Friday, August 9, 2019

Five on Friday - Ball Gowns, New Dress, and Plant Clippings

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It’s officially the LAST day of summer break for our kiddos (aside from the weekend, of course) and I’m equal parts excited and equal parts sad… well, maybe 60/40.  ;o)  But seriously, we have made the most of our last week off together and it’s now time for some structure. 

But first some Friday favorites!

O N E – Deciding on a Ball Gown

If you read my What I Purchased from Amazon post earlier this week you may remember I’m trying to decide on a dress for the ball we attend every January.  On Prime Day, Amazon put numerous ball gowns on super sale and I was able to snag them all at great prices (which is why I’m even thinking about a ball gown in the first place) so I thought I’d just try them all on and send back the ones that don’t work. 

I’ve already returned this one and this one because they were both way too long and I didn’t want to have to deal with getting them altered, so that leaves just two dresses:

Now, the top one fits like a glove, looks beautiful on, and is perfectly fitting for the ball we’ll attend, but the bottom one is just SO MUCH FUN and so extra… I feel like I need the swinging tassels, y’all.  The practical choice is most definitely the first one, but a big part of me wants to throw practicality out the window in exchange for something fun.  Seriously, those tassels would look awesome swinging around while I’m dancing.  Hahahaha.

The ball we attend is a fundraiser for the kids’ school.  Some ladies wear long ball gowns and some ladies wear short fancy dresses, so it varies, and really, either would be acceptable for the event.  So now I’m turning to y’all – please place your vote. 

Dress #1 or dress #2?  And be honest!  I want to know if you think #2 isn't as appropriate!

T W O – Amazon Dress I Was Telling Y’all About

I also mentioned this dress in my Amazon purchases post earlier this week and I had a couple of people PM me to see if they could see it on me.  Well, here y’all go!  This is seriously one of my favorite Amazon fashion purchases to date.  The fabric is sturdy and thick (but not too thick) and it has just the right amount of stretch.  It hugs in all the right places and it gives in all the right places and it’s just so flattering. 

At just $16.99 each it’s a steal, and it also comes in lots of other colors and patterns.  I only wish I had bought one or two more while they were just $13.49 each during the lightning deal.

T H R E E – Clipping From My Grandmother’s Plant

Several years ago my grandmother gave me a clipping from a plant that she’s had for 60+ years.  Yep, you read that right… SIXTY+ years.  The plant originally belonged to my great grandmother who lived with my grandparents, and after she passed away, my grandmother continued to care for it.  (And I’ve talked about this before on the blog a couple of times before, but just indulge me for a minute.) 

I’m a self proclaimed “Black Thumb” as I struggle to keep any kind of plant alive, and as expected, my clipping didn’t survive.  My grandmother was kind enough to add some new clippings to my pot a year or so later, and sadly, those didn’t make it either. 

A couple of weeks ago, she took my pot and planted a few more clippings, and I’m crossing all of my fingers and toes that the third time is going to be a charm.  I want so badly to be able to maintain a piece of this thriving 60 year old plant, but it just doesn’t seem to like our house. 

Prior to this, I don’t think it was getting enough sunlight, so the new plant has been added to the end table in our living room that’s right next to the window.  I’ve also been honing my crazy plant lady skills as of late, so I’m hoping this time it’s going to be good!  If it doesn’t work out this time then I give up.  Haha. 

F O U R – Smoothie Time

When I was on maternity leave with Olivia I started making smoothies daily to get extra healthy calories since I was breastfeeding, but since then, I’ve barely made any at all.  When I worked full-time it wasn’t possible since I wasn’t home for lunch, and on the weekends I just never bothered. 

I’ve been at home now for close to two years and it just recently occurred to me that I could be making my beloved smoothies again!  I’ve been having a lot of issues with allergies, asthma, and reflux these last few years so I’m on way more prescription drugs than anyone at my age should be on, and my goal is to try to find as many natural remedies as I can to replace as many drugs as I can. 

I’m a pretty healthy eater, but I do eat processed foods daily, and I started thinking that maybe if I try to cut out some of the processed foods and start eating more whole foods (fruits and veggies) then maybe that will help with my reflux.  They always say, you are what you eat, right?

One of my goals for August is to start eating more whole fruits and veggies (I’m sure I rarely eat the full recommended amount of servings per day), and I thought that smoothies would be a great way to get some of them in.  I’ve already cut way back on processed sugar these last couple of years and if I can do that, I can do anything! 

I started making my green smoothie again this past week and I had forgotten just how delicious and satisfying it is.  It’s easy, it doesn’t call for a bunch of weird ingredients you’ll never find, and it’s packed with fruits, veggies, protein, and super foods.  I’ll share the recipe on the blog as soon as I can get my act together so stay tuned!

F I V E – Clean House = Smooth Back-to-School Transition

Finally, we worked hard all week this week to get the kids’ closets cleaned out, get their rooms organized, and get the rest of the house clean and tidy so we’ll be going back to school next week with a clean and tidy slate. 

Every single surface of Jacob’s room was covered in trinkets and paper and toys and LEGOs (it was BAD) and now everything is clean!

Olivia’s room wasn’t quite as bad as Jacob’s but it wasn’t exactly pristine either.  We tackled hers as well and now everything is where it belongs. 

One less thing to have to worry about next week!  

And now for the funnies of the week… so many funny ones about kids, I just couldn't resist!

Both of our kids' rooms most of the summer... but not anymore thanks to our clean-up earlier this week!

Just kidding, Brian.  I love you.  Hahahaha.

Something pretty much gets crossed off daily from the short list of foods they will actually eat.

Hasn't happened yet, but I'm sure it's coming soon.

Both of them everywhere we go.  Can we all please just walk together instead of both of my arms being yanked off every time we go anywhere?  Haha.

Reason # 1,342,657 why I'm THISCLOSE to Helicopter Parent status.

Wait kids, you forgot the kitchen sink!  

And in case you missed it, here’s what happened on the blog this week…

Well, we're off to meet the teacher day at school and then to find something fun to do for our last day of summer break!  Happy Friday, y’all!

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  1. Hands down, dress #2 but you look amazing in all Gowns. You have a beautiful ball gown figure! That amazing about your grandma’s plant. Soak up this last summer vacay Friday with the kiddos. xo

  2. I vote for dress 2 - that rose gold color is gorgeous on you! I am so glad you tried on that green dress, too. I love it! I used to drink smoothies, but they always seemed like a lot of work in the mornings. Which is silly, given I make other food now, haha. Anyways - enjoy your weekend!!!

  3. Dress 1!!!!! Dustin makes a smoothie every morning and I wish I could just get my act together to make one!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  4. I definitely think dress #2 has the perfect amount of sass! Go for it sister. I'm sure Miss Olivia made a huge first impression in her fave rainbow dress too. I am sooooo needing my smoothies back in my life. I actually bought spinach last week and still haven't made one.

  5. OMG the school supply lists are killing me. I organized the things we got and I somehow didn't realize that Simon needed two boxes of markers and two of colored pencils and I'd only bought 1 each. Ugh. Anyway! I love both dresses but go for the 2nd one if that one speaks to you more! It looks like a fun, flapper type dress! I may add smoothies back into my meals too, they are so yum!

  6. Both dresses are amazing but #2 is just sassy and I love it!

  7. I love dress #1 on you but it sounds like you should be in dress #2 by your comments.

  8. I love dress #2; they're both pretty but dress #2 is so playful too.

    1. I am so surprised most people are saying 2! I honestly thought everyone was going to choose 1! And thanks for your input.

  9. Dress #1 just looks better on you. Dress #2 is okay and a fun choice but I would go with the one that flatters you most...#1!!!

    1. Thank you! I honestly thought most people would choose #1 so I'm surprised that you're in the minority. I'm still on the fence!!

  10. I live both ball gowns but that rose gold one is the best. I love it. And are the buttons functional on the amazon dress?

  11. My vote is for #2! It looks so fun and you'll feel confident wearing it! They're both pretty though!

  12. Replies
    1. Thank you! Girl, I am SHOCKED how many people are saying 2! I thought 1 was going to be a runaway!

  13. What a busy, busy week! I feel like I need to tackle the "change out the clothes" before Autumn goes to school (eek, her first year going to preschool), but it's just so much work! And I know I'm the odd man out, but I love dress #1. ;)


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