Monday, November 2, 2020

What I Ordered from Amazon in October 2020

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Okay, y’all, go ahead and settle in with your cup of coffee or glass of wine, or whatever you may be drinking… between Amazon Prime Day this past month and starting to cross people off of my Christmas list, my Amazon purchases were reeee-DONK this past month!  Ready to see what I bought?  Let’s go!

Artificial Hydrangeas

I added a vase of fall foliage to the top of my file cabinet back in September, and I love the vase there so much that I wanted to keep it there.  The fall foliage will be put away this week, so I needed something neutral to put in there for the regular season.  I’ve always loved hydrangeas and I don’t have any in my office, so I decided to take a chance on these artificial ones since they were on sale.  While the stems do look a little plastic-y, the petals and leaves look amazing.  They’re full and fluffy and they look so real!  And the plastic-y looking stems were no big deal for me because my vase is opaque white and they won’t be seen.  I highly recommend these if you’re looking for realistic hydrangeas that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Boho Rug

Something that has been on my to-do list forever is to find a rug to go in front of our kitchen sink.  We’ve lived in our house for 11 years now and I’ve never had a rug or runner there.  I found a couple of rugs on Prime Day to try, and while I loved this one, it doesn’t quite go with the rest of the décor.  I’m struggling because I have a brown and cream rug in front of our back door which isn’t too far from the kitchen sink, and having the brown and cream rug in the same vantage point as this black and white rug just looks odd.  All that aside, I really, really love the rug and I wish I had a place to put it so we could keep it!  Sadly, it’ll be returned.

Kitchen Runner

This was the other rug I picked up on Prime Day, and while I loved the length and the fact that it has the non-slip rubber on the bottom, I didn’t love the colors and pattern in our kitchen for the same reason as the other one… it looks odd with that other brown and cream rug.  Sigh.  While I was impressed with the overall size and feel of this rug, the pattern on it wasn’t 100% symmetrical so I did find that odd, too.  Back to Amazon, it goes!

Rug Pad

I bought this rug pad in the sale as well, to go along with the first black and white rug since it doesn’t have the rubber grips on the bottom.  Since I’m not keeping that rug, I’ll be sending back this rug pad as well.  Thank goodness for free shipping and free returns!  I rarely have to return Amazon purchases, but it’s always so nice to have the option when I do need to.

The Best Freaking Leggings Ever

The leggings that I love SO DANG MUCH were on sale for Prime Day, and since I’ve never seen them on sale, I snatched up two more pairs.  I got them in plain black and I also bought them in this mauve color.  They both fit perfectly, and they’re so comfortable… you truly feel like you’re not wearing pants.  They are that good, y’all.  And so much more affordable than Lulu.  If you don’t have a pair, put them on your Christmas wish list!

Apple Watch Band

I’ve already discussed this watch band on the blog, but to reiterate, I wanted a fancy band to use on dress-up nights since I never take off my watch.  This one arrived in perfect condition with its own little screwdriver and instructions to remove links so I can get the perfect fit for my wrist.  It’s absolutely beautiful, and now I’m just patiently waiting for Covid to be over so I can start going on date nights again so I can wear it!

Apple Watch Bands 5-Pack

I came across this 5-pack of bands for just $12.99 and I had to have them because  GLITTER!!!!  These are great quality, pretty much identical to the actual bands that come with the Apple Watches, and at just $12.99 for five of them, it's a steal.

Girls Corduroy Dress

I’ve also mentioned this dress on the blog a couple of times, but here it is again!  I grabbed this for Olivia to wear for our family pictures this year, and y’all, it is absolutely darling.  The quality is boutique good, and the straps are adjustable (and also removeable) so it can be worn three ways – with criss-cross straps, straight straps, or as a skirt.  Most of the reviews said to size up, so that’s exactly what we did, and it fits perfectly with room to grow.  Olivia is six years old (tall for her age) and we sized up to an 8.


The Scariest Book Ever

I bought this book to give to Olivia on Halloween.  I always do a festive Halloween dinner, and I like to put out a little gift for each of the kids.  This book is adorable, and I’m sure it’ll get lots of love now that it’s in our collection.

Bonaparte Falls Apart

This book was Jacob’s little gift for Halloween.  He’s at the point where he’s on the verge of being too old for this kind of stuff, but he still appreciates a good holiday book every now and then.  This one turned out to be perfect and he and Olivia loved it.  I know he probably won’t be reading these children’s books much longer, but this will be one I’ll save for future grandchildren, God willing.  :o)


I bought this book for our collection, too, because it has such great reviews.  The pictures are beautiful, and the lesson is even more valuable… this book is sure to become a keepsake. 

ABC What Can She Be?

My niece just turned two in October, so I bought this book to give to her for her birthday.  I had it shipped directly to them as they live out of town, so I wasn’t able to thumb through the whole thing, but from what I could see on Amazon, it’s adorable.  It goes through a long list of careers and talks about how your little girl can be whatever she wants to be when she grows up. 

Aqua Doodle Mat

This aqua doodle mat was another gift for my niece for her birthday, and it just looks so cool!  I’ve been seeing these everywhere and I wish they’d made these when our kids were little.  Heck, I think our kids would still enjoy one of these.  I’m actually considering getting one for Olivia for Christmas.  Lol. 

Rainbow Toy

I bought two of these rainbow wooden toys, one for myself for office décor since I’m rainbow-obsessed, and one for my niece for Christmas.  Y’all, this little wooden rainbow set is DARLING and it would make a great gift for any little boy or girl on your list.  The whole thing is made from wood, and kids can pull it apart and stack the pieces in lots of different ways.  When I pulled mine out of the box to put in my office, our kids literally started fighting over it because they both wanted to play with it.  Lol.  I highly recommend this and I’m sure you’ll be seeing it again in my holiday gift guides.  ;o)

Kid-Safe Knife and Cutting Board Set

My nephew (four years old) loves to cook, so my sister-in-law told me that anything cooking related would be good for him for Christmas.  I found these kid-safe knives that really cut, and I thought he would love those.  He can use them to help chop fruits and vegetables, but my brother and sister-in-law don’t have to worry about him getting hurt in the process.  I’ve seen so many people rave about these, so hopefully he’ll love them.

Cooking Set

I also grabbed this little set that comes with an apron, chef hat, rolling pin, spoon, and cookie cutters.  I figure he can wear this while playing pretend and he can use the items in the kitchen for real, too.  


Lego City Advent Calendar

I grew up getting an Advent calendar every year, and we’ve continued the tradition in our house with our own kiddos, and I love that there are so many options now!  This year, we opted to get this Lego City Advent Calendar for Jacob.  Starting December 1, there are little doors to open each day leading up to Christmas Day, and behind each door is a tiny Lego set to put together.  It gives the kids something exciting to look forward to each morning, and helps them count down to Christmas morning.  We, of course, celebrate the real reason for the season – Jesus – first and foremost, but I love this fun little way to count down to His birthday.

Lego Friends Advent Calendar

We went with this Lego Friends Advent Calendar for Olivia since she loves Legos, too.  One of the Lego Friends characters is named Olivia, so that makes it even more special.  ;o)

Lego Friends Friendship Bus

Jacob gets Lego magazine several times a year, and when it arrives, he and Olivia love to pore over it, selecting which sets they want to add to their wish lists.  He received a catalog just a few weeks ago, and Olivia told Brian that she wanted this Lego Friends Friendship Bus more than anything else.  Well, it just so happened to go on sale during Amazon Prime Day, so we snatched it right up for Chrismas!

How to Train Your Dragon DVD Set

Our kiddos are obsessed with the first two movies in this trilogy, and Jacob even declared them as his favorite movies of all-time.  We haven’t seen the third one yet, but we’re sure they’ll both love it, so we went ahead and bought the trilogy on DVD on Prime Day because it was so cheap.  This will be a Christmas gift for both of them.  And because I know some of you may ask, the reason we opted for the DVD set instead of the Blu-Ray set is so they can be used in the DVD players in the car when we travel.  Our Blu-Ray player in the house will play DVDs, too, so they’ll be able to watch these anywhere.  They do sell this trilogy in Blu-Ray form in this same listing, if you prefer that instead.

Clear Thumbtacks

I ran out of clear thumbtacks, so I bought this box of 100 to keep on hand.  I have two bulletin boards in my office and one downstairs in our kitchen, so we use thumbtacks frequently.

Passport Sleeves

These passport sleeves may seem like a super random purchase, but I’m not using them as they’re intended.  I mentioned before here on the blog that I have been working on a project to display my ticket stubs from concerts, football games, shows, travel, etc. and these were the absolute perfect things to house my tickets.  I have eight different categories, so I bought this pack of ten and they worked perfectly.

Trident Bubblegum

Olivia loves to chew gum, and she doesn’t like my peppermint gum, so we keep this Trident sugar free gum on hand for her.  We were all out, so I bought this pack to replenish her stash.  Gum is cheapest on Amazon!

Smarty Pants Vitamins

My monthly purchase of my daily multivitamins… you’ll see these every month!  I love them SO much and I highly recommend them if you’re in the market for a daily women’s multivitamin.  They have Omega-3 built right in (hard to find in a multivitamin… most of the time you have to use a separate supplement) and they also contain Vitamin D3 which is so important right now since it supports immune health.  I love the scent of these vitamins and they don’t make me feel yucky like some other vitamins do.


Maui gets a little treat each evening after the kids go to bed, and she loves these Dentastix, so we keep them on hand.  They help clean her teeth and keep them in good health, so it’s a win-win situation!  On another note, our kids LOVE when we get a new box of these because they think the dog on the front with people teeth is the funniest thing they’ve ever seen.  They crack up every single time they see it!  Haha.

Amazon Gift Card

Is there ever a month that we don’t purchase an Amazon gift card?  Nope.  Haha.  This month, Olivia’s teacher had a birthday, so we bought this Amazon gift card for her, and Olivia made two sweet cards for her as well.  That way she can buy pretty much anything she could ever want!  Amazon does have everything, after all!  ;o)

And that’s it!  Whew!  If you made it this far then I applaud you!  That was a bunch of stuff!  Happy Monday, y’all!

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  1. I think Amazon will be on my doorstep everyday til Christmas! I can’t believe I’ve never got leggings from Amazon, I love you call them freakin, I know they have to be awesome! Happy new festive month! Loved your rainbow tree on Insta!!

  2. That doodle mat looks like a great gift! I may need to add it on our list for all the girls. And those kid safe knives look great too.

  3. I have been thinking about that doodle pad for my nephews - I really think they would like it! And I just ordered those vitamins - can't wait to try them!

  4. IT's that time of year! Amazon will be making a lot of deliveries to my house lol. That kitchen runner is so cute! I need to see if they have it in a larger size. We have a full size carpet runner and I could stand to get a new one soon.

  5. I'm interested in the leggings! And love that rainbow for sure.

  6. Okay, that little corduroy girls dress is so fun!! I need to see if they have in Sophia's size!! Love the runner that you got - we need one! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  7. Obsessed with those leggings and the kitchen runner! We started a lot of our Christmas shopping already too, and it feels AH-mazing! Cheers to a great November sweet friend <3

    Green Fashionista

  8. You got a ton this month. That dress is still so cute. I want it for my girls. I bought some similar leggings that are a dupe for Lulu too and I LOVE them.

  9. Thanks so much (in advance) for linking up with Prime Purchases. You had some great finds this month. I love the wooden rainbow rare to find REAL wood things anymore. I asked Jack (age 16) if he would still enjoy a Lego advent calendar this year and he said YES. So you can expect many years of Lego to come...ha, ha!

  10. Girl, you had some great finds in October! That rainbow toy is darling - I might need that for my littlest. And love the idea of using it as office decor, too! ;) Those leggings look sooo comfy.

  11. My youngest son was obsessed with the How To Train Your Dragon movies for the longest time. We've had birthday parties, three years in a row he dressed as characters from the movie for Halloween, and I think we just about bought out any toys we could find. It's such a cute series and I do like all three movies.

    1. Aw that is so much fun! I have a feeling Jacob will be the same way. He is obsessed and it doesn't look like there's any end in sight! Olivia loves them, too!

  12. I am wearing those leggings in the leopard currently. I got a black pair too on prime day. I need more, I love them more than my lulu's! I just got a Ruggable for my kitchen and I love it. You can wash it, which is great for a kitchen.

  13. You always have the best Amazon finds!!


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