Thursday, November 26, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving! There's Always Something to Be Thankful For...

Thanksgiving may not look exactly how I want it to this year, but that isn’t going to stop me from being grateful.  Since things are so different this year, I thought it was more important than ever to focus on the good things rather than the bad, so each day this month, I wrote down one thing I was grateful for…

And just so y’all know, I’m always thankful for God, my family, our health, and this wonderful life we live, so I wanted to list some of the little everyday things making me happy this month...

1 – Kickball + end-of-season pizza party/awards ceremony with our baseball family, and an awesome coach who had nothing but kind things to say about our sweet boy

2 – An excellent report from the orthopedist about Olivia’s elbow

3 – One last C-ball baseball game with our baseball family, and being able to spend time with all of our parents at the game

4 – Magical, twinkly Christmas lights!

5 – Wine (because a winner still hasn’t been declared in the election)

6 – A favorite Christmas movie (Home Alone 2)

7 – A new beginning for our nation (and the fact that the election is finally over)

8 – Family walks around the neighborhood

9 – Snuggle time with Maui

10 – A wonderful therapist who helps keep my anxiety in check

11 – All of the veterans who have served our country, including my late grandfather, my father-in-law, my uncle, my cousin, my great uncle, and countless friends

12 – Target… especially Target at Christmastime… eye candy everywhere!!

13 – Moscow Mules!

14 – A clean and organized playroom for the first time in at least 8-9 months

15 – Technology to livestream Sunday morning mass and be with our church family virtually, since we can’t be there in person

16 – My heated blanket… it was coooold this morning.

17 – Some mommy/daughter reading time with Olivia on this cozy evening

18 – Good conversation with my Boo at bedtime this evening

19 – Takeout from our favorite place with B for lunch… it’s so nice having him working from home so we can eat together every day.

20 – Hot Sunset Cinnamon Tea… my absolute favorite treat on a cold morning

21 – A Georgia football win… even with a third string quarterback

22 – Sidewalk chalk with my girl this morning

23 – One on one time with my Boo today + getting our Christmas tree!!

24 – One on one time with my girl today + beautiful weather for our first family golfing trip

25 – The best hubs ever for doing all the things to prep for Thanksgiving – putting up Christmas decorations outside, picking up donuts for Thanksgiving morning, picking up last-minute items from Walmart, and baking homemade chocolate chip cookies for Thanksgiving  while I did a whole bunch of other things

26 – ALL OF YOU who keep coming back to this space day after day… I’m truly grateful for your love and support.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all… I pray you can find joy today even though it may be a little more difficult this year. 



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