Friday, June 24, 2022

Five on Friday - The Perfect Nude Heels, Evening Walks, the Best Arms Workout, and a New Book

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Happy Friiiiday, y’all!  If things go my way, then I’m probably on the way to Atlanta to hit up Ikea while you’re reading this because… they finally have all of the inventory that we need for Jacob’s shelving system for his room!!!! 

They have not been able to keep stock on the items for nearly a couple of years now due to supply chain shortages, and every time I’m alerted that the items are back in stock, we happen to be in a place where we can’t get them – like Disney World and the beach.  And then by the time we get home, they’re sold out again.  I kid you not.  That’s the kind of luck I have.  Ha!

But everything we need finally came back in stock and it has been in stock for a couple of weeks and I’m keeping all of my fingers and toes crossed that this is finally it!  Wish us luck!  And in the meantime, please enjoy some favorites from the week…

O N E – Nude Heels

One thing that’s changed for me these past (almost) five years since I quit my corporate job is my tolerance for heels.  Since I was 16 years old, I’ve worn heels constantly for my various jobs, and I’ve always felt totally comfortable in them… even sky-high stilettos.  Since I (mostly) stopped wearing them five years ago, my tolerance has declined significantly, so I have been struggling to find heels that are comfortable. 

A good pair of nude heels is a closet staple, and it has taken me forever to find the perfect pair, but I did!  I cannot tell you how much I love these!  They’re from Target, so they’re very affordable, but the quality is great.  They have a 2.5 inch block heel, making them tall enough to look sleek, but not so tall that they make me uncomfortable, and the block heel is nice and sturdy… also, trendy right now!  The straps are adjustable and comfortable, and I can wear these for a long time without pain in my feet or toes.

They are true to size, they come in other colors, and they’re only… $24.99, y’all!  Highly, highly recommend!


T W O – Evening Walks

I’ve been a night owl my whole life, never ever a morning person, so it’s probably no surprise that I’d much rather do my daily workouts in the evening instead of the morning.  I realize that this is the opposite of what most people do – pretty much everyone I know does their workouts first thing in the morning to get them done and out of the way – but that’s just not me. 

I despise a morning run or walk but I love an evening run or walk.

That said, I’ve been going on evening runs and walks nearly every evening this whole month, and it’s one of my favorite times of day.  Yes, the heat is almost unbearable in the evening, but if I go at 7:30, the west side of the neighborhood is in the shade, and that shade makes it much more bearable.

Nothing beats lacing up my shoes and running or walking 2-3 miles while I listen to my favorite music and watch the sun set… even when it’s 100 degrees out.  It always clears my head, it makes me feel great, and being able to see the sunset is always the best reward.

Sunsets > sunrises.


T H R E E – Arms Workout

I set a goal for this month to find a good workout for my arms because they are in need of some serious toning.  Two different ladies saw this in my June goals blog post and they both just happened to send me the same arms workout – this one. 

The workout is only seven minutes long and you don’t need any equipment, and y’all, YOU WILL FEEL THE BURN.  It is fantastic! 

I plan to do it every other day indefinitely, and I’m hoping my arms will tone up a bit.  I rarely work them out and I hate weights, so this workout could not be more perfect.  You can do it anywhere, too!


F O U R – Nicholas Sparks New Book

One of my favorite authors has a new book coming out soon!  I’ve read every single book that Nicholas Sparks has written, and I own most of them, too, so I was excited to see that he has a new one releasing this fall.

It’s already available for preorder, and if you order now, you’ll pay the lowest price that it hits between now and the time it comes out.  I always love that Amazon price guarantee!


F I V E – Enneagram Graphic

I always love a good enneagram graphic, and this one by @maddiedoodle__ is spot on! 

I’m an Enneagram 6 (The Loyalist) and these “little joys” for Enneagram Sixes could not be more accurate – I mean, twinkle lights (hello? I’m sitting under the twinkle lights in my office as I type this), Friends on the TV (only my all-time favorite show ever), late nights (did I not just mention this above?), blankets (they are everywhere in my house and I always have one in my lap), dogs (I’m obsessed with mine), donuts (did you read my vacation recap by the numbers?!), fun t-shirts (have you seen my collection of graphic tees?), and chips and guac (I literally just ate some for lunch)…  

It’s like this girl knows me just as well as I know myself.

Even “sad music” hit the nail on the head.  Lol.  I have always been drawn to melancholy music and the vast majority of the songs in my “All-Time Favorites” play list on my phone are sad songs.  Say Goodbye by Dave Matthews Band, I Can’t Make You Love Me by Bonnie Raitt, Against All Odds by Phil Collins, Stay by Sugarland… why oh why are the saddest songs the most beautiful ones?  And as for entire sad albums, nothing beats Taylor Swift’s Folklore album.  Nothing. 

The only items in this graphic that I can’t relate to are baking (I mean it’s okay, but I don’t do it often) Snapchat (I have it but I never use it except to play with filters with the kids once in a blue moon), beanies (hard no unless it’s 30 degrees and I’m outside) and Squishmallows (I’m not 7).  Lol.

Every single other thing on here are things that make me happy.  We do just need to replace “lots of cups” with “lots of mugs” and then we’re gold.  Haha.


Friday Funnies


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Happy Friday, y’all!


  1. Those heels actually look like I could walk in them!

  2. Ok, I am going to try doing that arm workout now, too. It's funny because so many of her moves are part of Jazzercise! Lol! I really like those heels, but the ones you got are out of my size in that color. I have needed to have nude heels and that heel height looks just right! Happy Friday!

    1. Oh that's so funny! I've never done jazzercise but I'm thinking maybe I would like it! Haha. I really do love that arms workout!

  3. Thanks for the arm workout - I'm going to give it a try!

  4. Ohh, this is such a good post! I do the strength workouts on iFit in the summer to really tone my arms, but I love this 7 minute workout too for mornings I sleep in too late and don't have as much time to workout. And, that Ennegram illustration account on IG is SO cute. Def following!



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