Saturday, December 5, 2020

Target Gift Cards are on Sale Today and Tomorrow!!

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It’s that time of year, y’all… Target has their gift cards on sale today and tomorrow!!  They only do this once per year, and the time is now. 

Today and tomorrow only, all Target gift cards are 10% off.  This means you can purchase a $100 gift card for just $90, a $50 gift card for just $45, a $20 gift card for $18 and so on. 

Buy them here!

The maximum amount you can purchase is $500, which means you’ll receive $500 worth of Target gift cards, but you’ll only pay $450 for them.  And you can purchase them in different increments so you can give them as gifts for the holidays! 

Prior to this year, the maximum amount was always $300.  B and I always purchase the maximum amount, and then we use the gift cards throughout the year to buy necessities and other things we would normally buy anyway.  You do have to have Target Circle to get the discount, but it’s free!  You can sign up for it here.

With your Target Circle membership you get access to special deals and offers, you get a birthday gift each year, and you earn 1% on non-RedCard purchases to redeem later at Target.

And speaking of the RedCard, if you want to save even more money, the Target RedCard gives you 5% off of every Target purchase, in-store and online.  You also get free shipping for online orders, an extended returns period, and 10% off of your purchase each year on your anniversary.  You can sign up for the RedCard here.  

This year alone, we've saved $141.14 from our Target RedCard, and we've had 22 orders shipped to our house for free.  Thank goodness for online shopping in 2020, am I right?!

(Side note, we never spend beyond our means, so we pay our RedCard bill in full every single month so we never have to pay interest.)

I don’t know about y’all, but I love to save money, and since we’ll be using these gift cards to purchase items we would buy anyway, this is just free money!  Happy shopping!

Happy Saturday, y’all!


  1. I love my Red card - free shipping makes it worth it!

  2. With how much I shop at Target, both the gift cards and red card are necessary! Can't believe this is the first year I have actually taken advantage of it - thanks so much for sharing!


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