Thursday, May 2, 2019

What I Wore - April 2019

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I still can’t believe that April is over and May is officially here.  The first part of the year used to always drag for me, but now it seems to go just as fast as the rest of the year.  I swear I’m going to blink and we’re going to have kids in college.  Ugh.  I don’t even want to think about that yet.

Anyway, I bumped my outfit post yesterday to do a post about essential oils since I’d been getting so many questions about them, so today is my April What I Wore recap!

As always, I’ve linked as many of the items I could find underneath each picture.  And be sure to pay close attention to Olivia's little bow sandals on April 13... OMG, so precious!!  And only $9.50 right now!  

Also, check out my cardi on April 16!  This is going to be on repeat once the days are chilly again!  

Finally, I had several people ask where my Easter dress was from on April 21, and luckily, I was able to find it online here!  And while I'm at it, the link to Olivia's Easter dress is here.  Tons of people DMed me on IG when they saw it in my stories!

Here we go!

April 1- Adult Native Shoes

April 2 - Boots

April 3 - 

April 4 - Zella Leggings

April 5 - Olivia's Unicorn Dress // Olivia's Saltwater Sandals //  Olivia's Hair Clip

April 6 - Hunter Boots // Olivia's Native Shoes

April 7 - Olivia's Native Shoes

April 8 - Adult Native Shoes

April 9 - 

April 10 - Zella Leggings

April 11 - 

April 12 - 

April 13 - Olivia's Dress // Olivia's Sandals

April 14 - 

April 15 - Leggings

April 16 - Cardigan

April 17 - 

April 17 (evening) - Off White Scalloped Cami

April 18 - Leggings

April 19 - 

April 20 - Zella Leggings // Boots

April 21 - Floral Dress // Gingham Dress // Olivia's Saltwater Sandals

April 21 (evening) - 

April 22 - 

April 23 - 

April 24 - 

April 25 - Leggings

April 26 - Adult Native Shoes

April 27 - Olivia's Unicorn Tee // Olivia's Saltwater Sandals

April 27 (evening) - 

April 28 - Bow Necklace // Jacob's Blazer // Jacob's Tie

April 29 - Leggings

April 30 - 

Happy Thursday, y’all!


  1. I love that watermelon top - looks comfy and the print is so fun!

  2. I like the floral top from April 12 and the striped one from the 17th! Do I see stickers on your arm in one of the pictures?

  3. Like how is it already May? So wild! All of your outfits are great, but I am swooning over that cardigan. It literally goes with everything. So cute!


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