Friday, July 29, 2022

Five on Friday - Favorite NSale Items (Last Weekend to Shop the Sale!)

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I’m not a big Nordstrom Anniversary Sale shopper like so many other bloggers are, hence the reason I haven’t done a post about the sale yet, but I do have a few favorite things that I have bought from the sale over the years that I thought I’d share today as this is the last weekend to shop before prices go back up!

O N E – Caslon T-Shirt

These basic tees are a staple in my closet, and I wear them all year long – with shorts during the summer, and with jeans and a cardigan during the fall and winter.  They’re soft and comfy, the fit is perfect, and they are just the right length.  They come in a variety of different solid colors as well as stripes and other patterns, and the best part is, they are only $11.90 in the sale!!!! 

I have three of these in my closet, and all of them have held up beautifully in the washer and dryer… my oldest one still looks brand new all these years later.  I highly recommend these if you’re looking for a great basic tee… they are probably my most worn tops in my closet! 


T W O – Chantelle Underwear

My favorite undies of all-time ever are also from Nordstrom and they are pricey, so I only buy them once a year while they’re on sale.  The sale price is still a lot, but undies are one of the things that I’ve always been willing to splurge on, because I can’t stand bad ones. 

These are thin and stretchy like a second skin, and they’re seamless so you can wear them with any pants (even leggings) and you don’t see the lines.  They don’t ride up either.  They come in lots of different colors and patterns including various shades of nude, so you can even wear them comfortably under white pants, shorts, and skirts.  They’re the only undies I’ve worn since I discovered them about seven years ago so they are a tried and true favorite!


T H R E E – Zella Leggings

My very favorite leggings ever are these CRZ Yoga Naked Feeling leggings from Amazon, but I do love Zella leggings as well.  I bought these Zella leggings with pockets a couple of years ago and they are wonderful – stretchy, comfy, and one of my favorite things to lounge in at home since they have pockets.  It’s nice to have a place to put my phone when I want to keep it with me.


F O U R – Barefoot Dreams Cardigan

These cardigans have been all the rage for years and years, and it’s easy to see why.  They are the coziest, warmest, softest cardigans, and they’re awesome to wear around the house during the cold months.  They have pockets, too, and we all know how everyone loves a pocket!  These are very pricey, too (even when on sale), but if you wear yours almost every single day during the winter like I do, they are worth the splurge, especially if you buy them during the sale.


F I V E – AB Solution Jeans

I bought a pair of these skinny jeans last year, and they’re my absolute all-time favorite skinny jeans.  They’re mid-rise so they’re not too low, but they’re not too high either… I hate for anything (besides leggings) to cover my belly button.  They are stretchy and soft, and they have built-in panels that mold and hold everything in place, and they make me feel like a million bucks. 

The best part about these is that THEY STAY IN PLACE.  So many skinny jeans ride down as you move around/squat/walk, and I feel like I’m constantly pulling them up, but these stay in place all day long and they don’t stretch out over time like most other jeans do. 

The jeans for the anniversary sale are sold out in most sizes, but this pair is fully stocked in all sizes.  In my opinion, they are worth every single penny… even at full price!


P.S. The bougie sweater that we bought Maui for Christmas last year is also on sale!  It is the snuggliest, softest thing and she loves it so much!  She lived in it last winter.

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Happy Friday, y’all!


  1. Yes to the Barefoot Dreams cardigan! I bought one about 6 or 7 years ago and I wore it every day to a workshop this summer since it was about 60 degrees in my room haha! And the Spice Girls meme--WOW! So true! I also loved listening to the Spice Girls!

  2. Great funnies! And it’s ironic because everything showed are the things I usually buy out of this year I only bought underwear and one pair of boots, lol!

  3. I didn't buy anything but if I did I'd love another Barefoot Dreams sweater.

  4. I tried those knock off Zella leggings that Amazon sells, but the pair I got doesn't have the DEEP pockets that Zella leggings have. I'm not sure if some of them have pockets. But, I love that deep pocket for my phone and some other stuff if I go walking or I want to run out without my bag!! They are SO nice though and a lot cheaper. I think the Chantelle underwear is what I got from Nordstrom... I need to check, but it looks just like them. It is the ONLY underwear I wear! I love them!



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