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What I Ordered from Amazon in July 2022

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Settle in and grab a cup of tea, y’all, because today’s Amazon post is SUPER-SIZED thanks to Amazon Prime Day that occurred in the month of July.  I had been saving my birthday gift cards for this very purpose, and many of the items on my wish list did, indeed, go on sale, so I got some great stuff for great prices!  In addition to purchasing a few fun things for myself, I also bought a couple of things for our house, a few refills, several gifts for birthday parties, and I started Christmas shopping… oh yes, I did!  Ready to see what I bought?  Here we go!


Hobnail Ceramic Plant Pots (Set of 2)

These hobnail ceramic pots have been on my wish list forever, so when they went on sale on Prime day, I couldn’t grab them fast enough.  They are stunning in person and the pictures don’t do them justice at all.  They are the perfect sizes, they both have drain holes in the bottom, and the quality is excellent.  They came packaged extremely well, so there were no cracks or chips, and both arrived in perfect condition.  I already planted something new in the large one and put it in my office, and I couldn’t love it more. 


Microfiber Towels (Set of 2)

So many people have recommended these beach towels over the years, so this was another item that has been on my wish list for a long time.  They, too, went on sale for Prime Day, so I grabbed two sets – one set of pink and white (for us girls) and one set of blue and white (for the boys).  These towels exceeded my expectations and I now understand the hype!  The towels are huge, they’re super soft, and they dry you off quickly and easily, but they are SUPER thin, so they barely take up any space in your beach bag and in your linen closet.  Oh, and did I mention that they come with loops on the sides so you can hang them on hooks?  We have already used them several times and we couldn’t love them more.  Oh, and they wash and dry like a dream!  No shrinking, no pilling, and they are still ultra soft!


Beckham Luxury Gel Pillows (Set of 2)

This is another item that soooo many people have raved about on social media, and I also have several personal friends who own these and love them… I’ve been told they are the very best pillows ever.  B and I have been using our old pillows for 15+ years, and even though I’ve been asking for pillow recommendations for years, I have yet to purchase something new… until these!  Yep, these pillows were also deeply discounted on Amazon Prime Day (they were almost HALF OFF!!), so I scooped up one set of two to try.  They are so soft, yet supportive, and they stay cooler longer than traditional pillows, but unfortunately, they are too thick for me.  I tried sleeping on it two nights in a row and I just didn’t do well because they were too high.  Brian likes his, though!  I guess I’m truly in the minority because there are 151,000+ reviews on Amazon and they have 4.4 / 5 stars!  I still haven’t decided whether or not to keep trying, but if I decide not to use mine, I’ll give mine to Olivia because she needs new pillows. 


Bag Clips

We’ve been in need of some new bag clips, so I grabbed another pack of these.  I bought this same pack a few years ago and the clips have held up beautifully, so I went back and bought some more of our tried-and-true!


Reusable Shopping Bags

I’ve been wanting to jump on the reusable shopping bag train for a long time.  We’re big on reducing waste and recycling and caring for the environment when we can, and one thing I’ve wanted to do for a long time was to start using reusable shopping bags for grocery shopping and Target shopping.  Each grocery store trip was resulting in us using 10-15 plastic shopping bags, but on my last trip, they were able to get all of my groceries in these four reusable bags plus only two plastic bags.  I’ll be buying one more pack of these eventually, so we can cut our plastic bag use down to zero.

These bags are awesome, though!!  They’re large and they hold a ton of stuff, but they’re super sturdy and even when they were filled to the brim with groceries, they didn’t ever feel like they were going to give out.  They’re made of a material that’s easy to wipe down, but they’re surprisingly thin and don’t take up much room in my car when folded up.  I love this neutral color, but they do come in other colors if you prefer.  This was another item that has been sitting on my wish list for a while, and I waited to purchase in the event that they went on sale for Prime Day… and they did!


Padded Workout Tank

These workout tanks have been on my wish list forever as they’re supposedly excellent dupes for one of the Lululemon workout tanks.  They, too, were deeply discounted on Prime Day, so I grabbed one in white and one in black.  Both of these are excellent quality… they’re thick and soft, and they have built-in padding, so you don’t to wear anything underneath them.  I purchased them in a small and a medium as I wasn’t quite sure which ones would fit best, and I ended up keeping the mediums as I don’t like for my tanks to be too tight.  I love these and I plan to wear them for workouts and possibly even my beloved high-waisted Amazon skirts that I love so much.  My only complaint about these is that they don’t have adjustable straps.  That wasn’t a dealbreaker for me, though. 


Workout Shorts

Brian bought these workout shorts for me as a gift, and they are the absolute best workout shorts I’ve ever owned.  I love them so much that I bought them in two more colors when they went on sale for Prime Day.  They are excellent quality, they wash and dry well, they’re made of quick-dry fabric so they don’t get sweaty, they’re super comfy, the waistband is soft, and they don’t ride up… they are seriously the best workout/running/walking shorts I’ve ever owned.  I would pay full price for them if I had to… that’s how good they are.


Ruffle Smocked Cami

I own this smocked cami in white and I always wear it with my high-waisted Amazon skirts.  I love it so much that I bought one in red and one in black on Prime Day because they went on super duper sale like everything else.  I’m always in need of cute red and black stuff to wear to Georgia games (we dress up for college football here in the south!), and these are perfect to go with my white and black skirt.


High-Waisted Skirt

My love for these skirts runs deep, y’all.  I own them in three colors/patterns.  When I saw this red and black one go on a lightning deal on Prime Day, I grabbed one so I could wear it to Georgia games.  Well, unfortunately, the skirt arrived, and it’s not Georgia red… it’s actually Alabama Crimson.  Sigh.  Since I purchased the skirt with the intent of wearing it to Georgia games, that was a hard no for me, Dawg.  Colors aside, the skirt is fabulous, though!  It’s so comfy, it’s fully lined, it has an adjustable waistband, and it is absolutely darling… aside from the colors, of course!  Haha.  It does come in oodles of other colors and patterns, though!


Black Swimsuit #1

I’ve been wanting a black swimsuit for a while, so I ordered three to try, but unfortunately, all three didn’t work and I returned them all.  This first one was so cute, the quality was great, and I loved the top, but I discovered that high-waisted swimsuit bottoms are just not for me.  For those of you who love high-waisted bottoms, snatch this one up!  It would be a winner for you!!


Black Swimsuit #2

Oh y’all, I LOOOOVED this swimsuit top.  The whole swimsuit was excellent quality, and it was just gorgeous, but again, I do not love a high-waisted bottom on myself.  For those of you who do, I cannot recommend this suit enough!  Seriously the cutest!


Black Swimsuit #3

So, this swimsuit was just okay.  The bottoms were actually perfect as they were not high-waisted, but I didn’t love the top.  I’d hoped that the top would be supportive, but the cups sagged a little on the top… could just be because I’m lacking a bit in that department, though.  Hahahaha.


Scalloped Lace Silicone Apple Watch Bands

Oh my word, y’all, I cannot even tell you just how much I love these scalloped lace Apple Watch bands.  They.  Are.  Stunning.  I am a huge fan of changing out my Apple Watch bands, and I change them frequently, so I was stoked to add these to my collection.  This was another item that went on super sale on Prime Day, so I grabbed this wine/pink/black set, and I loved them so much that I also grabbed the blue/pink/starlight set.  I know I don’t need two pink ones, but unfortunately, there wasn’t another combo that had the blue and the starlight without the pink.

These bands are soooo comfy – they’re made from silicone just like regular Apple Watch bands – but these are even better because they’re breathable since they have so many holes.  Having all of those holes also allows for the most perfect fitting watch band ever, and the lace pattern is just gorgeous.  They are so elegant!



Amazon had excellent book deals on Prime Day, so I did buy several books.  I already own and love the first two books in this trilogy, so I grabbed the third in the series while it was on sale.  I haven’t read it yet, but I’m really looking forward to it as I’ve been waiting to see what happens!


Oona Out of Order

I don’t purchase many books as I typically prefer to check them out at the library, but I had heard such rave reviews about Oona Out of Order by Margarita Montimore that I decided to buy it to add to my library at home.  I just finished the book, and it 100% lived up to my high expectations and then some!  I LOVED this book and I’m so glad I bought it because I’ll definitely want to read it again someday.


Things I Wish I’d Known Before My Child Became a Teenager

We are just two years away from having a teenager in the house (EEEEK!), and this book caught my eye as a recommendation from Amazon.  I love Gary Chapman (he wrote the ever popular The Five Love Languages) and I cannot wait to read his sage advice on raising teenagers.  The book was just released last October, so there aren’t tons of reviews yet, but so far, the book is rated at 4.7 / 5 stars and people are saying it’s a must-read.  I’ll have to report back once I read it!


You Are Always Enough

I’m a huge fan of Emily Ley and I have loved all of her previous books, so it was a no-brainer to buy this children’s book she just released.  I purposely waited for Prime Day so I could get it on sale, and y’all, this book is the absolute sweetest book for all ages and it has a message that every child must hear.  I cannot wait to give it to the kids for Christmas and read it to them.  And FYI, there’s something for everyone in this book… the message is great for older kids (and adults!) as well!


The Care and Keeping of You

We finally had to have “the talk” with one child earlier this year, and we’ll be having to have “the talk” with the other soon enough, and since the second child is a girl, this talk will obviously look very different.  After talking with several moms of girls who have already had to have “the talk” with their girls, they all highly recommended this book (as have numerous other people), so I went ahead and bought it while it was on sale for Prime Day.  The book is for ages 8+ (which is our current age range – sigh) so we’ll be getting started on it soon. 

Book 1 discusses facts, how-to’s, and an introduction to puberty from medical experts on an array of topics (your changing body, bras, periods, pimples, etc.) in an age-appropriate manner for younger girls.  This book has been around for 10 years now, and it currently has 4.8 / 5 stars with almost 24,000 reviews, so I’m choosing to trust this one as an aid to start the convo with Olivia. 


The Care and Keeping of You, Book 2

Since books were deeply discounted on Prime Day, I went ahead and grabbed the second book, too!  The second book is a bit more in-depth for older girls, so Olivia won’t be ready to read this one for a couple of years, but I’m happy to know that we have it ready to go!


Eye Liner

This has been my favorite eye liner for years and it’s always hard to find it in any store.  Amazon to the rescue!!  This formula goes on smoothly, the brush is sleek for easy and precise application, and it stays on and doesn’t run even when I sweat.  And it’s soooo affordable!  Simply the best!



Well, the time has come, and Jacob has officially outgrown the Pottery Barn backpacks that we’ve always used in the past.  *Tear*  He’s heading to middle school next week and he requested a Georgia or Nike backpack (CHECK!) and a lunchbox that’s similar.  We couldn’t find a good Georgia Bulldogs lunchbox or a good Nike one for that matter, so I bought this plain black one from Amazon on Prime Day instead.  It’s the exact same style as the Pottery Barn lunchboxes that he’s used since Pre-K4, but it’s slightly larger, to accommodate even more stuff.  It’s very sturdy and I think it’s going to be a winner!  Hopefully it’ll get him through all of middle school!


Coconut Aminos

My mom started using coconut aminos in lieu of soy sauce for cooking, and I loved the flavor so much that I decided to jump on board, too.  Coconut aminos are a MUCH healthier alternative, and they don’t have all of the gunk in them like soy sauce and other stir fry sauces do.  This particular brand is USDA organic, verified non-GMO (I’ve been trying to cut waaaay back on the amount of products in our house that contain GMOs… they are in everything!!  It is awful!!), gluten free, and Whole 30 approved.  It contains 72% less sodium and ZERO added sugar!!  It tastes amazing and I am so excited to use it in stir fries, marinades, and lots of other stuff!



Maui needed a refill on her nightly Dentastix, and I always buy them from Amazon as they are priced the best!  We love these because they help cut back on the tartar on her teeth and they freshen her breath.  We give one to her every evening, and I like to think of it as her nightly teeth-brushing.  Haha.


Clay Beads

I started making bracelets during the pandemic, and I just bought this pack to add to my supply of beads because it was such a great deal.  The flat heishi clay beads are really hard to find for a good price, and I couldn’t believe the variety that was in this pack for the price!  Olivia has been begging to make bracelets, so I’m hoping we can do that this week some before the kids go back to school.  She wants to make some bracelets to take to friends at school!


Fruit Beads

Y’all, HOW CUTE ARE THESE LITTLE FRUIT BEADS?!  My friend, Jeannine, and I were OBSESSED with fruit in high school… we used to draw them all over our notes to each other (LOL) and I still love to doodle them when I’m drawing with the kids.  When I saw this little pack of fruit beads, I couldn’t NOT get them.  Olivia is going to love these for her friendship bracelets, I’m sure.  But I’ll definitely be snagging one of those watermelons for me first.  ;o)  Watermelons for life, right Jeannine?!  ;o)


Unicorn Eye Mask

Olivia started using an eye mask a couple of months ago and she literally wears it every. single. night.  She has been wanting “an eye mask with eyelashes on it,” so I bought this adorable unicorn mask with eyelashes to put in her stocking at Christmas.  It was on super sale on Prime Day, and it is absolutely adorable in person.  It’s very well-made, it’s super soft, and it has the silky band that goes around your head just like the one that Olivia already has.  She is going to love it, I know!


Video Game Plush

This plush guy is a character from the video game Kirby, and Jacob saw it and loved it.  I originally bought this to give to him for his birthday, but we ended up with too many things, so I saved this one to give to him at Christmas.


Reversible Ghost Plush

In case y’all haven’t noticed yet, our kids loooove small plush characters.  They both collect them, so they always make for great gifts.  These reversible ghost plushes (similar to the kids’ beloved flipping squids) were on sale for Prime Day, so I grabbed two of them to give to the kids for Halloween.  We always do a big festive Halloween dinner, and I typically give them a new Halloween book and a small Halloween Lego set as a little treat, but this year I grabbed these ghosts in lieu of a book, because they’re starting to outgrow board books.  Makes me so sad!!


LCD Writing/Drawing Tablet

These battery-operated writing/drawing tablets were only $8.99 on Prime Day, so I grabbed a blue one for Jacob and a pink one for Olivia for Christmas.  Both of them love to draw, so I thought they’d like these for the car.  They are battery operated, so the kids can draw with the stylus and then erase their creations with the press of a button.  There is a “lock” feature so they can lock the device while drawing… that way, if they accidentally press the button, it won’t erase their creation until they’re ready.  We are giving these to the kids for Christmas, but I tested them out when we first got them because I wanted to make sure they worked and that they were nice enough to keep.  I will say that the devices are very thin and not super high quality, so if you have tiny kids who are rough with their toys, these may not hold up for long.  We decided to keep them for our kids, though, since they’re older.


Lego Puzzle

We love a good puzzle, and we all had fun putting together the Lego minifigure puzzle last winter, so I thought this was another fun option.  This will also be a Christmas gift.


Melissa and Doug Fleece Pillow Making Kit

We bought yet another one of these fleece pillow making kits as a birthday party gift for one of Olivia’s friends.  It is the most precious kit, and it makes for the perfect gift because it’s a craft that gives them something fun to do, and then they can use it for years to come after the pillow has been put together.  The instructions are simple, and the pillows are easy to put together… such an excellent price, too!  It’s my current go-to gift for all of Olivia’s friends!  We’ve purchased it three times just this year!


Board Games

I always buy a few board games on Amazon Prime Day because they drop the prices to almost nothing.  This year, I picked up Trouble and Sorry!, and both were less than $7.  These will be Christmas gifts for the angel tree that we do at church every year. 


Dump Truck

This was a gift for my cousin’s baby who just turned one.  It is the cutest little dump truck that they can roll around, and the balls pop out of the top. 


Plant Saucers

My plant lady collection has been taken to a whole new level this year, and I needed a few extra saucers for the new pots that I’ve collected.  These are excellent because they are made of very hard plastic, and they look much nicer than the traditional cheap plastic ones.  They are also sloped to draw the water away from the drainage hole which can prevent rotting.  I’ll be putting these under my new ceramic hobnail pots that I talked about at the beginning of this post.


And that’s finally it, y’all!  Whew!  Are you still with me?!  Lots of wins this month and only a few items that had to go back.  It was another successful Amazon month overall, and I’ve already gotten a jumpstart on the Christmas shopping!  Woo hoooo!

Happy Monday, y’all!

And if you want to see everything that I ordered in previous months, just check out the posts below!

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  1. Great finds, Lindsay! I'll be adding a few things to my cart - I can't believe "the talk" is's happening over here, too. Oh my, oh my!

    1. Why is parenting so hard and why do they have to grow up so fast?! Waaaahhhh!

  2. Wow, you did amazing! When I saw that Emily Ley children's book I thought of you. I'm glad you got it! The new Gary Chapman sounds interesting. I'm finally almost done with the puzzle I've been doing forever, I love that Lego one! And interesting about the soy sauce alternative!

  3. LOL, we had a supersized Amazon month as well thanks to Prime Day! I love those shorts you picked up and the Drawing Tablet is one of our favorite things! Great deal on them too!

  4. Whew, that was quite an Amazon haul. Yea for Prime Days! We used those American Girl books to discuss "the talk." Such a classic. And that is the lunchbox (or very similar) Jack used all through high school. Thanks for linking up tomorrow.

  5. You always have the best Amazon posts! I always get excited when you do these posts each month. Ohh, I didn't know the third book was out to that series. I just added Rivals to my to-read list! Ohh, I keep seeing those beach towels on other peoples blogs. We could REALLY use some new beach towels, especially since the teens don't want anything 'fancy' for their towels these days! Lol! Autumn loves those LuLu tops for dance. She has 2 of them and they almost broke my bank. I should look at the Amazon ones for her! She's an XS, so I'll have to see if they come in that size.


  6. You did amazing.. and I just added a good 1/2 dozen things to my list! LOL. I didn't buy anything at all on Amazon during Prime Days... but I feel like I have bought a lot in the last week or so.

  7. Holy cow, you are right, you bought a ton. I think even more than me. I love that skirt so much. I have it in two colors. I love Amazon suits too. You got some good ones. I love that Lulu tank dupe. I need to buy one. I probably would size up too. I wish I felt comfortable to wear shorts at the gym, but it is only leggings.

  8. I bought one big kid thing for Christmas so far (a Kozy Kouch) and now I'm in the middle of storing it/hiding it for 6 months lol. But I do have a list ready to buy on Amazon. Checking out that skirt! (not in GA red :)


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