Monday, June 13, 2022

Our 2022 30A Summer Beach Trip by the Numbers

We had another wonderful trip to our favorite place, and today I’m recapping the trip by numbers as I always love to do…


8 – Days we were on our trip

7 – Nights we stayed in the condo

7 – Little beach towns we visited while we were there (Panama City, Inlet, Rosemary, Seacrest, Alys, Santa Rosa, Seaside)

13 – Times somebody spotted cows and said “cows” on the way down there and back… there is a LOT of farmland on our drive there.  Haha.

1 – Times we saw cows running through a pasture on the way there… I’ve lived in the south for my entire life, and I even lived across the street from cows growing up, and I have never EVER seen a cow run until this trip.  Hahahaha.

4 – Times somebody spotted horses and said “horses” on the way down there and back.

0 – Times the GPS fell off the windshield… because Brian finally said goodbye and didn’t bring it… no need when we have iPhones and Apple CarPlay!

16 + a pitcher of margs – Adult beverages consumed (So strange because this total is identical to last summer’s total.  And it sounds like a ton, but keep in mind we were there for 8 days and two of us were drinking.  Lol.  #Vacation  Haha.)

23.75 – Donuts consumed (by the last day I just couldn’t finish my last donut, hence the .75.  Lol.  My body couldn’t take any more junk!)

23 – Ice creams consumed (6 of these were consumed in the condo from the pint of ice cream we bought at Publix.  And keep in mind there were four of us eating… this sounds like a ton.  Haha.  B and I skipped dessert a couple of nights, though.)

1 – Time we got takeout for dinner and ate in the condo

7 – Restaurants we ate at on this trip (6 for dinner, 1 for lunch)

5 – Times we ate outside at a restaurant (all for dinner)

2 – Times we ate inside a restaurant (1 for dinner, 1 for lunch)

1 – New restaurant tried on this trip (Cowgirl Kitchen)

5 – Times we made lunch in the condo

23.75 – Hours spent on the beach during the day (this excludes all of the time spent out there in the evening and at night)

13 – Walks taken on the beach

11.65 – Miles walked on the beach

17 – Crabs seen on our walks (the most ever by far!)

3 – Crabs caught in the ocean with our net (another first… we’ve never been able to catch one!)

2 – Fish caught in the ocean with our net (another first… never caught any fish either… they were tiny, by the way)

6 – Bottles of sunscreen that we went through (I think??)

2 – Holes-in-one made during our mini golf outing… both made by yours truly!  ;o)

1,828 – Tickets won at Dave and Busters (that’s almost double the number from last year because we went on half-price day, so the kids were able to play double the amount of games)

5 – Prizes selected with said Dave and Busters tickets

2 – Books I read on the trip (Don’t You Forget About Me and Beach Read)

0 – Times we were asked if the kids are twins (this might be a first… we almost always get asked if the kids are twins)

701 – Pictures taken on the trip with my iPhone

0 – Pictures taken on the trip with my fancy camera

92 – Videos taken on the trip with my iPhone

?? – Miles driven (I never remember to keep track of this… whoops)

?? – Shells found on this trip (still need to count them!!)

Countless – Times Olivia said, “I’m more excited than ANYBODY to be on this trip since I had a broken arm last year and couldn’t play in the water!”  Hahahaha.  After the 84th time, Jacob finally said, “Alright, alright, we GET IT.”  Hahahaha.

As always, I’ll be recapping our trip from start to finish, so be sure to stick around!  And if you missed following along with us, you can always relive the whole trip in my “30A ’22 highlight in my Instagram bio. 

Happy Monday, y’all! 


  1. OH that last conversation between the kids mad me laugh. Sounds like a perfect trip. My husband and I have had ice cream (or frozen yogurt) every day of the 4 day trip we've been on... plus we split a slice of cheesecake and some chocolate mousse! After all it is vacation.

    1. Yes! We definitely love to splurge on vacation! I could eat ice cream every single day!

  2. We always get ice cream on vacation too! Sounds like a great trip.

  3. What did y'all think about Cowgirl Kitchen?! We love it! The last time we went we didn't want to deal with the waiting with Harrison so we did takeout for lunch almost every day and carried it back down to the beach--everything I've ever had from there has always been so good!

  4. I used to always get asked if the kids were twins, especially if they were both sitting down. Then they looked like they were the same height. Can't wait to see your trip recap!

  5. EEK! I loved following along on IG and can't wait to read your upcoming recap!!!!

  6. I think you guys should get a house there and then rent it out to us!!

  7. I always take a TON of photos too! I think I took 500+ from our San Diego trip. I need to keep 30A in mind for a future family beach trip! I always keep track of how many alcoholic drinks I have on a trip, which I didn't know anyone else did that! Ha, ha!


  8. What a fun way to record your trip! I'll have to remember that. We live on a farm/ranch, and yes, cattle do run! The cutest thing is to see calves running and leaping!

    1. That is so funny! Here in Georgia there are cows everywhere and I have never seen one run until our trip... can you believe that?! Haha.


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