Tuesday, May 7, 2019

What I Ordered From Amazon in April 2019

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Just when I thought our Amazon purchases couldn’t get any heavier… they did.  EEKS.  Although, technically, I guess they were lighter for us personally this month because nine of the items we ordered this month weren’t technically for us… they were for the school fundraiser and a couple of birthday parties. 

Anyway, these posts are quickly becoming some of my favorites to write just because I like to look back and see what all we ordered each month, and this link-up is my favorite because I LOVE to see what everyone else buys on Amazon!  There are so many things out there that you never know you need until you see them on someone else’s post!

Here’s what we bought in the month of April…

Spaghetti Strap Button Down A-Line Backless Swing Midi Dress

I received a few Amazon gift cards for my birthday so I treated myself to this dress for our beach trip.  It fits PERFECTLY and it is so flattering!!  It’s only $21.99, too, and it comes in 22 colors and patterns.  I’m 5’5” and 120 lbs. and the small fits perfectly.  I would love it in yellow, too.

Women’s Loose Casual Sleeveless Camisole Tank Top

This tank is another one of my birthday treats and it is perfection.  I love it so much that I wish I could get it in every color.  It’s very well made and the pom poms are very sturdy.  Only $15.99!!!!  Gosh, I love Amazon.

InterDesign Plastic Refrigerator Storage Bins, Set of 3

These bins were my final purchase with my birthday gift cards.  I bought these to organize the medicine in our medicine cabinets.  Prior to this, we had all of it stored in baskets that were not clear, and that made it so hard to find what I was looking for.  These clear bins are awesome because it makes it worlds easier to see what all we have.  We have one bin labeled First Aid, one bin labeled Medicine (for adults), and one bin labeled Kids (which contains all of their medicine and Band-Aids and stuff).  Highly recommend!  And they are even cheaper now than when I purchased them!

Unicorn Dress

I found this dress on Amazon when I was looking around for a few play dresses for Olivia for summer.  It’s only $14.99 and the quality is even better than Old Navy’s dresses that are similar in style.  Olivia LOVES it because – unicorns – but it comes in lots of other fun colors and patterns if your daughter isn’t a unicorn fan.

Rainbow Striped Dress

This is another dress from that same listing and the quality of this one is even better than the unicorn dress.  The fabric is nice and thick and Olivia has worn it twice and it didn’t shrink in the dryer.  WINNING.  And only $14.99.

Native Shoes Milk Pink Bling/Shell White

Natives are our absolute favorite summer shoes for both of the kids, and y’all know I love mine just as much!  Olivia got a good year out of her last pair, but hers were getting too small, so we bought this new pair… this time she wanted glittery ones! 

Amazon Essentials Boys Swim Tee

Jacob still has several swim trunks that fit from last summer, but all of his rash guards were yucky and stained from sunscreen.  I looked all over creation for a plain short-sleeve one to match all of the different swim trunks he has, but I couldn’t find anything anywhere that didn’t have lots of colors or patterns or symbols on it.  Then I realized that Amazon would have something – duh – and sure enough, they have these rash guards for boys in every color of the rainbow, for just $13.00.  I bought a small (6-7) for Jacob and it’s perfect since he’s a little on the small side for his age.  The quality is great and now he can just wear the same rash guard with all of his trunks!  And side note, I’ve purchased many of the Amazon Essentials brand items now, and they are all fantastic!

Rainbow Unicorn Tutu, Headband, and Bracelets Set

Olivia’s friend at school had a unicorn birthday party, so we bought this cute dress-up set for her gift.  It was so dang cute and so well-made that I bought another one to put in Olivia’s Easter basket.  It’s only $14.99 and they have different colors to choose from.  It’s the perfect gift for a class birthday party… the price is right but you get lots of bang for your buck!

Lego Chain Reactions

One of Jacob’s friends had a birthday party last month, too, and we bought this Lego set for him.  Again, the price is perfect for a birthday party gift, but you get lots of bang for your buck.  Jacob has something similar to this set and he plays with it all the time.  There are so many different things you can make from this one little set.

Think Tank Scholar 173-Set Multiplication Flash Cards

Jacob’s class started doing multiplication after Christmas Break this year (in second grade… I didn’t start multiplication until third grade!) and they have been having timed tests every Tuesday to see how many they know.  They aren’t getting into it in great detail yet, but I want him to be prepared for 3rd grade when they do, so I bought this set for us to use this summer.  When I started looking for multiplication flash card sets the reviews for most sets were terrible, because all of the sets were incomplete.  I came across this set from Think Tank Scholar and it is a COMPLETE set of all multiplication facts 0-12.  They’re also color-coded, and the box has tabs for “Don’t Know Yet,” “Sort of Know,” and “Mastered” so that will make it easy to keep track of his progress.  They are more expensive than some of the other decks, but that’s because they’re COMPLETE unlike the other sets.  We’re going to study these all summer long so he’ll start 3rd grade off on a great foot!

Plush Robe

The next several items were all purchased for the Pamper Yourself basket that I had to organize for the second grade class for the school fundraiser this past weekend.  I had hoped to have enough money to buy one of the Barefoot Dreams robes from Nordstrom, but since they’re so expensive we decided to allot that money elsewhere.  I set out to find something comparable for a cheaper price, and I ended up getting this one from Amazon for only $24.99.  Y’all, IT FEELS AMAAAAZING.  I cannot believe how nice it is!  If you’re looking for a luxurious robe that’s also affordable, I cannot recommend this one enough!

Silk Pillowcase

Silk pillowcases are awesome for protecting your hair and facial skin while you sleep, and I was able to find this one on Amazon. 

Bath Bombs

This pack of six was packaged so neatly and cute and the scents sound so good!

Jade Roller

These jade rollers are all the rage right now because they are said to increase circulation, smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, and reduce puffiness and inflammation in the face.  This one was so nice and it was packaged very cute so it would make a great gift!  I loved this so much I added it to my wish list!

Treat Yoself Mug

I wanted to get a couple of cute little novelty items for the basket to make it attractive to bidders, so I found this mug on Amazon and it could not be more perfect for our theme!  It’s insulated and it comes in several different colors.

Plush Socks

These socks were another item that was perfect to make the basket look super cute.  You can never go wrong with fuzzy socks!  I love these so much I added them to my wish list, too!

Mrs. Meyers Lavender Candle

This candle was the final items purchased from Amazon for the Pamper Yourself basket.  I love all of the Mrs. Meyers products because they are cleaner than most of the other chemical-filled products on the market.  This candle is made from soy and vegetable wax and it comes with a nonmetal, lead-free wick.  Also, it smells like heaven.

Redken Hot Sets Spray

So many people have raved about this spray and I’m loving it, too, so far!  I have super fine, silky hair, so that makes it very hard for it to hold a curl or any kind of other styling.  This spray adds lots of texture to my hair so it holds styles like crazy now!  Worth every single penny!  The reviews don’t lie.

Wet & Wild Megaliner

My all-time favorite eye liner is this Wet & Wild Megaliner.  I’ve tried oodles of other eyeliners of all different brands, and there’s just something about this one that is so much better than the others.  The applicator is easier to use, the lines go on smoothly, and the lines go on perfectly with the first swipe.  I always find with other brands that I have to do at least two coats to make the line as dark as it needs to be.  Well, this Wet & Wild liner is pretty much impossible to find in stores, but Amazon has it!  Of course they do. 

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Pore Cleansing Face and Body Mask

I recently started wearing natural deodorant as one of the ways to cut out chemicals, and I read that it’s super important to detox your underarms before making the switch.  This clay mask helps your body transition easier and you are less likely to go through that “stinky” phase that you can go through when you make the switch.  This clay has over 16,000 reviews on Amazon with 4.5 stars.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything with that many reviews, y’all.  It’s good stuff!

Amber Glass Dropper Bottles

I bought this four-pack of glass dropper bottles for some of my essential oils concoctions.  I made a Glow Serum of Frankincense, Geranium, and Jojoba oil and this is the bottle I’m using to store it.  I’m hoping to ditch all of my other moisturizers and beauty creams for this alone.  Simplifying and cutting out the chemicals.  Awesome!


We give one of these to Maui every single evening as her treat for the day.  She loves them and they help keep her teeth healthy.  If you buy these things at a pet store or even at Walmart they are ridiculously priced, but Amazon has this gigantic box of 78 for just $11.97.  When you buy them in the store you pay that same price for less than half of what you get from Amazon. 


Another item that I ONLY purchase on Amazon is Xyzal... I have to take Xyzal every single day of the year for my allergies, and it’s expensive.  However, when you buy it on Amazon, they are so, so much cheaper than Walmart or Target.  I got these for just $0.31 per pill, whereas at Walmart or Target they can be upwards of $0.38-$0.50 per pill!  That’s a huge difference when you have to take one every day of the year!  Amazon for the win!

That’s it, y’all!

And if you’re new around here and you’re curious to see what else we’ve ordered in past months, here you go!

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. that candle is right up my alley. Also, how cute are those dresses?!

  2. Great finds this month! I love everything you put in the gift basket. I'm putting the Redken spray on my shopping ideas list for Grace. Her hair is really fine. Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases.

  3. I love the rainbow dress for Olivia! You got a lot of really fun stuff this month.

  4. So many good things in this post! I love that hot sets spray, too. I have bought mine at Ulta, but will have to look to see if there is a price difference! That dress is too perfect for summer and the beach! Please share more on the deodorant switch - I have been thinking about doing that but do not want to do that whole detox stage, haha!

  5. I've used the Redken spray and that face mask. (My daughter loves it.) I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad Amazon wasn't a "thing" when my kids were little. LOL The unicorn tu-tu and accessories are precious.

  6. I want that pom pom tank. So cute. I don't think the first dress would work on me but I LOVE it so much!

  7. Wow when you said you bought a lot you really did! When I went to look in our Amazon account we had bought 3 or 4 things...not sure how that happened! haha. Funny you mentioned that roller, I was watching Blackish last night and the main character was using one and I was wondering what it was, now I know! :) I think I might have to get those multiplication cards for my son, he loves learning stuff before he has to...#overachiever Now off to shop some more Amazon, LOL.

  8. Natives are my utmost favorite shoes for my littles! InterDesign are my favorite plastic bins! I have been toying with the idea of getting a jade roller and BAM! you leave a recommendation! Thanks for sharing!

  9. That is quite the Amazon haul! Such fun purchases. I am big fan of the Wet and Wild make-up brand. I use their foundation, concealer (it's so so so similar to shape tape and a fraction of the price) and their eyeliner!

  10. It's the photofocus line that I use!

  11. Love the dress and camisole. I'm saving the robe to my wish list and I've been wanting a jade roller too. Good stuff here!

  12. I am going to have to look into those veggie trays; we buy so many fruits and veggies now with my husband and I sticking to our Weight Watchers plans that I run out of room for it all very quickly those first few days after doing groceries.

    1. Yes, you should check them out! You'd like them! It's nice that they're clear so you can see what's inside!

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