinner on the table at 5 so he had enough time to get ready and get there on time.  While he was gone, the kids and I went for a walk around the neighborhood.  Camp has made them come home overtired yet WIRED every day, so they needed to walk out some of that leftover energy. 

When we got back home, we all tidied up the house… much needed considering we still had remnants from the last day of school sitting on the stairs.  They’d been legit sitting there for almost a month and they were driving me crazy.  That was all going to be taken care of the first week of summer, but then Olivia broke her elbow and things got a little crazy.  Sigh. 

After tidying, the kids got showered/bathed.  Olivia is loving these baths… I don’t think she misses showers one bit.  She likes to be pampered.  Lol.  Then afterward, we hung some window clings on Olivia's bedroom window and worked on our Disney Princess puzzle some more.  We started that a few days before we left for the beach and got like 80% of it done, but it sat, neglected, the first few days after we got home.

After the kiddos went to bed, B and I settled in for the Handmaid’s Tale season finale and, Y’ALL, OMG!!!!  Has anyone else watched?!  My mind was blown, I was shocked, it was so satisfying – but crazy and disturbing – and it was seriously some of the best TV I’ve ever seen.  The writers, directors, producers, actors, etc. of this show all need to win all the awards.  Seriously.  Also, could I love Nick more?!  SWOON.


Friday, June 18

Friday was the last day of camp for the kids, so I dropped them off bright and early just after 8, and then I spent the rest of the day crossing things off the list so I can have a more leisurely week with them at home this week. 

After camp, we swung by the library to drop a book, and then we ran my Telluride through the car wash.  It was filthy after our beach trip – that salty, humid air always makes for a mess! – so it was much-needed.  The kids always love the car wash, so they were excited.

Friday evening, B picked up barbecue from our favorite local spot and that, paired with a beer, was the perfect way to end the week.  We finished our princess puzzle, and then we all sat down together and watched Luca, the new Disney Pixar film.  I tried with all my might to stay awake because I’d been looking forward to it, but I fell asleep about 45 minutes into it because I just couldn’t get into it.  I didn’t find the movie to be on Disney/Pixar’s usual level, but maybe I need to just go back and watch it again??  Have you seen it?  I’d love to know what you thought.

Saturday, June 19

Saturday morning, Tropical Storm Claudette started making its way through, so it was rainy all day long, and we were pretty lazy all day.  I did manage to get a few loads of laundry done, and I got in a cardio workout, but other than that, it was pure laziness.  We played some Bingo with the kids’ new Bingo set, we had a light lunch of leftovers, and the afternoon was spent catching up on some things and hanging out in my office while the kids played video games.

We celebrated my father-in-law for Father’s Day Saturday evening, so B’s fam came over.  Our original plan was to grill burgers, but with all of the rain, we knew that wouldn’t happen and we opted for pizza instead.  We ate dinner on the back porch and hung out all evening, and by the time everyone left, it was time to get the kiddos in bed.

B and I watched the last episode of Little Fires Everywhere and I loved it.  I already put the book on hold at the library so I can finally give it a read.

Sunday, June 20

Sunday was Father’s Day, and by the time I got up and went downstairs, the kids were already down there making Father’s Day cards.  I helped them wrap their gifts before B came down, and then they hid their gifts for him to find. 

After gifts, we had cinnamon rolls for breakfast and watched church virtually.  We had planned on going back to church in-person this weekend, but since we did Father’s Day with my FIL Saturday evening, we decided to wait one more week.  Saturday evening mass is always the least crowded, so we’re aiming to do that one, but we couldn’t make it with everyone coming over Saturday evening. 

The rest of the morning was lazy… it was still raining, so I enjoyed a cup of hot tea and then did some yoga, and then we had a light lunch at home.  The afternoon was spent baking a cake for Sunday dinner with the kids and then doing some work in my office while B and the kids played video games, and then we headed to my parents’ house for Sunday dinner.  

Olivia had asked me to wear my new shirt so we could be twins.  I'll happily twin with her forever as long as she'll let me!  :o)

Daddy had requested mom’s spaghetti (sounds like an Eminem lyric, hehe) for dinner, and we brought over the bottle of wine we’d brought back from the beach along with the cake that we’d baked, and it was a nice evening celebrating the fathers! 

Towards the end of the evening, though, Jacob started feeling bad, and by the time we got home, he had a low-grade fever and a sore throat.  I felt terrible since we'd just been at my parents' house... everything is just so cringe-y right now with Covid floating around.

Happy Wednesday, y’all!


  1. I love your and Olivia’s matching tees and what a pretty puzzle.

  2. Busy week as always but awesome the kids had camp! Dave has been working in the office once a week this whole time and it's always so weird when the house is quiet. I haven't watched Luca but my kids have. They didn't say if they liked it or not though!

  3. Okay those camp hours are amazing!! Glad that Olivia was getting her cast signed by everyone!! You guys look so cute in your matching shirts! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  4. Sounds like a fun (and busy!) week! It worked out perfectly for you to be able to catch up on things after vacation.

  5. So cute in your matching shirts! I've been debating about ordering my son's uniforms now but I had to replace last years uniform 3 times with all his growing so I think I'll hold off another few weeks... maybe? We have to order his culinary uniform from one company (and it gets embroidered with his name so it takes time) and then his school polo shirts come from a different company.

    1. Yes, you might want to wait a little longer then! We went ahead and sized up for both of our kiddos, so I'm hoping they'll last most (if not the whole) year!

  6. I really need to watch Handmaid Tails!!


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