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How and Why I Use Essential Oils and Why I’m a Believer

I know there are many of you who aren’t interested in a blog post about essential oils and I promise not to let them take over this little space of mine on the internet, but since I’ve received numerous requests to do a post to provide more information I figured I might as well!  Today I’m going to elaborate on how I’m using them and I’m going to answer everyone’s number one question – Do they actually work?

I became interested in essential oils a couple of years ago when my all-time favorite blogger started using them and raving about how amazing they were for herself as well as for her family.  I started following along on her journey and I was baffled at how many different things for which she was using them.  I had never known anything about essential oils, so I didn’t realize just how beneficial they could be.

I was still a huge skeptic, though, and I was also turned off by the fact that the company was one of the companies who used the general public to be their salespeople.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against those companies, but they were never companies with whom I ever saw myself getting involved.  Because of that, I dragged my feet for a good two years, not wanting to spend that much money on something that I believed could be a hoax from one of those “salesy” companies. 

My interest was piqued, however, so I continued to follow along with her, and I also did lots of my own research along the way.  By March 2019 I was pretty much dying to try them so I finally decided to jump in and purchase my starter kit from Young Living directly through her group.  I only had to use them a couple of times before I was hooked, and I decided then to start sharing my distributor information so I could share them with others.  Yes, oils are just that darn good. 

Today I’m going to share how we’ve used essential oils so far and why I’m a believer already at just two months in.  But first, why I started using them in the first place…

My Why

My reason for jumping on the essential oils train is two-fold.  First of all, I decided to start using them in place of other items that contain harmful chemicals.  All of us use lotions, creams, makeup products, dry shampoo, dryer sheets, candles, household cleaners, soaps, and hundreds of other products in our home every single day.  Did you know that the majority of those products contain harmful chemicals that can be detrimental to you and your family’s health? 

I had always heard people make statements like this, and I always thought to myself, “Blah blah blah, whatever.”  I always brushed it off and thought that there was no way things could be as bad as they say, but after doing a lot of research these last couple of years, I realized just how bad it was.  Some of the things I read about the chemicals in the products that we use were downright appalling... dryer sheets, I’m looking at you!   Eeks!  Those things are just terrible – there are so many awful things in those that are linked to pancreatic cancer, respiratory issues, nervous system disorders, and so many other horrible things.

Anyway, the more I learned about the products that we use in our household, the more I wanted to “get clean.”  Around 60% of what you put on your skin gets absorbed into your bloodstream, and the thought of all of those chemicals running through my kids’ bodies makes me cringe.  So cutting down on the chemicals in our house was my #1 reason for switching to essential oils.

My second reason for starting to use essential oils was just because they are so darn useful, and they are amazing for things that ail you!  Just these last few years I have had issues with back and pelvic pain, extreme allergies and asthma, reflux, TMJ dysfunction, mild anxiety, stomach issues, and a few other things that I won’t get into because you probably don’t want to hear about them.  When I found out that oils can work wonders for most of the issues that I have experienced, I decided that was worth it to give them a try.

How I Use Essential Oils and Why I’m a Believer

If you’re ever experiencing a problem, there’s likely an oil that will help with that!  These things are so versatile and there is pretty much an oil for every situation.  There are three ways that you can use oils: topically (by applying directly to your skin), aromatically (by diffusing or breathing in straight from the bottle), and internally (you can ingest any of the Young Living oils that are labeled as “Vitality” oils).  Here are a few of the ways I have used mine so far…

And really quickly, a disclaimer.  If you are taking medication for any health issues, please DO NOT STOP.  Also, do speak to your doctor before incorporating EOs into your health plan.  I don’t need any of y’all thinking that these are going to be a miracle cure for all of your serious health issues.  Haha. 

TMJ Dysfuntion

I’ve clinched/grinded my teeth in my sleep for at least 13 years now.  My clinching and grinding over the years has caused long-term, constant painful popping in my jaws, jaw aches, tension headaches, eye strain, and an overall change in my bite so I struggle to be able to “rest” my jaw and mouth muscles.  My dentist created a bite guard for me 13 years ago to protect my teeth from the clinching and grinding, and while that solved the problem for my teeth, it didn’t solve the actual clinching issue, which means that it didn’t help with any of the other issues I was having either. 

Since I clinch in my sleep, there’s no way to consciously stop myself, so there’s not much you can really do about that.  Well, upon receiving my starter kit from Young Living, I immediately searched in our oils Facebook group, and I discovered that there are four different oils in the starter kit alone that can help with relaxation of your jaw while you sleep.  The first night I received them, I applied one drop of Peace and Calming directly to my jaw lines, and I kid you not, that next morning when I woke up I was sleeping with my mouth hanging open!  That hasn’t happened in over a decade, at least.  Pretty much every morning, I wake up with my jaw painfully clinched shut, so to wake up with a relaxed, open mouth felt amazing. 

I have since tried Lavender as well as Valor on my jaws, and all seem to help, but Valor is my favorite so far.  Several people in my oils Facebook group have said that Deep Relief Essential Oil is the absolute best of all to help with jaw clinching and grinding, so it’s on my wish list!  One of the recommendations of this oil even came straight from a dentist!  Isn’t that something!

Essential oils have helped with this issue tremendously.  Because I want to be 100% honest with y’all as I always try to be, I will tell you that the oils haven’t completely solved my problem as I do still occasionally wake up clinching, but I would say the oils work around 80% of the time.  Overall my jaw feels so much more relaxed and way less painful than it did two months ago, so I’ll take that 80% any day!


I’ve mentioned here on the blog many times that I have reflux and asthma that both flair up around the time that my allergies flair up in the spring and fall.  Well, my reflux doesn’t present as the traditional “heartburn” sensation like it does for most people… mine presents as a strangulation feeling, like someone is choking me.  Back in March, I had my first ever esophageal spasm, and it was one of the most horrible things I’ve ever gone through physically.  It was so horrible that I thought I was having a heart attack and I had to be transported to the hospital via ambulance. 

We have since learned that it was an esophageal spasm due to my reflux, and while they won’t kill you, they feel like they will.  I did a lot of research on esophageal spasms after my diagnosis, and the one thing that every article mentioned was that Peppermint Essential Oil can help stop them before they get out of control.  Sure enough, I’ve started having at least five or six more spasms since that first one, and every single time I’ve started to have one, I’ve rubbed one drop of Peppermint Oil straight on my neck and chest, and within 20 minutes the spasm completely subsides.  Every. Single. Time.  This has worked 100% of the time, y’all.  Needless to say, I will literally never go anywhere without Peppermint Oil again.  My starter kit was worth every penny just for this oil alone.

Tummy Issues

I have a really weird stomach and I get random stomachaches along with random nausea (see above) and oils are fantastic for tummy issues.  The very first roller I made when I received my starter kit was my Tummy roller.  It contains 15 drops of Digize (a Young Living blend specifically for stomach issues), five drops of Peppermint (because it’s fantastic for digestion problems) and my Jojoba oil, and I literally just roll it on my stomach when I start to feel a stomachache or nausea coming on.  A couple of Fridays ago we were out running some errands, and I started feeling nauseated and my stomach started hurting.  I used my tummy roller, and 20 minutes later I felt totally back to normal and B and I had Mexican and margs for dinner 30 minutes later.  That would have never happened otherwise.  I have also found that when my reflux starts, rolling my Tummy roller near the top of my stomach helps that subside as well. 


My asthma only flairs during the spring and fall when my allergies act up, and it’s miserable when it does.  Back in March there were several times when I was really struggling to breathe and inhaling Lavender EO straight from the bottle really helped ease my struggles.  Now, asthma is a very serious and scary issue that can result in death, so you better believe I still take my daily asthma medication, but the Lavender EO does seem to help when my medication isn’t 100% effective, which is actually a lot of the time, unfortunately.


My allergies also cause the typical stuffy, runny nose, sore throat, cough, and all that jazz, and I have found that diffusing 5 drops each of Lavender, Peppermint, and Lemon helps ease those symptoms tremendously.  I love that combo so much that I even made a roller of it so I can carry it wherever I go.  I just swipe it on my temples and across my forehead when I’m feeling bad, and let it work its magic.  Some of the science behind this blend – Lavender can aid with inflammation, Peppermint can help loosen congestion, and Lemon can fight bacteria.


I have mild anxiety in certain situations (tornado weather, funerals, public speaking, thrill rides, and being anywhere without a bathroom) and I FREAKING LOVE Valor, Peace and Calming, and Lavender for when I get anxious.  When we were standing in line to board the sky buckets to make the trek up to the top of Stone Mountain back in March, I started feeling suuuuper anxious.  I started breaking out in a cold sweat, my stomach started feeling weak, and I got all fidgety.  I opened my Lavender, dabbed a drop on my neck and wrists, and within one or two minutes my whole body relaxed, I calmed right down, and was able to board the sky bucket with my family and ENJOY the ride to the top. 

All morning I had debated even going to the top at all, but the kids begged me to go and I didn’t want to let them down, so I decided to just do it.  To think that I could have missed out on that special time with my family makes me so sad! 

I learned how to make the famous “Unicorn” Roller from the Facebook group, and I love it so, so much!  10 Drops each of Frankincense, Valor, Orange, and Stress Away, topped with a carrier oil, and you just roll it on to help with anxiety, stress, and any other negative emotion you may be experiencing.  It’s awesome and I never leave home without this roller either!

And if you’re a skeptic like some people I know and think, “It’s all in your head,” well, even if it is, IT’S STILL WORKING!!!! 

But I’m sure there’s more to it than that.  :o)  Science!


I don’t get headaches often, but when I do, they are pretty yucky.  Just last week, I came down with one, so I busted out my “Relief” roller, rolled it on my temples, across my forehead, and down the back of my neck, and within a minute or two I felt relief.  My Relief roller contains Peppermint, and I swear, it’s a miracle oil… it has to be the cooling sensation that it brings.  It feels ah-mazing.

Immune System Support

Ever heard of Thieves from Young Living?  Well, it’s pretty much incredible.  It’s a blend of different oils that are cleansing, purifying, and freshening.  Paired with Frankincense and Lemon, they provide excellent support to your immune system which can prevent you from getting sick as often.  I roll this combination on the bottoms of the kids’ feet and down their spines before bed.  Mine, too!  The flu and strep have taken down several kids in Olivia’s class in the last couple of weeks, and so far she seems to be hanging in there.  Fingers crossed she makes it out of there without getting sick!

Household Cleaner

Thieves is so good that Young Living turned it into a household cleaner as well.  And it’s aaaahmazing.  My starter kit was worth every penny just for this product alone.  I have tossed all of my kitchen cleaners and started cleaning only with Thieves.  You can use it on any surface, and the best part is that it’s safe to use around your kids and pets!  If ingested, you don’t have to call poison control like you would for other household cleaners.  Thieves can be diluted to different levels for different levels of dirt and grime, too.  You can make an all-purpose cleaner, a glass cleaner, and a more potent cleaner for harder cleaning jobs.  So far I’ve used this in the kitchen and on all of our glass surfaces, and I’ll be trying it in all of our bathrooms soon, too!  It’s going to be awesome to have one bottle that cleans literally everything in our house!  And it smells divine, too, by the way… like Christmas! 

Hand Cleanser

Yep, Thieves again!  I told y’all it’s that good!  Thieves is so awesome that Young Living made it into a hand purifier as well.  Traditional hand sanitizers are on the list of things that have some not-so-good ingredients in them, and I’m guilty of making my kids use way too much of it because I’m such a germaphob.  Well, guess what I no longer carry in my purse?  Traditional hand sanitizers!  I’m now a Thieves hand purifier girl instead.   It also doesn’t dry out my hands like the other sanitizers do.

Face Moisturizer

This is my newest endeavor with essential oils, so I can’t discuss the long-term benefits personally yet, but I’ve heard nothing but amazing things from the other girls who use it.  I mixed 15 drops of Frankincense + 5 drops of Geranium in a glass dropper bottle and I topped it off with Jojoba Oil (my carrier oil of choice), and I have been using this in place of my regular moisturizer for the last couple of days.  Geranium is amazing for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles and preventing and zapping zits and Frank is good for maintaining smooth, radiant skin.  All of the girls in my Facebook oils group (that you’ll get to be a part of if you join me!) swear by this.  They have all completely ditched all of their other wrinkle and anti-aging creams and moisturizers for this, and they said it’s all you’ll ever need.  I’ll be sure to let you know how I’m liking it after I’ve been using mine for a little longer!

Air Purifier

We’ve used our fair share of Febreeze to take away stinky smells in the past, but like other household cleaners, it’s full of terrible chemicals that you shouldn’t be breathing.  Diffusing Purification Essential Oil has the exact same effect, but it’s safe and even good for you to breathe!  And it works!  I know firsthand!  I recently cooked a dinner with onions and peppers which usually stinks up our house for a couple of days, but I diffused a few drops of Purification right after dinner, and voila, the smell was gone within an hour or two!  You can put a drop down the garbage disposal when it’s smelling less-than-fresh, or put a drop in a stinky trash can or diaper pail, and it will neutralize the odors and freshen them right up!


I love to diffuse or roll on Peppermint, Grapefruit, Orange, and Lime to give me a burst of energy!  Those combined are truly invigorating and they get me up and going!

Good Sleep

Using essential oils for good sleep is one of the most common ways that EOs are used.  Lavender is amazing for sleep, so I diffuse it in our bedroom right before bedtime.  I do always sleep really well on my own, though, so I don’t have any miracle stories for you, but I will say that on nights when I diffuse Lavender in addition to rubbing Valor on my jaw, I do tend to clinch less.


Essential oils are also great for kids, and my kids surely do love them so far!  Olivia got some ant bites a couple of weeks ago and she asked for Lavender several days in a row because it helped ease the sting and itch.  Lavender, Frankincense and Copaiba are all powerhouses for cleansing and soothing minor skin irritations from bites, burns, and other irritations so we will be using them plenty in the future, I’m sure.

Making the House Smell Good

I’m a candle addict, and unfortunately burning candles is horrible for your health.  The last couple of months I’ve been diffusing oils instead of burning candles and they make the house smell soooo yummy!  The Facebook group that I’m a part of has endless diffuser blends for every season and holiday and there are some truly amazing blends.  To name a few…

Volcano Candle from Anthropologie
Candy Hearts
Fruit Loops
Sugar Plum Fairy
Candy Cane
Junior Mints
Pumpkin Spice
Rootbeer Float

Seriously, there are so many diffuser blends that these ladies have come up with that it would take forever to try them all! 

All of that said, I am going to be honest yet again and say that as of now, I am not totally giving up all of my candles.  Candles are going to be the very hardest chemical-filled item for me to give up, simply because I’ve been burning the same scents in our home for over a decade, and those scents are wrapped up in so many wonderful memories that it will be hard to part with them.  I hope to eventually be able to give up the candles altogether, but until I can figure out how to recreate some of my beloved Bath and Body Works scents (Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, y’all!), I will probably continue to burn candles every once in a while.  I suppose burning one only a couple of times a month sure beats burning one every single day! 

Other Ways to Use Essential Oils That We Are Working Towards

There are so many uses for oils, and my overall goal is to start using them for as much as possible, but like anything else in life, it will be a transition.  Here are some more popular ways to use your oils and other Young Living products:

To stir feelings of happiness
To help you focus while working on a project or help your child focus while studying
To let go of sadness
To ease muscle pain
To clear ear congestion
To regulate hormones (this is high on my list!)
To remove stickers or marker from a surface
To naturally detox your body
To plump lips
To sooth teething gums
To replace your chemical-filled dryer sheets and freshen your laundry
To add flavor to your cooking dishes
To add flavor to your water
To replace your dry shampoo
To replace your beauty products (they have a whole line of makeup!)
To get longer, fuller eyelashes
To replace your body care products
To replace your daily supplements

And there are hundreds of other ways to use them, too, y’all!  The possibilities are endless!

Why I Love Essential Oils and Why I Chose the Young Living Brand

- Young Living has a Seed to Seal guarantee on every single product which means that their oils are 100% Therapeutic Grade and they guarantee the purity and potency of every single oil unlike any other essential oils company.  Did you know other EO companies can claim that their oils are 100% therapeutic grade when they’re actually not?  Yep, crazy. 
- You get access to our oils group on Facebook so you can educate yourself and learn to use your oils to their maximum potential.  You’ll never worry about a bottle going to waste.
- You receive support from the BEST team and all of the tools you need for sharing with others will be provided to you. 
- The income potential is crazy.  Just insane crazy.  There are ladies in our group making 5-6 figures per month.  PER MONTH, y’all.  Let that sink in…
- They have a rewards program that give you money back + lots of free stuff each month.
- They’re clean and safe.
- They’re helping cut out chemicals for our family.
- They smell so dang good.
- They work!
- And all of the other reasons I listed in my “How We Use Essential Oils” section above.

Enough said.

So to answer your most-asked question about whether or not they work, the answer is a resounding YES!  If you’ve been thinking about giving them a try, I urge you to do so.  CLICK HERE for more information on how to enroll and join me.  I would be thrilled to have you!  And just so you know (because this was another question that I was asked a lot), if you do decide to join me, THAT DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU HAVE TO SELL THEM.  I REPEAT, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SELL THE OILS!  You can just use them for yourself and love them and use your access to our Facebook group where you’ll learn anything and everything you ever wanted to know about them!   (And if you don’t want to be a part of our Facebook group and you just want to be left alone, that’s fine, too!  Trust me, I understand.  I’m not here to annoy you.)

When you sign up for your starter kit, you’ll receive everything you need to get started, and I promise there won’t be one oil that will go unused!  There are plenty of uses for every single oil in the kit and you’ll love every single one of them!

And if you ever change your mind and do decide that you want to share your love for oils with others, then you can sell them any time you choose.  The whole program is very laid back which is why I love it so much.  There’s absolutely no stress involved and no commitment to hit a certain number each month. 

Okay, that’s it!  If you’re still on the fence after all of this, and you want to research and ponder for a bit, feel free to follow along with me here on Instagram… you can see how I’m using our oils and how we benefit from them each day! 

Happy Wednesday, y’all!

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  1. Love that you are an oil believer now! It was such a lifesaver when E was a baby and even now I find myself using them daily for all types of things.

  2. So very interesting! I have been interested in essential oils for some time now but have been skeptical to give them a try. I'm not sure why just about every single homeschool mom I know uses them all them time and they're always passing tips along to me...

    1. I was too so I completely understand. I guess it's just something that you have to try to really know for yourself. My brothers are still making so much fun of me but I don't even care because I love them so much!

  3. I remember hearing about essential oils some years ago and being really interested - the cost just set me off and I kind of forgot about them. This post was super informative and interesting - there are a few I could definitely make good use of. Maybe instead of that bench for my kitchen, I will order a starter pack. :)

  4. I always hear such great benefits from using oils. My mom swears by them. I need to check them out more. Thank you for sharing more about them!

  5. I’m with you, totally sold and have reaped the benefits! Great post lovely! xo

  6. It's great that they are working well for you! The problem with my subscription is that I don't have all of those basics yet, I just have what comes in my monthly boxes. I definitely need to figure out an anxiety roll on!

  7. I'm so glad you have found oils to work for you. I have several oils and love diffusing them, I really need to take advantage of the other uses for them.

    1. Yes you should! I've found that I'm using them more for wellness way more than I'm using them to make the house smell nice.

  8. That's so fantastic that the oils are working for you. I think I need to start using them, I hear all good things about them. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I am firm believer in oils as well! I love them for combating Mason's ADHD over using medication. When he was diagnosed Nathan and I agreed that we were not jumping to medication because we didn't feel like it was right for him. We wanted to do everything we could to help him on our own. We read about oils and the wonders they do and the rest is history! Also, we clean everything and I mean everything with our Theives cleaner.

  10. I only use them to make my house smell nice. I definitely need to try that allergy blend!

  11. I was at a talk yesterday and they were discussing the "toxic load" maybe one thing isn't that bad but "all the things" we have in our homes together are. Crazy. I'll be following along!

  12. The way you organize everything makes me want to start using mine again!! I use mine when I need a good night's sleep! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  13. The way you organize everything makes me want to start using mine again!! I use mine when I need a good night's sleep! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  14. Okay, I've always been intrigued by oils but still never convinced enough to try them. You did such a great job explaining and organizing everything on this post that I seriously want to buy some!!!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  15. SO much information! Thank you! I am so glad you found a natural remedy for your spasms.


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