Friday, June 4, 2021

Five on Friday - June Goals

May was B-U-S-Y and ended on a very sour note, but surprisingly, I managed to accomplish almost everything on my list.

Today I’m recapping my May goals and listing my June goals.  June goals are going to look a bit different/more generic than they were originally going to since Olivia broke her arm, but we’re just going to try to roll with it.  As always, I’m using a Y for YES and N for NO to indicate whether or not I accomplished my goals. 

May Goals

Relationships/Connect/Be the Light

Y  Start volunteering at the school again. – Yes!  I was able to help out with our spring event, and I was able to volunteer inside the school for Teacher Appreciation Week!  It was so dang good to be back!

Y  Have lunch with a friend. – I was able to go on, not one, but TWO lunch dates, each with an old co-worker-turned-friend.  I hadn’t seen either of them since before the pandemic, so both were wonderful reunions!

Y  Plan a girls dinner outside. – Yep, we got our dinner plans in place!



Y  Meditate, quiet time, and affirmations every day.

Y  Drink 64 oz. most days. 

N  Close all rings on my Apple Watch at least 15 days. – I only closed them 12 times.  I was on a roll after the kids got out of school, and I had big plans to work out every single day for the rest of the month, and then Olivia broke her elbow so that didn’t happen.

Y  Visit with therapist via Zoom.

Y  Visit with my new general practitioner for the first time.

Y  Read DARE.

Y  Read 1 fiction book. – I ready Firefly Lane and loved it!

Y  Load up on books for summer.



Y  Attend our school’s spring event.

Y  Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week.

Y  Celebrate Mother’s Day.

Y  Wrap up baseball and have an end-of-season celebration.

Y  Wrap up dance and watch Olivia perform in her recital.

Y  Get celebratory milkshakes or ice cream to end the school year!!!!

Y  Record a video every single day of the month and upload to my One Second a Day app.

Y  Start working on our summer bucket list.



Y  Book our Disney trip!!!!

Y  Start planning new things to do on beach trip.

N  List more summer clothes on Poshmark.

Y  Buy ferns for porch, take 2.

Y  Take down school year bulletin board and put up summer bulletin board in mudroom.

Y  Photograph, recycle, and file kids’ school and artwork from this school year.

Y  Complete 1 thing on Master To-Do list. – I did two things!  Woo hoo!


Blog/Social Media

Y  Post 3 times per week.

N  Complete 2 more blog posts for summer. – Never had the time.




25 items accomplished

3 items not accomplished


Monthly Stats

Books Read: 2

    Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah

    DARE The New Way to End Anxiety and Stop Panic Attacks by Barry McDonagh     

Meditation Days: 31

Rings Closed on Apple Watch:

    Move Ring: 12

    Exercise Ring: 13

    Stand Ring: 31

Workouts Completed: 16

    Core Training: 0 

    Dance: 0

    High Intensity Interval Training: 0

    Mixed Cardio: 8

    Outdoor Run: 1 (2.35 miles)

    Outdoor Walk: 0

    Pilates: 0

    Stair Stepper: 2

    Strength Training: 3

    Yoga: 2

Time Spent Working Out: 11:46:19 (hours:minutes:seconds)

Calories Burned During Workouts: 3,189


Pictures of My Successes

Apple watch rings fail


Volunteering at the school

New ferns

Celebrating Mother's Day

Olivia's dance recital

Olivia's dance recital

Baseball party

End of school year celebratory milkshakes

Now for the June goals…

June Goals

Relationships/Connect/Be the Light

Go out to dinner with girlfriends.

Send my nephew some happy mail for his birthday.

Have a play date with friends.

Go on a date night with B.

Start attending church in person again!!!!



Meditate, quiet time, and affirmations every day.

Drink 64 oz. most days. 

Close all rings on my Apple Watch at least 22 days.

Get my hair done.

Visit the dentist for semi-annual cleaning.

Visit with therapist via Zoom.

Read Resisting Happiness.

Read 3 fiction books.



Take Olivia for her semi-annual ENT appointment.

Take Olivia to get her hard cast.

BEACH TRIP!!!!  Try to make it as fun for Olivia as possible despite her broken elbow.

Let the kids attend science camp at school!

Take both kids to dentist for semi-annual cleaning.

Take Olivia to her annual well-visit with the pediatrician.

Celebrate Father’s Day.

Read a book out loud with both kids.  (I was going to do Harry Potter, but neither are interested so I’m currently trying to think of something else we can enjoy together.)

Do lots of fun things and make summer special despite Olivia’s broken elbow.

Watch Lego Masters, America’s Got Talent, and Breaking Bobby Bones as a family.

Try on all kids’ clothes and donate stuff that no longer fits.

Start ordering new uniforms for upcoming school year.

Start working on summer homework.

Record a video every single day of the month and upload to my One Second a Day app.



List more summer clothes on Poshmark.

Schedule someone to install laundry room countertop.

Complete 1 thing on Master To-Do list.


Blog/Social Media

Post at least 3 times per week.


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Happy Friday, y’all!

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  1. I love that you want to read a book aloud - that will be so fun! And yay for going back to church - so excited for you!

  2. 25 accomplished is great! The ferns look gorgeous. Love your funnies. Have a great weekend.

  3. You did great on your May goals! What did you think of Firefly Lane? I'm pretty sure I ugly cried at the end haha!! And thank you for volunteering at your kids' school--teachers appreciate that so much!

  4. Girl you rocked your May goals - truly amazing!! Hoping you have a wonderful weekend ahead! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  5. I'm trying to think of a book you could read them! We still do read alouds. The first one we did was Harry Potter - the whole series took us years! lol.

  6. I am a geriatric millennial too. Ugh. I love Olivias recital costumes. If you get a bunch of suggestions on the books let me know. We love wading to the girls.

  7. I am a geriatric millennial too. Ugh. Sad. I love Olivias recital costume. If you get a bunch of suggestions on the read allude, please share. We love reading to the girls still. Have a great weekend.

  8. I'm a children's librarian, so I can give you a few read aloud recs :) : Percy Jackson series, A Wrinkle in Time, Holes, Because of Winn Dixie, and any Beverly Cleary.

  9. Oh my gosh, I love how organized you are with all your goals! I need to be more like this! And if you need book recs, I just posted a review with 8 brand new releases for the summer and they are all FANTASTIC!! That Inspired Chick

    1. Oh that's great! Thanks for letting me know! I'll have to check out your post!

  10. Have you made a post about what you use for meditation etc? Preferably free as there is so many! I need to start!

    1. I use the Calm app. I started using the free version and it was so wonderful that I ended up buying a year subscription so I could see what else they offer. I loved the paid version so much that I bought a lifetime subscription last year and I it has been worth every penny. It's pricey, but just before Christmas every year they put it on sale for 50 or 60% off (or maybe more?? I can't remember) so I was able to get a great deal on it. I'll use it every single day forever so it was worth the money to me. That said, I know everyone is not willing to shell out that kind of money, but I highly recommend the free version of the app, too! It is really great!


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