Monday, May 24, 2021

Bar Cart Essentials - Everything You Need to Have a Festive and Well-Stocked Bar Cart

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Bar carts are all the rage and have been for several years now.  Our bar cart is one of my most favorite things in our whole house and we have it stocked with all of the practical items we need + a bunch of fun items to make it a very festive focal point in our kitchen.

Today I'm sharing a few favorite items that you can add to yours so you have the most festive, well-stocked bar cart of your own!

1 – Copper Mugs

Copper mugs are essential for the Moscow Mule lover!  They keep drinks ice cold, and they’re a beautiful addition to any bar cart.  Just be sure to purchase mugs that are 100% authentic copper.  Brian and I have had mugs by this brand for years and we’ve used them countless times.  They just keep getting better with age.


2 – Cocktail Recipe Book

While there are plenty of free cocktail recipes online, it’s always fun to keep a recipe book on hand… it’s functional and it can also serve as something cute to display on your cart.  I love this book because it has a compilation of easy recipes accompanied by beautiful pictures for each, and it has a beautiful cover for display.  And if you do decide to display yours, don’t forget to grab a stand!


3 – Wine Opener

For the wine connoisseur, it’s essential to have a good wine opener.  This one is, by far, the easiest one we’ve ever used.  You just clamp the handle around the bottle top, push down on the handle, and pull up on the handle, and the cork magically comes right out.  We’ve had this wine opener for years and no other wine opener beats this one.  Believe me, we’ve tried many.


4 – Champagne Glasses

Mimosas anyone?  These champagne glasses are the most gorgeous champagne glasses I’ve ever seen, and they’re probably my favorite glasses in our entire house.  They’re incredibly tall, and they’re sleek, and they’re just stunning, y’all.  I seriously want to start drinking more champagne just so I can use them more often.  I dare you to hold one and not feel fancy.  Definitely a must for any champagne lover.


5 – Wine Glasses

Good wine glasses are also a must for a well-stocked bar cart, and these are my all-time favorite ones.  Again, these are incredible – they’re from Crate and Barrel just like the champagne glasses – and they’re HUGE.  If you were ever a fan of Scandal, then they probably look familiar as these are the exact ones that Kerry Washington’s character, Olivia Pope, famously used on the show.  I’ve used them for years and they’re my all-time favorite wine glasses… again, I dare you to hold one and not feel like the fanciest person ever.


6 – Wine Preserver

Another important tool for the wine lover is a good wine preserver as it removes the air from open bottles and seals them tightly to keep wine fresh until the next use.  We love this one and have used it for years. 


7 – Bar Cart

Oh hey, if you’re looking for bar cart essentials, then you’re going to need a good bar cart!  There are soooo many options out there, but I absolutely LOVE this one.  It looks great, it rolls around easily, and it’s portable… it even folds flat for easy transport or storage.  At less than $70, it’s also a great deal!


8 – Cute Koozies

We keep loads of koozies on hand at our house to pass out when we have people over… gotta keep those beers cold!  This one is currently my fave.  ;o)


9 – Disco Ball

This is obviously not a necessity, but MAN, is it so fun to have a disco ball laying around… the ultimate in festive!


10 – Cocktail Napkins

I’m a sucker for cute cocktail napkins, and these are perfect to dress up any bar cart for any occasion.  And if you’re looking for napkins for a specific event or holiday, Amazon has loads of them!


11 – Light Up Letter Board

This letter board is the perfect little accessory for your bar cart.  We keep one on ours at all times and I change the words on it frequently quoting song lyrics, movies, other cute little expressions, or it could be used for a sentiment specific to any event you’re hosting.  If you host get-togethers and parties a lot at your house, this would be the perfect little novelty item to add a little bit of fun to your cart.


12 – Cocktail Shaker Set

This set comes with everything you need to make the perfect cocktail – shaker, jigger, strainer, mixing spoon, tongs, and a bottle opener.  Everything is housed in a stylish wooden stand and it would look great on any bar cart.  We have this exact set and we love it.  


13 – Another Koozie

Yes, I know this is redundant, but this koozie was too cute not to share on my graphic.  I mean, summertime is upon us and many of us will be taking trips to the beach… who doesn’t want to do a little day drinkin’?  ;o)


14 – Paper Straws

And last, but not least, some festive paper straws are the perfect way to liven up your bar cart, match any event you’re celebrating, and they’re functional because you’ll be needing them in your cocktails.  I bought these white ones with gold stars for New Year’s Eve, but there are hundreds of different colors and themes on Amazon.


While I didn’t include these in my graphic, I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you to grab a strand of twinkle lights to add to your bar cart, too.  Nothing transforms a whole room like twinkle lights, y’all!

Oh yeah, and don't forget the actual alcohol!!  ;o)  We always keep red wine and beer on hand + the following liquors and mixers:

- Vodka (we love Tito's)

- Tequila

- Triple Sec

- Rum

- Bourbon

- Ginger Beer

- Fresh Limes / Lime Juice (we love Cocktail Artist)

And that’s it!  Happy happy Monday!

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  1. How fun! You know I have been wanting to try some new cocktails, and that easy recipe book sounds like just the thing that is needed!

  2. We're hosting this weekend and I need to fill up our bar cart - especially with some cute napkins! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  3. I like that bar cart. I have a wine table thing that I've been wanting to replace...maybe that cart is a good idea!

  4. You know how much I love my bar cart!! It's so fun to decorate!

  5. I want a bar cart and was just telling Rory that we should look for one. Then I can decorate it for each holiday like you do. Those copper mugs are amazing!!


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