Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Happy 8th Birthday to Our Jacob Brian

Dear Jacob,
You have officially made eight trips around the sun today.  Eight!  I don’t know about everyone else, but eight is the age that I usually associate with the start of being a “big kid.”  Every tick of the clock takes us farther and farther away from the sweet little baby with the chubby cheeks that I used to cradle in my arms, and at eight, every trace of that baby is gone. 

While I would give anything to go back and cradle you as a baby one more time, I wouldn’t trade for the world being by your side as you grow and mature.  This past year has been a great one for you and I’m so thankful to have been a part of it.

You rocked second grade, making Principal’s List every quarter as you always do.  You’re reading like a boss.  Doing math like a boss.  Comprehending like a boss.  Behaving like a boss.  You learned to write in cursive this year and it is a beautiful thing!  You loved your teachers this past year and you made new friends and I think this was probably your best school year yet.

You had lots of milestones this year – you lost four more teeth, you had a major growth spurt, growing 2.5 inches this past year (one and a half of which were just in the last five months!), and you also just transitioned from a full car seat to a booster.  See?  You’re a big kid now! 

You still have little old man tendencies – you’re an early riser, always the first one awake in the house on the weekend.  You’re still so set in your ways and you’re grumpy when things don’t turn out the way you expect.  (You get it from your Momma!)  You crave your alone time, often retreating to your room to play with your Legos or read a book so you won’t be disturbed by anyone.

You are still very shy in social situations and it always takes you a bit to warm to your surroundings.  You are also very serious a lot of the time, and when you’re in serious mode, you get upset very easily.  You’ve always been so sensitive!  But once that switch is flipped to goofball mode, you tend to stay there for a long time.  You’re so funny, constantly cracking us up with the things you say, constantly telling us jokes and wanting us to tell you new ones, and cutting up with Olivia.  When the two of you get in your goofy mood you let the potty humor fly and, I swear, sometimes the two of you sound just like a cleaner version of Beavis and Butthead.  

You played in your third and fourth seasons of soccer this past year, but at the end of your last season you informed us that you wanted to start playing baseball instead.  Daddy bought you a bat and ball and glove, and after watching you practice I have to say, I think baseball is going to be a wise decision… you seem to have a natural talent for it. 

Besides baseball, you also love Legos, Mexican food, mazes, athletic shorts, video games, making paper airplanes, and learning about how things work.  You still talk about Hot Wheels and Nerf guns all the time, but you really don’t play with them often anymore.  Legos truly have your heart.  As long as those are around, you are content. 

You are still obsessed with music and your love for it continues to grow.  Your favorite right now is “Old Town Road” by Lil’ Nas X.  Haha.  It’s such a ridiculous song but I have to agree it’s definitely catchy.  When you’re not requesting “Old Town Road” you’re requesting songs from a wide range of genres including pop, country, and classical.   

You are such a good helper and you are so considerate of the feelings of others.  You are constantly going out of your way to help me even when I don’t ask you to and you are also very protective of Olivia.  Sure you guys beat each other up, too, but overall you take such good care of her.  I tear up every single time you let her put the envelope into the church offering basket each week.

A handful of random things to remember about right now…

  1. When you get your gummy vitamin in the morning you keep it in your mouth until it melts all the way down to a tiny speck.  You never chew it.  That must take some serious patience.  You love to savor it.
  2. You love to play the animal game.  You think of an animal and then I have to guess it by asking you questions until I figure it out.  And vice versa.
  3. You have started saying “like” a lot which drives me crazy.  Yet another sign that you’re a big kid now!
  4. You love grape flavored stuff, but your very favorite flavor is lemon or lime.

Boo, we just love you so much!  Today is your special day and we are so excited to celebrate you!

Happy eighth birthday!



  1. Happy Birthday Jacob!!!! You are one cool kid!!!!!

  2. Happy 8th Birthday, Jacob! I hope he has a great day!

  3. Happy Birthday to him! Hope it is a good one!

  4. My goodness, eight already?! Happy birthday, Jacob! We hope you had the best day.


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