Tuesday, July 2, 2019

What I Ordered from Amazon in June 2019

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June was perhaps the slowest month ever for Amazon purchases for me.  I only bought four things.  Four things, y’all!  And one of them was returned.  Since four items hardly makes for a post, I decided to include Brian’s Amazon purchases this month as well.

He and I share a Prime account and all of our purchases are charged to the same Amazon credit card, but we each have separate accounts so we can have our own wish lists and make secret purchases for one another for gifts. 

Okay, let’s see what we bought this month, shall we?

Rocket Ship Backpack

I’ve mentioned before that my brother and sister-in-law both just got jobs at NASA, and their son, my nephew, just had his third birthday earlier this month.  I thought it would be super appropriate to buy some space themed stuff since the whole family is obsessed with it, and I though this rocket ship backpack would be perfect.  My nephew had to go back to daycare after a year of staying at home with my sister-in-law, and this is the perfect size for him to carry his necessities in for daycare.  It also comes with a detachable leash if you want to keep your child controlled in public.  Lol.  No judgement here if you do!

Dr. Seuss – There’s No Place Like Space book

In keeping with the outer space them, I also purchased Dr. Seuss’s book, There’s No Place Like Space for another part of Tucker’s birthday gift.  It is one of the lesser known Dr. Seuss books, but it’s the same whimsical and wacky style as all of his classics.  I highly recommend this book!

Miata Hat

This may seem like a super random purchase, but it wasn’t.  My daddy just got a miata sports car a couple of months ago and he is utterly obsessed with it.  He loves it so much that we decided to buy him a Miata baseball cap for Father’s Day.  He wears baseball caps most of the time anyway, and I loved the look of this khaki one.  He loves it, too!

No Show Undies

I’m super picky about underwear – I won’t wear anything that shows through my pants, so seamless undies are the only kind I buy.  My favorites are from Nordstrom but they are suuuuper pricey, so I decided to try some from Amazon to see if they compare.  Sadly, the quality of these just wasn’t on par with my Nordstrom ones, so they were returned.  I guess I’ll just be sticking with my super expensive undies from now on!  Now I’m just waiting patiently for the NSale so I can load up!

That is actually all I purchased under my Amazon account this month, so now I’ll share Brian’s purchases with you…

Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat

Jacob has requested to hang up his soccer cleats in exchange for baseball this fall, so we’ve slowly been acquiring his baseball gear over the last few weeks.  B reviewed loads and loads of bats and we ended up settling on this one.  Jacob’s a bit small for his age and he’s never played baseball before, so we wanted to find a bat that was super lightweight and this one definitely fits the bill.  He feels comfortable swinging it and he seems to love it, so hopefully it’ll be worth the money.

Mizuno Baseball Glove

This glove was another purchase for our upcoming little league season.  Jacob likes the feel of it and he and B have already been playing a lot of catch to get him ready.

Epson Ink Cartridges

The printer I use in my office is an Epson printer, and I’ve found that the remanufactured ink works just as well as the genuine Epson ink for a tiny fraction of the price.  If I were to buy this same pack of ink brand new, it would be between $80 and $100.  This remanufactured pack is just $22.99 and it works just the same.  I’m on my second pack.  You’re welcome.

And if you’re new around here and you’re curious to see what else we’ve ordered in past months, here you go!

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I was wondering if your dad had a Miata - my dad always wanted one of those, too! Love the space items - I think that book is going to have to be purchased for my nephew at some point. My sister in law is a science teacher and I know she would love it for him!

  2. Very funny that you had your slowest Amazon month while I had one of my busiest! I love the space gifts you got your nephew!

  3. I love that Jacob is going to be playing Baseball!! Very nice bat and glove =)

  4. Why is it that ordering from Amazon is so satisfying? That Dr. Seuss book looks cute! xo, Biana

  5. Can you send me a link to your no show panties from NOrdstrom? I want to make sure I can snag some. I can't believe you only ordered 4 items. I am afraid to see how many I ordered.

  6. HAHA! 4?! That's actually fantastic.. I had so many I had to narrow down my post to just clothes! My husband has me order whatever he needs from Amazon all the time and I tend to leave things like carburetor cleaning kit and replacement lawnmower wheels off my monthly posts.

    1. I'm telling you, that is an all-time low for me. It HAS to be. And LOL that's exactly why I don't usually post what B buys.

  7. That backpack is adorable!!! My kids go to Mars School District, so it would be perfect for Liam - haha! And no judgement on the leash. I have a backpack with a detachable leash for Liam - he is an elopement risk, so I say better safe than sorry!!!

    1. Oh my gosh, that is just PERFECT! And yes, no judgement here either... you gotta do what you gotta do to keep them safe!

  8. Isn't printer ink the biggest ripoff? I'm glad you found a reasonable replacement! That's so fun that your dad got a Miata. Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road


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