Friday, December 4, 2020

Five on Friday - December Goals

I can’t believe November is over.  It was by far, the fastest month of the year yet, even though I know December will likely feel even faster since it’s my very favorite.

Today I’m recapping my November goals and listing my December goals.  As always, I’m using a Y for YES and N for NO to indicate whether or not I accomplished my goals.  And since I opted not to do seasonal bucket lists this year, all of our fun Christmas activities will be here instead.  ;o)

November Goals


Y  Get together with family to celebrate Thanksgiving somehow. – we were able to celebrate with my parents and brother, my extended family, my FIL, and my MIL, all SAFELY.  All celebrations were outside, socially-distanced, no food was shared, and masks were worn as needed.

Y  Celebrate my littlest brother’s birthday, take three. – we were able to hang out with him on Thanksgiving and give him his gift, so we’ll call this one a win, even if it wasn’t typical.                                                                               


Y  Meditate every day.

Y  Quiet time every day.

Y  Drink 64 oz. most days.

Y  Close all rings on my Apple Watch at least 16 days.

Y  Visit with therapist via Zoom.

Y  Donate blood.

Y  Have my annual mammogram.

Y  Follow up with dermatologist.

Y  Finish reading Get Out of Your Head.



Y  Attend Jacob’s end-of-season baseball party.

Y  Watch Jacob play in a baseball tournament.

Y  Take Olivia to the orthopedist to follow-up on her elbow.

Y  Take Olivia for her quarterly thyroid check-up.

Y  Decorate the whole house for Christmas.

N  Make an apple pie from scratch.

Y  Watch lots of Christmas movies. – We watched Home Alone 2, Noelle, Home Alone, Holidate, Elf, The Santa Clause, and Star Wars Lego Holiday this month… we’re on a roll!

Y  Have our first fire of the season.

Y  Celebrate Thanksgiving.

Y  Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Y  Have our annual North Pole Breakfast.

Y  Start working on holiday cards.

Y  Watch lots of college football.



Y  Continue shopping for Christmas.

Y  Clean out playroom, take three.

N  Complete 2 things on Master To-Do list.



Y  Post 4-5 times per week. 

Y  Share all holiday gift guides.

Y  Pitch to a couple of brands for collabs.




28 items accomplished

2 items not accomplished


Monthly Stats

Books Read: 1

    Get Out of Your Head: Stopping the Spiral of Toxic Thoughts

Meditation Days: 30

Rings Closed on Apple Watch:

    Move Ring: 16

    Exercise Ring: 16

    Stand Ring: 30

Workouts Completed: 20

    Dance: 3

    Mixed Cardio: 8

    Outdoor Run: 1  (2.45 miles)

    Outdoor Walk: 7 (8.52 miles)

    Stair Stepper: 0

    Strength Training: 0

    Yoga: 1

Time Spent Working Out: 12:08:49 (hours:minutes:seconds)

Calories Burned During Workouts: 3,203

Pictures of My Successes


Apple Watch rings



Celebrating Thanksgiving

Finally seeing my brother and kind of celebrating his birthday at Thanksgiving

Visiting my Mama Cass for Thanksgiving

Baseball tournament

Got the house decorated for Christmas

Elbow checkup at the orthopedist

Thyroid checkup at the ENT

North Pole Breakfast
First fire

Christmas movies

Clean play room!

Now for the December goals…

December Goals


Get together with family to celebrate Christmas somehow.



Meditate every day.

Quiet time every day.

Drink 64 oz. most days.

Close all rings on my Apple Watch at least 16 days. 

Visit with therapist via Zoom.

Go to semi-annual dental cleaning.

Read Christmas Shopaholic.



Go to semi-annual dental cleaning for Jacob and Olivia.

Mail holiday cards.

Watch all of our favorite Christmas movies.

Watch some new Christmas movies (Jingle Jangle, Christmas Chronicals, Once Upon a Snowman, etc.).

Send a couple of care packages to friends.

Decorate gingerbread houses.

Go to Fantasy in Lights (safely).

Take the kids to visit Santa (safely) (if we can even do this?).

Drive around and look at Christmas lights.

Have a Brian and Lindsay day date, or two.

Bake sugar cookies from scratch.

Make New Year’s Eve extra special.



Finish Christmas shopping.

Set up 2021 planner.

Get all Christmas decorations put away by December 31.

Clean entire house top-to-bottom by December 31.

Tidy entire house top-to-bottom by December 31. 

Get all laundry caught up by December 31. (I like to start the new year on a clean note.)

Complete 2 things on Master To-Do list.


Blog/Social Media

Post 3-4 times per week. 

Share Christmas home tour on blog.

Share Christmas home tour on Instagram stories.

Start recapping 2020.

Start thinking about goals for 2021.


Friday Funnies

Everybody bows down to Betty White.  Haha.

It's funny because it's true.

I literally laughed until I cried when I saw this.  My friends and I used to say "yeet" all the time... way before it was popular, so this was extra funny.

I feel like this meme was made specifically for me.

It's true.  Haha.

Anybody else underwhelmed by Baby Yoda's real name??

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Happy Friday, y’all!

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  1. Anytime we can figure out a way to see family and celebrate during this crazy time is a win in my book. I'm glad you were able to get together for thanksgiving and your brother's birthday. The month did go by crazy fast!

  2. You did so good with November goals, and I know you have already gotten a jump on this months - loved the home tour this week. Your home is so festive! Now if we can just slow time down...

  3. Way to slay. Thank you for the laughs with your great funnies! I hope December is absolutely grand and festive for you my beautiful friend!

  4. You did a great job with your goals!!! Also... Baby Yoda's name isn't Yoda?? I don't watch the show, so I have no idea about Baby Yoda.

    1. It's NOT!! I had heard that they'd be revealing his real name at some point and when we heard the name we were like WHAT?! Haha.

  5. Wow! You did an amazing job with your goals! Our goals are super similar, my Mom and I try to do a workout video almost everyday, and I try to drink lots of water! Drinking water really just improves my day! Have a great weekend!
    PS: Your goals are super inspiring! I hope I can finish mine like you did!! :)

    1. I forgot to add this, but I was so disappointed in Baby Yoda’s real name! I mean Grogu!

    2. Thank you so much for your kind words! Good luck to you on your goals! And YES, we felt the same way about Baby Yoda's name! We were like what?! Haha.

  6. I literally said that he'll always be known as baby yoda; they waited much too long to reveal it for him to be known as anything else now.

  7. Girl you ROCKED it!! I seriously dont know how you get it all done with these lists - i 100% haven't done a goals list since April LOL!

  8. You rocked your goals this month girlie! LOVE that you were able to spend time with family for Thanksgiving and bring on all the Christmas movies <3

    Green Fashionista


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