Friday, November 6, 2020

Five on Friday - November Goals

October was pretty darn good, and I feel like it was the most normal month we’ve had since quarantine started seven months ago.  The kids were in school, Jacob was playing baseball, Olivia was back at dance classes in person, and we actually got out of the house a bit.  We have, of course, been doing all of these things safely, and there was, of course, some stuff that we missed out on, but I do feel fulfilled nonetheless. 

Today I’m recapping my October goals and listing my November goals.  As always, I’m using a Y for YES and N for NO to indicate whether or not I accomplished my goals.  And since I opted not to do seasonal bucket lists this year, all of our fun Thanksgiving and Christmas activities will be here instead.  ;o)

October Goals


Y  Celebrate my Momma’s birthday, take two. – I said yes for this because we did get to spend some time with her and give her gift to her, but it wasn’t our usual dinner and cake celebration, too.  Nothing we can really do about that right now, though, I suppose.

N  Celebrate my littlest brother’s birthday, take two. – I literally haven’t seen my littlest brother in weeks, y’all.  He moved out of my parents’ house into an apartment and he works so much that he’s never able to be there for the rare moments we’re able to get together with family.  I do have a gift for him and hope to get it to him ASAP, though.


Y  Meditate every day.

Y  Quiet time every day.

Y  Drink 64 oz. most days.

Y  Close all rings on my Apple Watch at least 15 days. 

Y  Visit with therapist via Zoom.

Y  Annual checkup with my midwife.

Y  Get my hair done.

Y  Try out a new hair style with my new curling iron.

Y  Schedule an appointment to donate blood.

Y  Make a serum with Frankincense essential oil and incorporate into skin care routine.

Y  Continue reading Get Out of Your Head.

N  Try a pumpkin cream cold brew, take two. – So I went to Starbucks a couple of times and had the opportunity to get one, but y’all, when I want coffee, I just want it hot… so I just decided to remove this from my future goals. 


Y  Get flu shots.

Y  Go to the mountains.

Y  Go apple picking.

Y  Go to a winery.

Y  Go gem grubbing.

Y  Go to Trader Joe’s and load up on all of our favorites!

Y  Wrap up Jacob’s baseball season.

Y  Olivia start attending dance classes in person.

Y  Watch our Georgia Bulldogs play (on TV)!!

Y  Take family pictures for Christmas cards.

Y  Carve pumpkins.

Y  Have a special Halloween dinner.

Y  Celebrate Halloween (amended for Covid, of course).

Y  Make a Halloween charcuterie board.

Y  Watch more fall and Halloween movies. – we watched Hocus Pocus, Toy Story of Terror, Casper, The Dog Who Saved Halloween, The Addams Family (animated), and It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.  Our fall/Halloween movie game was the strongest ever this year! 


Y  Finish setting up my new SUV.  Yep, got my old license plate transferred, got the inside compartments organized, got my UGA decorative plate attached to the front of the SUV, and got my decals on the back.

Y  Hang new bulletin board in office and decorate.

Y  Develop pictures for frames.

Y  Create a holiday prep spreadsheet for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, NYE.

Y  Move all pictures/videos to external hard drives and upload to Amazon cloud.

Y  Delete all pictures/videos from phone and computer.

Y  Organize old ticket stubs.

Y  Start shopping for Christmas.

Y  Clean out Jacob’s bedroom, take two.

Y  Clean out Olivia’s bedroom, take two.

N  Clean out playroom, take two.

Y  Complete 2 things on Master To-Do list. – Yep, I crossed 7 items off the list, but I added 3 more, so for the sake of decreasing the list, it’s like I did 4 items.  This month, I cleaned out some boxes in my office, got some pictures framed that I’ve been wanting to frame forever, and a few other items. 


Y  Post 3 times per week. 

Y  Share Amazon Prime Day on Instagram.

Y  Pitch to a couple of brands for collabs. 



41 items accomplished

3 items not accomplished


Monthly Stats 

Books Read: 0

Meditation Days: 31

Rings Closed on Apple Watch:

    Move Ring: 16

    Exercise Ring: 17

    Stand Ring: 31

 Workouts Completed: 20

    Dance: 4

    Mixed Cardio: 7

    Outdoor Run: 3  (7.48 miles)

    Outdoor Walk: 5 (5.50 miles)

    Stair Stepper: 1

    Strength Training: 0

    Yoga: 0

 Time Spent Working Out: 11:15:24 (hours:minutes:seconds)

 Calories Burned During Workouts: 3,000 

Pictures of My Successes


Apple Watch rings

Celebrating Momma's birthday

Got my flu shot!

Trader Joe's goodies

Apple picking in the mountains


Gem grubbing

Halloween movie watching

Halloween charcuterie board

Pumpkin carving

Festive Halloween dinner


Jacob's end-of-year baseball celebration

Now for the November goals… 

November Goals


Get together with family to celebrate Thanksgiving somehow.

Celebrate my littlest brother’s birthday, take three.                                                                                      


Meditate every day.

Quiet time every day.

Drink 64 oz. most days.

Close all rings on my Apple Watch at least 16 days.  (Lots to do this month, so taking a break from working out five days a week.)

Visit with therapist via Zoom.

Donate blood.

Have my annual mammogram.

Follow up with dermatologist.

Finish reading Get Out of Your Head. 


Attend Jacob’s end-of-season baseball party.

Watch Jacob play in a baseball tournament.

Take Olivia to the orthopedist to follow-up on her elbow.

Take Olivia for her quarterly thyroid check-up.

Decorate the whole house for Christmas.

Make an apple pie from scratch.

Watch lots of Christmas movies.

Have our first fire of the season.

Celebrate Thanksgiving.

Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (even though it will be different).

Have our annual North Pole Breakfast.

Start working on holiday cards.

Watch lots of college football. 


Continue shopping for Christmas.

Clean out playroom, take three.

Complete 2 things on Master To-Do list. 


Post 4-5 times per week. 

Share all holiday gift guides.

Pitch to a couple of brands for collabs. 

Friday Funnies

Olivia!!!!  Every. Single. Time. something special is happening.

Anybody else?

I laughed way too hard at this because it's so true!

Bring on the new wave of Baby Yoda memes since the second season is officially out!

For all of you haters who think we early Christmas decorators don't celebrate Thanksgiving... we totally do!  Hahahaha.

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Happy Friday, y’all!

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  1. You know I’m totally with you on that diagram, LOL! Always love your funnies and I know that you will slay these goals sweet girl! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Great list of goals!!! I should probably start doing this to keep myself accountable. 😬

  3. Love that Christmas/ Thanksgiving meme; it definitely made me laugh! Great job on your goals.

    1. That meme is SO ME! I know not everyone agrees, but I thought it was so funny.

  4. I think you did pretty well this month! 41 out of 44 is a great accomplishment. I read a lot of books, but lacked on other things. It is all about balance.

  5. Wow you were super productive this month! I really like your hair that length. And your kiddos in their costumes are just too adorable. Have a good weekend!

  6. October felt like a long month to me. Way to go on the goals, as usual! It does feel so good to do some things that seem almost normal! Hope you have a great weekend!


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