Monday, August 15, 2022

Currently… August 2022

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It’s time for my quarterly “currently” post!  I always love writing these posts of randomness, and I hope you enjoy reading them!


I’m currently…

Making: All the lists and plans for all the things!  Daily to do lists.  Goals lists for upcoming months.  Editorial calendar plans.  My holiday checklists.  This is the time of year where I focus on getting organized and getting lots of things done after a couple of months of little productivity, and it always feels great to get back into it.  I’ll always be an organized, Type A girl at heart.

Cooking: All of the old standards – chicken and pineapple stir fry, sausage peppers and onions tacos, breakfast for dinner, and many other favorites plus a few new recipes like stuffed shells!

Drinking: Lots and lots of water!  I drink at least 60 oz. of water per day, but I’m trying to aim for 90 oz. now.  And in addition to water, I always have at least one cup (maybe two) of my beloved Harney & Sons Hot Sunset Cinnamon Tea every single day.  Oh, and I do splurge on a glass of wine, a beer, or a cocktail on the weekends.

Eating: All the healthy foods during the week and then splurging a bit on the weekends, as always.  I eat an egg for breakfast every morning, and then for lunch I’ve been eating a salad or avocado toast with lots of fresh veggies and fruits.  I recently found a bagged salad kit that has kale, brussels sprouts, cabbage, pumpkin seeds, and dried cranberries with poppyseed dressing, and it is SO delicious.  It’s low in fat (even the dressing) and it’s packed full of healthy greens, and it’s easy peasy to throw together.  Publix puts them buy one get one free often, so I’ve been loading up when they have them on sale.  I’ve also been going through the pantry and making note of which of our packaged foods contain GMOs and I’m working hard to find healthier substitutes to try to cut as many GMOs from our diets as possible.

Reading: I’ve been next in line at the library for book 2 of The Summer I Turned Pretty series foreverrrr and I keep thinking it should be available any day, so I haven’t started any new books with the hope that I can start that one soon.  So long story short, I’m in between books right now.  Haha.  I am always reading my daily devotional, though!

Wanting: College football season to hurry up and get here!  Only three more weeks, y’all!!

Looking: At all of the fall inspiration, of course!  All of the retailers are rolling out the fall fashion and home décor and I can’t get enough!  My friend, Emily, just told me to check out @macy.blackwell on Instagram, and I’m so glad she did because I can’t get enough.  She is about as festive as they come, and she is already posting fall décor, fall fashion, and festive and easy recipes.  She seems very real and down-to-earth despite the fact that she looks like a super model, and I’m appreciating all the cozy vibes she’s putting out!

Playing: All of the cozy songs because now that the kids have gone back to school, I’m ready for faaaallll!  Steve Tyrell has been a huge favorite lately… he’s the guy that sang the songs in the Father of the Bride movies.  It doesn’t get much cozier than that!

Wasting: I actually can’t think of anything that I’m wasting right now… I’m definitely not wasting time, that’s for sure!  Since the kids have gone back to school, I’ve been going 90 to nothing trying to get loads of stuff done!  I can also tell you another thing that we’re no longer wasting… plastic bags!  I finally bought some reusable shopping bags on Amazon Prime Day, and y’all, I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.  They are seriously the best bags ever, and we no longer have to use 10-15 plastic bags for each of our grocery trips.  These bags are big, crazy sturdy, and they’re made of a material that allows them to be wiped clean.  They also fold up flat, so they don’t take up much room in my car.  I highly, highly recommend these if you’re in need of reusable shopping bags!

Buying: Everything needed for Olivia to start dance this week.  This year, she’s doing ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, and musical theatre, so she needed four different types of shoes plus new tights.  Her leotard from last year still fits for now, so we didn’t have to buy that.  We also bought her a new backpack and lunchbox from Pottery Barn at the last minute.  We weren’t initially planning to get new ones since hers were still in perfect shape (even after four years of use and countless washes), but on the first day of school, we discovered that the binder she has to bring home every day doesn’t fit in there.  Therefore, we just bought a new set from PB, and we opted for the large size this time so she can have more room.  She chose this glittery set, and it should grow with her/last through at least fifth grade, maybe longer!

Sewing: Absolutely nothing per usual.  Jacob does have an injured stuffy, but we’re taking him to Nana for her to fix because if I do it, he’ll probably look even worse after I’m done.  Lol.

Wishing: That the weather would go ahead and cool down a bit and cooperate with my fall state-of-mind.  Lol.  I know it’s only August and that we technically still have another month of summer, and I am also keenly aware that I live in the south so it’ll stay hot long into the fall, but man, I can’t wait for snuggle weather!

Loving: Having more time to myself during the day.  I miss the kiddos terribly, but it is nice being able to run errands without dragging them along, and I do love the peace and quiet that comes with an empty house.  It’s always bittersweet sending them back to school, that’s for sure!   

Hoping: To get a ton of stuff done this month!  After eleven weeks of fun and spontaneity, I’m ready for some serious productivity.  My to-do list is a mile long, and I’ve been loving checking things off this past week while the kids were at school.

Marveling: At how quickly and easily Jacob has adjusted to middle school.  He is my Enneagram 6 child (just like his momma) and he thrives on routine, familiarity, and comfort.  Middle school is hugely different at our school than intermediate school (3rd – 5th grade) and he has had to adjust to changing classes every single period, having a different teacher for almost every subject, having a different group of kids in every single class, not having his friends in many classes at all, going to his locker in between classes every time and remembering to bring the correct materials to each class, eating in a different lunchroom than the one he’s been eating in for the last seven years, etc.  And not only has he adjusted to the changes, he has completely rocked them from day one.  He comes home every single day talking about how much he loves middle school and that makes me so happy as we all know just how tough middle school can be… it was, by far, my least favorite period of my school career.  I’m just so proud of him I could burst, and I hope it stays this way for him.

Needing: For all of the kids’ uniform pieces to hurry up and deliver!  I waited until mid-July to order everything they needed, and unfortunately, due to supply chain issues, it’s taking a ton of time for all of the items with the school crest on them to ship.  The school is aware of the situation, and they told us it wasn’t a problem, but I do hate that Jacob doesn’t have the correct shirt (or his tie!) for their back-to-school Mass next week.

Smelling: Lots of Thieves cleaner and Thieves oil this month as B had Covid and I’ve been sanitizing like a crazy person.  Also, plenty of Lime and Peppermint in the diffuser... it’s so refreshing and energizing which is just perfect for summer!  I have been restraining myself from starting the Cinnamon and Clove, but I’m going to cave soon, I just know it! 

Wearing: My summer uniform of jean shorts (mostly my favorite cutoffs from Target) with some sort of tank or tee.  My favorite tees have definitely been getting some serious use this summer!

Praying: That everyone stays well for all of the fun that we have coming up at the end of this month and the beginning of September… and for the rest of the year, for that matter.  ;o)  Now that the kids are back at school, I’m sure the germs will be flying, and I’m praying nobody gets sick for upcoming events.  On deck – a girls night for me, a Lumineers concert in Atlanta with B (unless we decide to sell our tickets), and the University of Georgia vs. Oregon Chick-Fil-A Kickoff Game in Atlanta with the whole fam the first week of September.  I’m looking forward to that the most!

Noticing: That my allergies have started to get bad again this year.  After three years of allergy shots, I had a couple of years where I barely had any allergy issues at all.  This year, however, I’ve started having lots of issues again, and I’m so bummed about that.  Thankfully, no lung/breathing issues, but man, the ringing and fullness in my ears and random congestion has been driving me nuts!

Knowing: That these next four months are going to fly by!  September through December is my favorite time of year, and it always goes by way too fast.  I’m planning on soaking up as much of it as I can.  Gosh, I’m excited about what’s to come, though!

Thinking: That it’s almost time to pull out the fall décor!  In the past, I’ve always decorated around September 1 or Labor Day weekend, but last year, I put it up the last week of August, and I loved that even more because it was already up and ready for the first weekend of college football.    

Opening: Tons of packages these past few weeks.  All of the kids’ back-to-school stuff had to be ordered online so we’ve had a steady stream of uniform shirts, shorts, skirts, shoes, etc. coming to our door.  Due to supply chain issues, many of the pieces have been shipping separately, so we’ve had an absurd amount of deliveries.

Giggling: At the movie I’m watching as I type this.  Miss Congenality is on Netflix now, and it is one of my favorites of all-time.  Sandra Bullock is PURE GOLD in that movie, and it cracks me up every single time.  I couldn’t even tell you how many times I’ve seen it.  It also holds a special place in my heart because it was one of our big Christmas movies in 2000 when I worked at the movie theater.  Brings back the best memories when I watch it!

And that’s what’s been going on over here lately!  What about y’all?

Happy Monday!


  1. It's the boys last week before back to school so we have to get everything ready and organized. It just seems like it's getting more disorganized instead!

  2. Fall is a great time to get organized! A while back you mentioned a quick arms workout. Could you share that again?

    1. Hey Rachel, here is the arms workout that I love so much!

  3. I am SO ready for college football to begin! And like you, I've always put up my fall after Labor Day, but it would be nice to have it all up for college football kickoff for it to really feel like fall--even though we'll all be dressed in shorts and tanks LOL!

  4. I'm so glad Jacob is loving middle school. It is definitely a huge adjustment!

  5. I need all the food ideas - especially as the weather starts to get cooler! Yay for college football - best time of year!

  6. Our house is ready for college (Go VOLS!) and high school football. Can not wait for the weather to cool down but I know that won't happen for a couple more months. As a farmer, I hope that you have read how beneficial GMO crops are. Also, there is a lot of "false advertising" on food packaging. There are only 10 GMO crops in existence. (just my 2 cents)

    1. Yes, we're praying for a cool-down, too, but I'm sure it won't happen any time soon! Thanks for letting me know... I'll have to read more about it!

  7. Ohhh!!! Can you send me a photo of that delicious salad that Publix has?! I would love to try it. I love easy salads! You can DM me a photo on IG. I appreciate it so much. Aut goes back Wed. and Nathan on Friday and I am looking forward to being productive again too. I have put the blog on the back burner a bit and I'd like to get back with it! Lol! Except, I'd love to forget about reels!


  8. I think I eat that same bag salad. I love it. I often have it for lunches too and sometimes I add an avocado to it. Try it. We are so ready for Fall and college football!


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