Thursday, July 25, 2019

Jacob’s Third Birthday

Since it's Jacob's birthday month and I didn’t blog when he was small, I'm still playing catch-up on important events of the past.  Therefore, we’re taking a little stroll down memory lane today and we’re going to revisit his third birthday!  Please indulge me if you will.  :o)

At the age of three, he was completely and utterly obsessed with dump trucks and excavators and diggers and any kind of heavy yellow equipment.  Since it was the prominent love in his life at the time, we had a heavy yellow equipment themed birthday! 

I had a birthday shirt made with his name, age, and a dump truck on it, and we had two cakes… one for each family celebration. 

On Sunday, July 20 (three days before his third birthday) we had Sunday lunch at my MIL and step-FIL’s to celebrate our Boo-Boo.  Nana and Poppie cooked a yummy lunch and then we all had cake… a dump truck cake prepared by our favorite bakery. 

That Sunday evening we had another celebration with my side of the family at my parents’ house (the usual Sunday dinner).  My Momma cooked a delicious dinner and then we all had a piece of his excavator cake made by the same bakery. 

My Momma put balloons on his high chair (he was still in a high chair, y’all… cue all the tears!) and my parents gave him a stand-up chalkboard/dry erase board.  He loved that thing!  And it’s the board that I used to write words on to teach him how to read shortly after that. 

Olivia was five months old then so that was her first time celebrating her big brother’s birthday!  And I know these pictures are blurry but I can’t not post them because LOOK HOW TINY (and fat – hahahaha)!!!!  Y’AAAALLLL this makes me just ache for another baby.

Three days later on Jacob’s actual birthday we sent Olivia to school and then Jacob had Brian and me to himself aaaallll day.  We’ve never been really big on actual birthday parties, but we always took off from work on the kids’ birthdays to spend the whole day with just them, doing whatever they wanted to do that day (within reason, of course).

On Jacob’s third birthday he wanted to go to the museum, so we headed there first.  I’m pretty sure we also had donuts for breakfast but I can’t remember for certain since there are no pictures to prove it.  Knowing us – and Jacob – I’m, like, 99.9% sure that’s what went down, though.  ;o)

We browsed some of the exhibits first, and then we headed down to the children’s area of the museum.  They have plenty of stuff to do down there so that kept us busy all morning.  He even made some artwork and hung it up!

For lunch, he requested Jason’s Deli, so the three of us headed there next.  After lunch, we went to the movie theater to take him to his very first movie at the theater EVER!  We saw Planes, Fire and Rescue and he was enamored for the entire thing.  I was worried he’d get restless, but nope, he just sat in his little booster seat between Brian and me, ate his candy, and watched every single second. 

Birthday-ing is hard work, so naturally, he passed out in the car afterward.  We headed to pick Olivia up from school next, and then we headed home for our annual chalkboard picture, dinner, leftover cake, and then bedtime. 

We love celebrating our Boo!   


  1. Oh my goodness - tiny Jacob and baby Olivia are too sweet! Your bakery does the best looking cakes - they always are just so neat!

  2. The cuteness! I love how Jacob looks exactly the same, just smaller. Simon's 3rd birthday theme was Mickey Mouse!

  3. I am super impressed with the chalkboard! The handwriting is so neat and it just looks adorable!

  4. I love seeing this glimpse into the past! And I agree with Dara, he still makes the same faces and looks the same at age 8. :)


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