Friday, May 21, 2021

Five on Friday - THE BEST Mop, Salad Tongs, and Personality Types

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Well, WE MADE IT!  Today is officially the last day of school and we are all so dang excited!!  We plan on relaxing aaaallll weekend because we can, and we’re all looking forward to it!  Ready for some favorites?  Let’s go!

O N E – O-Cedar Mop

Okay, you can file this one under things I never thought I’d discuss on the blog… a mop.  Haha.  Y’all, I haaaate doing housework.  Hate it.  Therefore, I’m a huge fan of anything that makes it easier, more convenient, and faster.  Last year, I started seeing so many friends and bloggers mention this spin mop on Instagram, and how amazing it is.  They all got the advice from @gocleanco on Instagram, so I started following that account, too, and they are incredible… they give the best cleaning tips and tricks!

I added the mop to my Amazon wish list last year and then forgot about it as I’ve always used (but never really loved) a Swiffer.  I finally ran out of Swiffer refills a couple of weeks ago and I thought it would be a good time to make the switch to the O-Cedar Spin Mop.

Y’ALL!!!!  This spin mop lives up to every single bit of the hype!  I used the @gocleanco method for mopping – add 1 teaspoon of powdered Tide in HOT water to your mop bucket, dunk the mop to get it good and wet, then spin it 7-10 times until it’s nearly dry.  Then scrub those floors! 

Here are the reasons I love it:

    -       It’s super easy to use.

-       Your hands never have to touch the dirty mop head or water.

-       The mop head is shaped like a triangle which allows it to get in every corner, nook, and cranny.

-       The head swivels all around so you don’t have to put forth much effort while cleaning, and the handle also folds flat so you can very easily mop underneath any low-to-the-ground cabinets or furniture.

-       The head is machine-washable and reusable.  All you have to do is step on it with your foot, pull up on the stick, and it pops right off.  Wash it in the washing machine and then lay it flat to dry.  When you’re ready to re-attach it, just lay it flat on the ground, push the stick to it, and then use your foot to snap the head into place.  SO easy.

-       The powdered Tide makes my real hardwood floors look incredible and it makes the whole house smell like clean laundry. 

-       This is childish, but there’s something very fun and satisfying about spinning the mop.  Lol.

I can’t believe that I’m gushing about a freaking mop, but here we are.  Haha. 

Anyway, you can purchase the set with two extra mop heads here on Amazon, or if you prefer to spend less money and not get the two extra mop heads right away, you can get it a little cheaper here on 

I’m telling y’all, this is seriously one of my favorite purchases ever!!  It is the best!


T W O – Salad Tongs

I mentioned to B recently that I hated our salad tongs, and he surprised me with this new pair.  He does a lot of research before buying anything – including salad tongs LOL – so these are pretty much the best thing ever. 

These can be separated and used two-handed, or they can be attached and used one-handed, and the plastic design at the end is great because the lettuce doesn’t get speared and stuck on the end… that was what was happening with my old metal salad tongs and it was SO annoying. 

When you’re done with them, you just throw them in the dishwasher (which is a must – momma doesn’t handwash anything), and then the best part is – they NEST when you’re not using them so they’re super sleek and easy to store. 

I just love it when a product-designer thinks of everything, and they definitely thought of everything when designing these.  Yes, ma’am! 


T H R E E – Myers-Briggs Personality Type

For years, I’ve seen people discussing their personality types on social media, and I was always curious to know what mine is, but I never took the time to take one of the tests.  I recently had some extra time while Olivia was in dance class, so I took the test and got the following results:

My personality type is the “Advocate” and type INFJ-T.  This means that I’m as follows:

Mind (how we interact with our environment) – 72% introverted / 28% extraverted

Energy (where we direct our mental energy) – 70% intuitive / 30% observant

Nature (how we make decisions and cope with emotions) – 81% feeling / 19% thinking

Tactics (our approach to work, planning, and decision-making) – 94% judging / 6% prospecting

Identity (shows how confident we are in our abilities and decisions) – 78% turbulent / 22% assertive

There was also a little summary provided afterward, and here are a few of the screen shots I took:

All I have to say about all of this is – I FEEL SEEN, Y’ALL.  This could not describe me better.  It even went so far as to mention that my personality types oftentimes find careers in blogging.  Hahahaha.  YES! 

Anybody else think it’s so cool to learn more about yourself and why you are the way that you are?  Now I just need everyone I know and love to take this, too.  It seems it would make communicating with them so much easier!


F O U R – Enneagram

And speaking of learning more about myself, I also delved into the world of enneagrams a couple of years ago, and I find that to be so interesting as well.  I’m getting ready to read The Road Back to You and I can’t wait to learn more about my type. 

I haven’t done a lot of research just yet, but I do know that I’m an enneagram 6, which means that I like security and structure.  A few traits of sixes are as follows:

    -       Organized

-       Detail oriented

-       Reliable

-       Hard-working

-       Responsible

-       Trustworthy

-       Loyal

-       Honest

-       Excellent trouble-shooters

-       Clear communicators

-       Always prepared

A few downsides of sixes are as follows:

    -       Can be anxious

-       Can be defensive in certain situations

-       Can be indecisive

If that doesn’t describe me to a T then I don’t know what does, y’all!  I’ll have to report back after I read the book!  I’ve heard great things about it.

F I V E – Facebook Photo

This popped up in my Facebook memories a few months ago and I keep forgetting to share…

HOW have I been on Facebook for 15 years?!  It is truly mind-blowing.  Also, that picture was taken in Biloxi, MS on one of our quick trips!

Friday Funnies

But not for the next 11 weeks because summa is HERE!

Exactly how I felt about my corporate job right before I left

Me, after these last 10 days.  Lol.

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Happy Friday and happy last day of school (to some of you), y’all! 

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  1. Love the throwback and funnies. And that mop sounds great!

  2. LOVE that mop! Those salad tongs are so neat, too! Very sleek. That personality and enneagram does describe you to a T...makes me wonder what I am! Hope you have the best weekend - the first of a great summer!

  3. I need some new salad tongs! Those are nice! I am a type 6 too and our Myers Briggs is off by one letter - I'm an ISFJ.

  4. I have always wanted one of those mops. One day if I can stop buying all the skincare in the world I can finally get one. Priorities man. Priorities....

  5. I love Close to Classy memes too. I love that mop. I use it quite often when I am not doing the steam mop. I really need salad tongs as mine broke a long time ago and I just use two spoons. Have a great weekend!

  6. I am so curious as to how long I have been on Facebook now...

    1. I just can't believe it's been 15 years for me! Where oh where has the time gone?!

  7. That mop sounds great! I am an Enneagram 2 and it's crazy how well it describes me!

  8. Thanks to you I purchased the mop. Haha! It is wonderful! I'll have to try the tide and hot water next. Thanks a bunch!!

    1. Oh I'm so glad you love it! It is seriously the best and easiest way to mop!


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