Friday, May 17, 2019

Five on Friday - New Fave Clothing Brand, Banana Kit Kats, Fave Hair Clips, and Natural Deodorant

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Y’all!  One week from now I will be picking up the kids from school for the last time for ELEVEN WHOLE WEEKS!  The excitement over here for summer is palpable.  I’m so ready for no alarm clocks, lazy days out in the sun with a good book, and squeezing and snuggling my babies whenever I want to.

Before I get into this week’s five, I thought I’d discuss some housekeeping stuff here on the blog.  I’ve been doing these Five on Friday posts since the very beginning of my blogging career and I’ve always used them to mention favorite products as well as fun events and special family things that happen during the week.  Well, my Five on Friday posts were getting a bit out of control as of late, and I’ve ended up having Ten on Friday posts and Twelve on Friday posts (LOL) because there’s been so much to discuss, so I’ve decided to change them a little going forward.   

From this point on, I’m going to document all of the family related stuff (events, memories, etc.) in a monthly recap at the end of each month (What’s Up Wednesday) and the Five on Friday posts will just be for sharing favorite products, discussing favorite books or TV shows, funny memes, recapping blog posts from the week, and everything else that’s not related to family stuff.  Some Five on Friday posts might even have themes.  For example, the first one of every month will always be my monthly goals posts. 

This will keep my Friday posts shorter, and it will also help me keep all of our family events/memories in one place so they’re not scattered all over creation.  M’kay?  So let’s get into my five from this week!  Here we go!

O N E – Totally Twinning

Olivia and I are known to wear outfits that match or compliment each other’s, but we’ve never actually gone so far as to wear the exact same things.  Well, I stumbled upon the best brand – Crown & Ivy – at Belk a few weeks ago and I just couldn’t resist their Mommy and me selections.  I picked up this tank for myself as well as the matching dress for Olivia and we are going to be totally twinning at the beach in a couple of weeks.  They even have a dress version for women and a romper set for babies.  Olivia is thrilled to be able to dress just like Mommy and I’m going to keep on doing this as long as she’ll let me. 

The way I’d describe the brand is preppy, beachy... lots of pastels, ruffles, and gingham… a lot of the tops and dresses for women are VERY reminiscent of Lily Pulitzer stuff.  As a matter of fact, this brand looks like J Crew and Lily Pulitzer had a baby.  Haha.  But WAY more affordable!  They have stuff for the whole family and right now the entire brand is 30% off!  Here are a few other cute pieces I found.

Love the ruffled collar on this one.

Green and gingham on this one!

Pom poms on this one!

This one reminds me of Lily.

I wish this one came in my size.

The bows on the back of this one are to die for.

And this outfit for little girls... I DIE!

And finally, they have scalloped shorts in every color and pattern you can think of!  Soooo much cheaper than the ones from J Crew!

I don't think a clothing brand has ever spoken to me more than this one!  I would literally wear every piece they offer!  And for Pete's sake, you HAVE to check out their baby selection.  I need to have another baby just for this!  Haha.

T W O – Banana Kit Kats

Yes, yes you did read that right.  BANANA KIT KATS.  Y’all they are so gooood!  B got them for me for my birthday this year, but get this – he had to order them on eBay and they had to ship from Japan because they don’t sell them here in the states.  They do have them here on Amazon, but they're $19.99 per bag.  Haha.  They were worth every penny that he had to pay for them, though.  If you ever get a chance to try them, DO IT.  And if you ever see them here in the U.S. buy twenty bags and ship them to me, please.  I literally ate my whole bag in a week or two.  Haha. 

T H R E E – Hair Clips

Olivia has worn bows and headbands since the day she was born, but the older she gets, the less interested she is in bows.  Well, she has my side part which means that her hair hangs down in her face on the left side if she doesn’t pull it back, so we still pull it back every day for school.  Since she hasn’t been digging bows quite as much, we bought some of these Ryan and Wren hair clips for her to use, and we love them so much!  They come in so many fun colors – some glitter and some leather – and they are so well-made and beautiful.  They make the perfect gift, too!

F O U R – Natural Deoderant and a Detox

I have been on a journey to cut out some of the chemicals in our household, and one of the main things that I’ve done is to start using natural deodorant.  I decided to start with Native for Target since they are probably the most well-known, and so far I’m loving it.  I use the Cucumber & Mint scent and it smells SO GOOD and not at all overpowering.  There have been a couple of days where I’ve gotten really sweaty and I’ve had to reapply halfway during the day, but overall, it’s done a fabulous job of keeping me fresh and clean!  I did do the suggested armpit detox using this bentonite clay to help get me through the transition and it worked like a charm. 

The only thing I’m not digging about the Native deodorant is that it leaves white marks on my dark tops.  So my question is this – are there any brands of natural deodorants that you’ve tried that work and do NOT leave the dreaded white stripes on your clothing?  Hit me up!

F I V E – Weekly Funnies

Here’s your weekly dose of funny!

But seriously, this meme says exactly what every woman who's had a baby was thinking!  Lol.
Any day now...

Why is this so true?!  Haha.

Seriously.  May is the new December.
Yep.  Me in one week.

And in case you missed anything this week, check out this post that I did on Wednesday.  This post right here might be one of my best posts yet!  If you're looking to get all of your kids' stuff organized, look no further!  I simplified all of my keepsake organization posts into one big post and it's all you'll ever need to create the perfect keepsake system for your kids! 

Happy Friday, y’all!

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  1. LOVE your Friday five. Super cute outfits and I laughed out loud at a couple of the memes. Schools out for the summer......makes me so happy. Now, I want a banana Kit Kat! Yum! Happy Friday babe!

  2. Those memes are great - especially the weather one. That was me yesterday - 90 degrees outside, 70 in and I was cuddled up under my faux fur blanket! Happy weekend!

  3. Laughing at the meme about the temperature! I'm writing this while sitting under a blanket and it's 71 inside haha!!! Love those cute mommy and me outfits!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  4. Crown and Ivy is my favorite! I LOVE their stuff. They even have boys clothing which all 3 of my boys wear. And I love a good meme. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I tried the deodorant I posted about this week and it seemed to go on clear!

  6. We have a similar meme here in the north about 50 degrees in fall wearing winter coats and hats and 50 degrees in spring everyone breaks out their t-shirts and wind breakers. When we were at Hershey park I bought strawberry Kit Kats (which were pretty yummy!) but I have not found them anywhere since.

    1. Haha. In 50 degrees here we're bundled up in our winter gear. And yum, I haven't seen the strawberry ones but I'll have to look for those, too!

  7. I love Native deodorant, but Primally Pure is also really good and never leaves white streaks. If you are at all sensitive to Baking Soda, definitely get the sensitive version.

  8. Oh southern summers! We dress for two seasons every single day inside and outside. That brand is too cute! Wish my daughter wanted to dress like me.. ever.

  9. I have been wanting to try more natural deodorant, but I feared the transition too. I will check out that clay. Loving the cute matching mommy and me outfits.

  10. I need to get the clay and go back to natural. I was using Kopari, which by the way solves your white mark problem, and loved it. I cheated one day at the gym with "real deodorant" and I basically broke out in hives when I used Kopari again. I love all the crown and ivy stuff, super cute! I would love to try banana kit kat, two of my favorite things! Have a great weekend.

  11. I love Native too, but I to agree I dislike the white residue it sometimes has. Such cute fashion finds!

    1. I've been doing some research and it sounds like Lavanila is a good one to try that doesn't leave white marks! I'll report back once I've tried it!

  12. Those clothes are just precious! I cannot wait for summer!! That "I'll allow it" meme is definitely my style! Have a beautiful weekend!

  13. I think that sounds like a great plan for your Friday Five! Lately I have been doing my usual posts for link ups, but then putting my family stuff in separate posts. I like to be able to look back at my blog post titles and see a family event or celebration, instead of trying to find it in a Friday Faves post. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  14. The ruffle sleeveless shirts from Belk are my FAVORITE! I have had the blue for a while and I just picked up the kelly green!


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