Monday, February 3, 2020

What I Ordered from Amazon in January 2020

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I received a few Amazon gift cards for Christmas so I treated myself to a couple of items that have been on my wish list.  I still have some more gift card money to spend, and normally I would have spent it by now, but I’m still trying to decide which items to buy… the struggle is real!  There are just too many things on my wish list from which to choose!

Here’s what I bought from Amazon in January…

Mouse Pad

I used the same mouse pad for about 15 years, and I finally threw it out a couple of years ago because it was so worn out.  I thought I could get away with not having a mouse pad at all, and I did go about two years without one, but I’ve found that my mouse truly works better on a pad.  Hence the purchase of this adorable black and white watercolor mouse pad.  Only $7.89!

Office Chair Mat

Brian bought a new rolling office chair for me for Christmas and since I have medium pile carpet in my office, the chair doesn’t roll well.  I need a good floor mat to protect the carpet and allow the chair to roll better, but the area around my desk is very small so there’s not enough room for a standard sized mat.  I searched high and low for a small floor mat and the only one I could find was this hardwood floor mat on Amazon.  Since it had free shipping and free returns I ordered it to try on my carpet (even though it states that it’s for hardwood floor use only), and unfortunately it didn’t work.  It was the PERFECT size, but the mat was too flimsy for the carpet and it would wrinkle up under the wheels of my chair.  Therefore, it was returned.  My only question is – why do they only make the smaller mats for hardwood floors?!  Sometimes people with carpet need small mats, too.

Crumb Cook Book

This book has been in my wish list for several years and I finally got it just in time to decorate the house for Valentine’s Day!  I love decorating with pretty, seasonal books and I thought this one was perfect to display in the kitchen for the loooove holiday.

New York in Color

This book has also been in my wish list for several years and I finally bought it to complete my book stack on our DVD dresser in the living room.  I have Paris in Color and Paris in Love already, so this was the perfect addition to the stack. 

Silver Picture Frame

I am currently working to frame old black and white photos of our family members for a little vignette on our DVD dresser and I needed two silver 4x6 frames for my newest pictures.  I grabbed one very ornate, antique-y looking frame from Hobby Lobby and then I wanted something simpler for the second to balance out the first.  This one on Amazon has amazing reviews and it’s only $7.99.  It looks “expensive” in person, but it’s really just made of plastic.  Definitely a great buy for the price!

Mechanical Pencils

I’ve been struggling for weeks to find pencils with erasers around the house (or any pencils in general) so I finally bought a fresh pack so I wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore.  I placed them in my pen cup in my office, in the drawer downstairs in the kitchen, in my purse, and in various other places around the house so there will be a pencil wherever I need it.  I also loved the fact that pretty sparkle pencils were the ones that were the cheapest.  Those would have been my first choice anyway.  :o)

Chalk Markers

I use plastic labels and chalk markers to label all of our storage boxes and my chalk markers haven’t been performing well as of late.  I finally got a fresh set to replace them.

Long Sleeve White T-Shirt

Olivia had to make a t-shirt with 100 objects on it for their 100th day of school, so I grabbed another one of these long-sleeve white tees.  This is the second one we’ve purchased in two months. 

Pom Poms

We decided to make a balloon out of pom poms for her 100 day shirt, so this pack of 100 could not have been more perfect.  And yes, I made her count them all to make sure there were truly 100 of them...  and there were!

Picasso Tiles

Back before Christmas, Olivia’s teacher sent home the box lid for these Picasso Tiles toys to let me know how much Olivia loves them.  Apparently she plays with them in class all the time and tells her teacher constantly that she wants some at home.  By the time this information was relayed to us, we were already done with our Christmas shopping, so we decided to save the idea for Olivia’s birthday since it’s in February.  In just a few weeks, she’ll be the proud owner of her own set!


Back before Christmas I had a bad bout with debilitating nausea (nope, not pregnant) that lasted over a week and I’ve had several random days of nausea ever since (still not pregnant so don’t even think it!  Haha.).  I’m sure mine is hormone-related, but until someone can figure out what’s causing it to happen, I had to figure out a way to manage it.  Several people recommend Nauzene so I bought a pack to try.  One of the first weekends of January, I was nauseated all morning so I popped some Nauzene and it did, in fact, get rid of the nausea.  My only complaint is that the medicine only alleviated the symptoms for about two hours and then the nausea came back.  Fortunately you can take several doses per day, so I guess that’s what I’ll have to do next time.

If you want to see we’ve ordered in past months, check out the posts below.

Happy Monday, y’all!

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  1. Question about the chalk markers - are those the ones you use on your chalkboard, too? I am in need of some! Hopefully you can find a good mat - I am surprised there aren't more options out there!

  2. I love chalk markers. Good to know about the Nauzene, I think tha5 would be good to have on hand. I hope you have the sweetest day lovely lady!

  3. I could use a mat under my chair too. Too bad that one didn't work!

  4. You got some good purchases from Amazon. Have a great week.

  5. Everybody in my house loves Magnatiles! I bought them for Sophie for Christmas a few years ago, but grown ups and babies love them, too.

  6. It's amazon day and I totally posted about my favorites today too! We bought sophia those magnatiles, but haven't given them to her yet LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. Sorry that mat didn't work :( I hope you can find one!! That Crumb book looks awesome, I love a good cookbook. :) And I always have a hard time finding a pencil... you can never have too many!

    1. I hope I can, too. It's just the darndest thing! Somebody has to have one somewhere!!

  8. How did I not know about chalk markers?! And that mouse pad is darling <3

    Green Fashionista

  9. I love me some pencils too.
    I use a mouse pad that has my nieces baby picture of them on it - they are now 15. LOL

  10. Your Amazon purchases are part of a counselor's dreams. And I never knew there were chalk markers.

    1. Yes, chalk markers are the best! They don't wipe off easily like regular chalk, but you can wipe them off with water!

  11. I'm learning that some things for school projects etc might be just a little more on Amazon, but it's worth it to save a trip to Hobby Lobby or Michael's. Great finds this month. The mouse pad is going on my shopping ideas list!

  12. I am glad you got to use your gift cards. Many office supplies and the pom poms for Olivia's shirt. I can't wait to make those for my girls when they are in Kindergarten.

  13. I have a small mat under my chair since I too have carpet and needed something to protect the carpet and allow my chair to move. My husband found it at Staples though so I can't leave you a link; sorry! They do exist though. :)

    1. We actually checked our Staples and they had nothing small at ours. I'll have to keep checking or maybe I'll ask someone!

  14. Hope your nausea lets up! I can't think of anything worse. Have a great week.

  15. My mom suffers with nausea about 75% of the time and has for years. No one can figure out what causes it. I got her using Gin-Gins, and they help, she does ginger tea too, but I'm going to send her a box of the Nauzene. Thanks for the info and I hope yours will go away soon. XO

  16. I have a free Saints mousepad I got at a game in the mid 2000's, time for a new one! I lol'ed to your still not pregnant! It is amazing that that is where everyone goes with nausea.


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