Tuesday, August 6, 2019

What I Ordered from Amazon in July 2019

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Well, we went from one extreme in June of ordering basically nothing from Amazon to the other extreme of ORDERING THE ENTIRE WEBSITE IN JULY.  Hahahaha.  Between Amazon Prime Day, Jacob’s birthday, back-to-school shopping, and Christmas shopping, our Amazon credit card got a serious workout this month.  Settle in friends, it’s going to be a long one!

Gold Sequins Evening Gown

On Amazon Prime Day, several different formal dresses popped up throughout the day as lightning deals, and I decided to go ahead and order a few to try on while they were cheap!  We attend a ball every January, so I figured I’d just go ahead and get a jump start on getting a dress since the next few months leading up to the ball will be busy busy.  This dress is STUNNING on, y’all, and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be the winner.  It’s regularly $52.99, but I got it way cheaper thanks to Prime Day!

Gold Gatsby Dress, Style 1

This one was another ball gown I ordered, and I LOVED it, but it was too long and I just didn’t want to have to deal with having someone alter it.  These are a HUGE steal, though, y’all, at just $27.93!!  And that’s the regular price, not even a lightning deal!  I’m telling you, Amazon continues to impress the heck out of me with their excellent quality and crazy low prices.

Gold Gatsby Dress, Style 2

This gown was another gorgeous choice, and it fit like a glove, but like the other one, it was too long.  Another crazy steal, though, at $27.93 regular price!

Gold Sequins Flapper Dress

This flapper dress is the runner up for my gown, but I’m waiting for a larger size to come in.  I ordered a size small on the first try since that’s my typical size, and while it fit, it was inappropriately tight.  Lol.  I just ordered it in a medium to try, and if it fits, it’s going to be a hard decision whether or not to keep this one or the first one.  This one is $39.98, but again, mine was cheaper since it was a lightning deal.

Black and White Striped Shirt

This top was another Amazon Prime Day deal and, y’all, it is the cutest.  I cannot stress how cute this shirt is!  And it’s thick so the white fabric isn’t the least bit see-through.  Only $18.99 regular price!

Twist Front Tunic

This twist front tunic is one of my favorite tops I own!  I loved my long-sleeve one so much that I bought two of the short sleeved ones when they were on sale for Prime Day.  You can choose from the one-shoulder or two-shoulder and both are so cute on!  Only $16.99 regular price, but I got mine for half of that!  Woop!

Tank Dress

This dress was another lightning deal and it’s so cute on.  I’ll be able to wear this now during the summer and also in the fall and winter with a long cardigan, boots, or booties!  Love this color!  $21.99 regular priced and comes in tons of colors!

Button Down Tank

You guys, this is the cutest top!!  It looks fantastic with jeans or shorts and it’s another piece that can be worn during the summer or paired with a cardi for fall/winter.  Only $17.99 regular priced and comes in tons of colors as well as some patterns, too.  This one was another one that I got super cheap because it was a lightning deal.  Those fashion lightning deals are EVERYTHING.

Button Down Dress

This dress has been in my wish list for probably over a year.  It was another item that went on a lightning deal for Prime Day so I got mine for just $10.  The regular price for it is $16.99 which is still great, but I wish I had bought it in every color of the rainbow while it was cheap.  Y’all.  This dress is DARLING.  The fabric is so soft, it’s thick and sturdy with a slight amount of stretch, it hugs in all of the right places and gives in all of the right places, it’s comfy, and it just looks fabulous on.  It’s going to be adorable with booties/boots in the fall and with a cardi during the winter.  I cannot stress how much I love this dress.  And in true Amazon fashion, it also comes in a ton of colors and patterns… and short-sleeves, too!

Rainbow Dress

I’ve already sung the praises of this dress several times on the blog this month, and all for a good reason – Olivia adores it.  It is just precious!  And only $13.99.  And that price is the regular price!

Little Girl Undies

Olivia has been in desperate need of new undies, and these cuties were on a lightning deal on Prime Day.  I like these so much better than the others that she’s had because they cover her whole hiney and they are thick and sturdy.  I can totally see why they’re so highly rated on Amazon.  Just $11.99 for a 6-pack.

Wet Brush

Sadly, my Wet Brush paddles never went on sale, but I have been desperately needing a new one, so I went ahead and grabbed one this month.  If you’ve never used one, you’re seriously missing out.  I’ll never use a regular hairbrush again.

Diamond Trellis Rug

I’ve also sung the praises of this rug on the blog already as well, and I’m just so stinking happy with my purchase!  It looks fantastic in our living room.  I love it even more than the Target rug I originally had my eye on, and they’re even more affordable on Amazon.  It comes in tons of different shapes and sizes, too… even the uncommon square that is impossible to find.

Off-White Shag Rug

This rug was another purchase that I was really stoked about.  This rug is 7 feet x 10 feet, and I got it for only $35.  $35, y’all!!!!  Granted, it was an Amazon Deal of the Day, but its regular price is only $97.99 which is fantastic for a rug that large.  The quality is great and I have zero complaints.  I’m loving it in our bedroom!

File Storage Boxes

These are the boxes I use for storing all of our kids’ paper keepsakes (you may remember this post?) and they went on a lightning deal as well.  I snagged a 5-pack for dirt cheap and now I’m using them to get Brian’s office organized. 

Carpet Tape

This carpet tape was a necessity for all of the rugs we purchased.  It works great for sticking a rug to carpet!

Jojoba Oil

My love for my oils is stronger than ever these days and I exhausted a whole bottle of jojoba oil already from making all of my rollers.  Starting my second bottle now!

Tumeric Curcumin

I’ve been reading RAVE reviews about taking a daily tumeric supplement as it supposedly benefits the entire body by drastically decreasing inflammation.  Inflammation has always been a huge issue for me and I think it’s been a big part of the cause of all of my medical issues – TMJ, asthma, reflux, SIJ pain that I experienced after childbirth.  In addition to being an excellent anti-inflammatory, it’s also a strong antioxidant, it supports brain function, lowers your risk of heart disease, lowers your risk for cancer, is useful in preventing and treating Alzheimer’s Disease, helps with arthritis, and has incredible benefits against anxiety and depression.  I’ve heard miraculous stories about taking turmeric daily (seriously, just look at the Amazon reviews for this exact product I bought!) so I purchased a bottle for myself.  I have yet to open it and start them, though, because I just read that it can interfere with daily reflux medications, which I do have to take.  I’m going to discuss with my GI doc at my next appointment to make sure it’s safe to proceed and hopefully I’ll be able to.  If you’ve taken a turmeric supplement and have positive or negative things to say about it, will you please let me know??


I have to take Xyzal daily, year-round for my allergies and it’s by far the cheapest on Amazon.  Xyzal is similar to Claritin and Zyrtec, but Xyzal actually works for me whereas Claritin and Zyrtec don’t.

Kid’s First Multivitamin with Omega-3 Gummies

The kids take these daily multivitamins and they were about to run out, so we loaded up on three bottles.  Again, Amazon has them cheaper than anywhere else and the kids love these.  They basically think they’re getting a treat when they have one, and they always look forward to vitamin time.  I love that they have Omega-3 in them, too!

Trident White

I’m like Monica – I will always have gum – (Friends joke!) and Trident White Peppermint is my favorite.  I always buy it in bulk on Amazon, because again, they have it the absolute cheapest.  It’s even cheaper on Amazon than at Sam’s Club!

Voltron Shirt

This Voltron shirt was part of Jacob’s birthday gift.  He loves the show and it's nearly impossible to find t-shirts for it online!

Star Wars LEGO Star Destroyer

This LEGO Star Wars Star Destroyer was another gift for Jacob for his birthday.  He’d been begging for it for months.

LEGO Movie Birthday Card

Did you know Amazon sells greeting cards?  And you can get them for the same price (or cheaper) than you would at the store?  Yep, instead of going to every store in town in search of a specific themed card, you can just search Amazon and have one in your cart in 30 seconds!  Jacob’s birthday theme this year was LEGO Movie, so I turned to Amazon to snag one quickly so I wouldn’t have to waste time going all over town looking for something that specific. 

Thermos Funtainers

Jacob and Olivia both requested to start taking hot food for lunches (mac and cheese, pasta, etc.) and these Thermos Funtainers keep hot foods hot for up to five hours!  We shall see!


Jacob and Olivia don’t like getting their eyes wet in the pool, so I finally remembered to order some goggles for them.  These have excellent reviews and I managed to catch them while they were on a lightning deal!

Baseball Bag

Jacob is starting little league this fall, so we purchased this bag for him to take to practice and games.  It comes in several different colors and it’s surprisingly affordable!

The Perfect Couple

I just finished reading this book that I had checked out from the library and I loved it so much that I decided to add it to my collection so I can read it again and again.  The hard back was on clearance so I got it for 70% off!

Scratch and Sketch Books

I’m already on the hunt for Christmas gifts, and the Scratch and Sketch books were marked down on Amazon this month, so I grabbed one for each child.  Jacob and Olivia love these books and I’m sure they’ll be excited to see that Santa knows this!

Scratch and Sketch Paper

In addition to the books, the 50-pack of Scratch and Sketch paper was a lightning deal on Prime Day, so I bought some of that to keep them entertained this summer.  I’ve even joined in on the action.  It is really cool to write and draw on!

Fashion Plates

These Fashion Plates were a Deal of the Day on Amazon Prime Day so I went ahead and bought them for Olivia for Christmas.  I had these when I was little and I loved them so much!

Well, that about wraps it up!  Holy moly it was a long post!  We do not typically buy this much stuff in one month, but because of Amazon Prime Day we spent more than the norm.  If you’d like to see how we budget for Prime Day every year, check out this post! 

And if you're a Nordstrom fan and couldn't get the items you wanted in the sale, check out this post about Amazon dupes that I found for this year's Nordstrom sale items.

Be sure to shop all of our Amazon favorites here!  

And if you’re new around here and you’re curious to see what else we’ve ordered in past months, check out the posts below!

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I love that long sleeve dress you got! And I can't wait to see what gown you end up with. Both seem like great options!

  2. I love that first formal dress!! I love the necklines of the next two, but the first one is my favorite!!! Love Amazon!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. I have to get better at following lightning deals. There are so many clothing items I'd love to try at a cheaper price! I loved Fashion Plates growing up too. And I ordered one of the thermoses, I hope they work out! I want another one too but I'm waiting for another color price drop!

  4. OH my goodness, I love all your gold dresses! Just beautiful!

  5. I loved your choices for the formals and I especially love that era. I bought the tie knot tunic, too, but I forgot to mention it. It's so comfortable!

  6. I wish I had better luck with finding clothes on Amazon. I ordered a few dresses last week and none of them worked :( Also, I loved the Perfect Couple. I have a hard time reading the same book over again (no matter how good it was). I already know what is going to happen so it doesn't interest me quite as much.

    1. Oh no, that's such a bummer! Half of my wardrobe is from there now! And wasn't it great? And I feel the same way about most books, but there are some that I'll read over and over again!

  7. You got some really great deals! I love those dresses

  8. I obviously don't know what they look like on but I just love that very first dress! They're all pretty. I just wore that off the shoulder twist front T in blue to go hiking this past weekend. They are so super comfy!

    1. That's most likely the one I'll be keeping. It is so elegant. And yes, I just love them, too! They're awesome! I wore mine earlier this week, too!

  9. I took your advice and ordered myself the white and grey rug! I love that I can use our Am Ex points for purchases like these and you are so right- the price was great!

    1. Yay!! I'm so glad you got one! I hope you love yours as much as I love mine!

  10. Those dresses for the ball are gorgeous!

  11. Fashion plates...what a fun childhood memory. I loved those. The formal gowns are beautiful and such a steal. Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  12. So random, but that is my favorite gum, too! lol


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