Wednesday, July 6, 2022

What I Ordered from Amazon in June 2022

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We barely purchased anything from Amazon in May, so it was only natural that June was going to be a heavy month.  I found some great items this month, and I’m so excited to share!  Y’all ready for it?  Let’s go!


Women’s Floral Dress

I’ve been sitting on my Amazon birthday gift cards for a couple of months, and I finally decided to spend some of my money on this dress for our beach trip.  I ordered it an entire week before we were supposed to leave, and it ended up getting lost in the mail.  Amazon sent a notification telling me it was lost and that I needed to go ahead and request my refund, so I did.  When they put the money back in my account, they sent a message saying that the dress could still deliver and that if it did, it wasn’t necessary to return it.

Well, while we were gone, the dress did, indeed, deliver, so, y’all, I ended up getting this dress for FREE!!  Haha. 

Fortunately, I love it, and it’s definitely a keeper!!  The fit is flattering, and it’s nice and cool for summer.  It has adjustable straps so it can be shortened or lengthened to your liking and it’s so comfy!  It is a little on the thin side and it’s not lined, but it’s not see-through at all, thank goodness… not even the white part.  It comes in tons of different colors and sizes, so there are lots of different ones from which to choose!  Truly the perfect little beach/date night/girls night dress!


Yellow Apple Watch Band

I’ve had this yellow Apple Watch band on my wish list for a while, and I finally grabbed it because it’s so bright and cheerful for summer.  It was only $5.95, and the quality is excellent… it’s nearly identical to an Apple band. 


Desk Chair

We finally got my Mama Cass’s old desk painted and ready for Olivia’s bedroom, and she needed a desk chair to go along with it.  The desk is very small, and the opening for a chair is teeny tiny, so we had to find a very small desk chair which was quite a challenge. 

Olivia wanted a desk chair with wheels (like Jacob’s), but most of the bases of those chairs are too big.  We finally found this one and it could not be more perfect!  It fits perfectly in the desk, it’s the perfect size for Olivia, it was easy to put together, and the seat height is adjustable.  The quality is great, too!


Snap Hair Clips

Since Olivia’s hair is very short now, it’s tough to get it in a ponytail.  When we went to the beach, I knew we’d need to be able to get it off of her neck and out of her face somehow, so I bought these snap clips to hold all of the little pieces that can’t get into a rubberband.  Worked like a charm! 

The pack contains 120 of them – 40 different colors and 3 of each color – and they were only $7.99.  The clips are super sturdy, and they’re exactly what we needed. 



I was in need of a lipstick refill, and sadly, the shade I’ve been wearing for years was discontinued.  I found this shade (Pink Wink) that’s similar to the one I used to wear, and I love it.  Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick has been my favorite forever… it doesn’t dry my lips out at all – it’s actually very hydrating – and it’s so dang affordable, too.


Glass Nail File

I keep a nail file in my office, my purse, and my bathroom, and as each one of my old ones is biting the dust, I’m replacing them with these glass nailfiles.  If you haven’t used a glass nail file, then you’re seriously missing out!  They file your nails to perfection with little effort, and since they’re made of glass, they’ll never get dull which means they can be used forever.  I ordered my first one two years ago and it has been the best thing ever… worlds better than a standard nail file!


Fog Proof Goggles

The kids love these goggles… they’ve been using them for a couple of years now.  They are adjustable, they’re fog-proof, they’re sturdy, and they unclip in the back so they’re easy to put on and take off.  Olivia lost hers, so I ordered another set, and since they come in packs of two, now we have an extra pair.  We love these and highly recommend them!


Nose Plugs

Both of our kiddos learned to swim without holding their noses, but they still both prefer to hold their noses when they’re doing cannon balls and flips and stuff.  I was always the same way when I was little, so I had a nose plug and I loved it.  I ordered this set of nose plugs for the kids, and they have been using them nonstop.  They love them.

I tried one on and they are tight – much tighter than my old one – but the kids don’t seem to mind.  My only complaint is that they don’t float, so if you drop one, it’s going straight to the bottom.  I taught the kids to wear it like a ring around their finger while they’re not wearing them on their noses, though, and that has worked like a charm ever since. 

Also, do note, that when you order this, you are going to get FOURTEEN in one box.  I thought I was ordering one single nose plug as the cost was only $4.99 when I ordered it.  So I ordered two boxes, and I now have 28 nose plugs.  Lol.  Now we have them for all of our friends, too!  Hahahaha.


Kirby and the Forgotten Land

I ordered this game for Nintendo Switch for Father’s Day for Brian.  It’s rated for everyone 10+ so the kids are able to play it, too.  As a matter of fact, both of our kids have completely abandoned Minecraft since we got it, and they’re both way ahead of Brian in the game now.  Lol.  They LOVE it.


Melissa & Doug No Sew Throw Pillow Craft Kit

I ordered another one of these no sew throw pillow craft kits for a birthday party that Olivia attended.  They are easy to put together and the quality is great, and it’s such a fun activity for any kid who loves crafty projects.  At just $11.99, it’s a substantial gift at a fantastic price!


Minecraft Lego Set

I ordered this Minecraft Lego set for a birthday gift because you can’t go wrong with Lego!  Jacob saw it sitting on the counter and now he wants one, too.  Haha.


Lego Creator 3-in-1

I ordered this Lego set for a birthday gift as well.  We LOVE the Lego Creator 3-in-1 sets because you can make three different toys with each set.  You definitely get a lot of bang for your buck!


Flower Garden Building Set

This flower garden building kit was also ordered for a birthday party – man, we had a lot of birthdays last month! – but I returned it because it was soooo cheap looking.  For starters, the box was tiny so either they’re lying about how many pieces are in the box, or the pieces are teeny tiny to the point where they’d be a choking hazard.  Secondly, the words on the box made zero sense as they were all in broken English, and it was just a terrible presentation.  No way would have I have given that as a gift.  Finally, it was $14.98, and I wouldn’t have even paid $5.98 for it so do not waste your money!  I think there are other sets out there that are similar to this one, but they are much better quality.  Definitely do not buy this one.


Bug Bite Thing

Jacob and I are magnets for mosquitoes, and both of us get bites constantly during the summer.  Our bites swell up huge and itch for days and it’s just misery.  I saw this Bug Bite Thing on Shark Tank a while back, and I finally decided to buy one last month after Jacob got eaten up one evening.  Since we bought it, I have gotten bitten twice, and Y’ALL, THIS THING WORKS!!!!  Color me shocked.  I was very skeptical, but I cannot believe I’m telling y’all that it actually works.

When you get bitten, you take this little contraption and place it over the bite.  You pull up on the handle until you feel the suction, and you can adjust the suction level to your comfort based on how far you pull the handles.  Once the suction is in place, you hold it for 10 seconds and then push the handles back down.  Repeat this one more time on the same bite.  Voila.  No itching.  No swelling.  And the bug bite disappears within hours.

The suction literally pulls the mosquito’s saliva out of your skin, therefore, preventing your body from reacting to it.  And this thing works with all bug bites – ants, bees, wasps, chiggers, etc.  No chemicals.  No creams.  It’s lightweight and portable.  It’s safe to use on children.  It takes, like, 30 seconds to do the whole process.  The relief is immediate.  And it’s reusable. 

Seriously the best $9.95 I’ve ever spent.


Brita Pitcher Filters

We get all of our Brita pitcher filters on Amazon as they have the best price, and it was time for a refill.  I bought this six-pack, and it’ll probably last us a couple of years at least.


Piano Lesson Book

Jacob started piano lessons a few weeks ago and his teacher asked us to purchase this lesson book.  He’s been using it in his lessons and then he brings it home and uses it to practice on our keyboard.  I know nothing about playing piano other than teaching myself to play Mary Had a Little Lamb, Chopsticks, and Joy to the World by ear when I was little, but I do believe it’s a very user-friendly book because Jacob has picked it up quickly, and he was playing songs from it before he ever even took it to his lesson.


Greeting Cards

I ordered three of these cards, one for each of our friars, before they left our church last week.  The cards are beautiful, the paper is thick, and I love the sentiment outside and inside.  It was perfect for this occasion.  We were so grateful for the time we had with them.


Children’s Claritin

Poor Olivia has gotten my allergy genes, and she’s been having to take Claritin frequently since February when everything started blooming.  We needed a refill, and again, Amazon has the best prices on this, so we typically buy it from there.



Maui gets one of these Dentastix each night before bed as her treat.  They clean her teeth and freshen her breath and she loves them, so we love them, too.  She needed a refill, and you guessed it, Amazon always has the best prices!


Happy Wednesday, y’all!

And if you want to see everything that I ordered in previous months, just check out the posts below!

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  1. That dress is very cute, the birthday gifts look fun (minus the one you returned), and the bug bite thing sounds genius!

  2. This is the flower kit we have and Polly plays with it ALL THE TIME!

  3. I need to get the bug bite thing - ugh not ready for all the mosquitos!! We have the flower garden thing and love it- such a great gift!

  4. I get my goggles from Amazon too. I love that flower dress it is so pretty. I want that bug bite thing. I ordered it, but it didn't come in time for our trip.

  5. My kids used to love one of those Kirby games. So fun!


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