Monday, May 31, 2021

What I Ordered from Amazon in May 2021

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Well, May was on track to be a very light Amazon month, and then Olivia broke her elbow and we decided to buy aaaallll the things to entertain the kids indoors since her physical activity will be limited for a bit.  Ready to see what we bought?

Dance Costume Bag

Olivia takes ballet, tap, and jazz, and has an annual recital.  As you can imagine, we have to carry so much stuff with us to the recital, so I bought this costume bag to hold all of her things.  The back side is open from top to bottom to hold all of the actual costumes, and the front side has four smaller pockets to hold shoes, accessories, makeup, hair pins, and everything else you need for a recital.  There is a hole in the top for the hangers, and I LOVE that the entire bag is clear so Olivia can easily find everything she needs.  Most of the time for her recitals, she’s backstage without me, so I like to make sure everything is as easy for her (and the class mom) as possible, since costume changes have to happen quickly.


Non-Skid Rug Tape

I just purchased a couple of new accent rugs for our kitchen and foyer, and even with a non-slip pad underneath, they’re still sliding a little bit.  I bought these strips to reinforce the pads, and I’m hoping it works well.  Supposedly, it won’t damage hardwood or carpet or any other surfaces, so I’m hoping that’s true.  I’ll have to report back when I attach them.


Mermaid Costume

We let each child pick out a new toy with their own money to kick off summer (prior to the elbow break), and Olivia chose this Ariel costume.  The whole costume is a STEAL at just $19.99 and it comes with the wig.  It’s well-made and SO CUTE, but Olivia asked to send it back because it was itchy.  She is highly sensitive, so I’m not sure the average kid would think the same.


Witch Costume

After we returned the mermaid costume, Olivia decided that she wanted a witch costume (random), and she settled on this one.  This is yet another well-made and super cute costume, and this one doesn’t make her itch either.  The only downside is that the glitter on the costume gets everywhere, but that isn’t a deal-breaker.


Lego Minecraft Pig House

This was Jacob’s choice of toy to buy with his own money.  He is obsessed with Legos and wanted to add this one to his collection.  He put it together in about an hour and has been obsessed with it ever since!  It’s interactive, so we thought that was an added bonus.


White Mask

I’ve been wanting a plain white mask since the pandemic started, and I found this one.  It’s highly rated, it has a great nose piece that fits to your face, it has adjustable ear straps, and it’s very comfortable.  It comes in about 30 other colors and patterns and I highly recommend it.


Disposable Masks

We haven’t used disposable masks too much, but I bought this box to have extras to store in the car, my purse, and all of our various bags, so we’ll never be without one.  I bought these before the mask rules were relaxed and they were non-returnable, so we probably don’t even really need them.  At least we’ll be ready if there’s ever another pandemic.  Geesh.


The Wedding Planner Soundtrack

So, I’ve been wanting this soundtrack for years, and it’s not available anywhere for digital download that I could find.  I’ve been checking periodically for the CD on Amazon and eBay, but they’re never available for less than $20.  I finally found one for $5.99 and I snatched it up.  I was able to rip all of the songs to my computer and put them in my iTunes library, and now I have all of the happy songs from one of my favorite movies ever!


Serendipity Soundtrack

Same situation with this one – couldn’t find the full digital download and CD’s are hard to find, but this one finally popped up on Amazon for cheap and I grabbed it.  Gonna rip it and add it to my iTunes library.  Love this soundtrack so much, too!


Smarty Pants Women’s Multivitamin

So I’ve been taking the “PHD Formula” from Smarty Pants for nearly a year because it had every single thing I’ve ever wanted in a multivitamin.  They recently discontinued it and replaced it with this nearly identical formula (per the Smarty Pants customer service team... yes, I contacted them  LOL), and I grabbed two bottles.  I’ve been taking them for a few days, and I like them a lot, so I’ll continue with them.  One good thing – with these, you only have to take ONE capsule where for the old ones, you had to take TWO to get the same benefits, so these are cheaper per day.  :o)


Waterproof Cast Cover

File this under the last thing I wanted to have to purchase this summer.  As most of you know by now, our girl broke her elbow and she’ll be in a full arm cast for most (if not all) of the summer.  We bought this waterproof cast cover to slide over her cast for baths/showers, and hopefully to keep out water and sand on our beach trip.  One of my friends recommended this one to me and said that it worked beautifully for their daughter a couple of summers ago when she experienced a similar break.  It’s highly rated on Amazon, and the reviews are awesome, so we decided to buy it.  It comes with a little vacuum pump that sucks the air out and molds it to the arm to keep water out, so I guess we will see if it lives up to its promise.  Regardless of how well this claims to work, I doubt we’ll let her submerge her arm.



When Olivia broke her arm, she was wearing her swimsuit because we were playing at the splash pad/playground (and don’t worry, her body wasn’t wet when she fell… that wasn’t the cause of the accident).  Anyway, when we arrived at the hospital, they had to cut her swimsuit off so she could have emergency surgery, and I promised Olivia then and there that she could pick out a new one to replace hers.  The one they cut off was one of her brand new ones from Target, but it’s no longer available, so I directed her to Amazon because she already has one of these by this brand and she LOVES the fit.


Disney Princess Puzzle

I decided to purchase a couple of puzzles to keep the kids busy indoors because they’re fun to do and they take a lot of time.  I let each kid choose one, and Olivia chose this Disney Princess puzzle… it’s 1,000 pieces, and it’s very inexpensive… remember last summer when puzzles were all like $30-$40 each because of Covid?!  Not anymore!


Disney Pixar Movie Poster Puzzle

Jacob chose this 2,000 piece puzzle, and I’m really excited about it.  Last year, our fam put together a 2,000 piece puzzle and it took forever, so it’ll be nice to have another one to work on together.  It’s only $17.99, too!  I thought that was a GREAT deal considering it’s Disney and it’s 2,000 pieces! 


Paintable Mermaid

I also let each kid choose an activity to help pass the time, and Olivia picked out this paintable mermaid.  It comes in solid white, and then you can paint her skin and hair and clothes in your own colors.  It comes with the paints as well as some blingy stickers to decorate her after she is painted.


Color by Number Book

I let Olivia pick out one other activity since she’s the one who will be more limited, and she chose this color by number book.  She has been obsessed with color by numbers for a while now and she didn’t have any color by number things at home.  This one comes in all kinds of themes, and I think it would be relaxing for any kid or adult to do!  I love to color!


Lego Minecraft Chicken Coop

This was Jacob’s choice of activity – more Legos!!  The boy is obsessed with them and would play with them all day if we’d let him, so I knew that’s what he’d choose.  ;o)

And that’s everything!  Every time I finally think we’re going to have a slow Amazon month, something happens, and we have to buy more stuff.  <face palm>

Finally, (and most importantly), a big, heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who has served and continues to serve this wonderful country of ours.  Our family is so very grateful for you and your families… we appreciate everything you have sacrificed to keep us safe and free.  We salute you and we have our American flag hanging proudly today in honor of you!

And if you want to see everything that I ordered in previous months, just check out the posts below!

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  1. I remember when we couldn't find puzzles at all! I'd want that Princess one but we have had one going forever that we can't seem to finish and I should wait before getting more!

  2. I just bought my teen girls the women Smarty Pants multivitamin last week at Costco. It must be a little different than the one you snagged, since the bottles aren't the same. I will check yours out. Thanks for sharing! I was wishing YL had a multivitamin for the girls. Do you buy any of their supplements? I know you said you get your oils through them.

  3. Those puzzles are so cool! I hope you have a sweet short week.

  4. I was thinking of that exact cast cover when I wrote on Friday's post! We all love those color count books and that you can even use marker without them bleeding through to the next page. Looks like you found some really great puzzles!

    1. I'd love to have one of the color count books for myself! They are so nice!

  5. That is the worst that they had to cut off her bathing suit and she was so upset. Glad you got a new one. And I need to look into that brand. Didn’t even think about the cast case. Ugh.

  6. That cast cover seem super cool - hopefully that will help her still enjoy all the summer things!

  7. I'm so impressed that y'all did a 2000 piece puzzle! I'm catching up on blog reading after my vacation! Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road


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