Monday, January 31, 2022

What I Ordered from Amazon in January 2022

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This was another light Amazon ordering month, but the items I did get are great, and I cannot wait to share them with you today!

Artificial Tulips

I purchased a set of these artificial tulips for our kitchen a couple of years ago and they are absolutely amazing.  They look so real – they even feel realistic – and I’ve received so many complements on them.  I’ve been refreshing our dining room and updating some of the décor in there, and I decided that I love my pink tulips in my kitchen so much that I wanted some in the dining room as well. 

For just $16.99, you get 20 stems, and that’s enough to fill one larger vase or two smaller vases.  I still have Amazon gift card money that I got for Christmas, and I thought that was a great way to spend some of it!


Heating and Air Vent Deflectors

I have a little family of plant babies on the chest by the windows in our bedroom, and two of the plants haven’t been doing so well in there lately.  I recently realized that the heating and air vent in our bedroom points right at them, so all winter long, they have a heater blowing on them… probably why they’re not thriving!! 

I bought this set of two heating and air deflectors and they are awesome!  Each deflector has magnets on one of the sides, and all you do is pop it up on your vent and the magnets hold it in place.  Both deflectors are adjustable so they can adjust to fit to the length vent, and since they’re clear plastic, they’re not noticeable at all.

Now the heating and air bounces off of those and shoots out to the rest of the room, and my plant babies don’t have the heat blowing directly on them all winter.  I can’t wait to see how they do now… I’m hoping they thrive!


Trusting God Day by Day: 365 Daily Devotions

I bought this devotional for 2022, and at one month in, I’m absolutely loving it.  Each day starts with a Bible verse, and then there’s a blurb that discusses how the Bible verse relates to everyday life.  Each day ends with a 1-2 sentence summary to reiterate the main takeaway from the passage.  It’s easy to read, the messages are clear, concise, and wonderful, and I’m truly enjoying it.  I typically look for recommendations from friends or bloggers for devotionals/books/etc., but I actually stumbled upon this one on my own.  It has 4.8 / 5 stars and over 8,500 ratings, so I knew it had to be a winner.


Castor Oil Set

By now, you all know how much I love my essential oils… I use them for so many things.  My most recent purchase was this castor oil set, and I’m planning to make a blend to apply to my eyelashes and eyebrows each night to promote hair growth.  The older I get, the thinner my brows and lashes get (especially my brows), and I’m hoping that this blend will help thicken my brows a bit.  Believe it or not, mine used to be quite thick when I was younger.  Now I feel like they’re non-existent.  And they also grow in uneven now… perhaps from too much brow waxing in the early-2000’s?  LOL.  This castor oil will serve as the carrier oil for my blend.  It’s made and bottled right here in the United States and it’s certified organic, so I know it’s a product I can trust.  And since it came with the empty eyelash and brow tubes + that tiny funnel, I’ll have a place to store my blend as well as an easy way to apply it.  I’m just going to pop a few drops of cedarwood in there, along with a few drops of lavender, and I’ll be all set!


Child Safe Knives

One of my goals this year is to teach our kids a variety of different life skills, and several of those skills are going to be learned in the kitchen.  First up – chopping fruits and veggies!  I bought this set of three child-safe knives, and y’all, they are the absolute BEST.  I hate a sharp knife and always have, and ever since we bought these, I’ve actually found myself reaching for these rather than our actual kitchen knives.  They’re easy to hold, they cut beautifully, and I don’t have to worry about chopping off one of my fingers when I use them.  Win – win – win.  Both kids have already tested them out, and they both enjoyed chopping, so I’m sure they’ll get lots of use!


Loreal Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation

After years of using the same foundation, I was recently forced to switch to something new because mine is no longer produced, and it’s officially no longer available on any third-party websites either.  I was super bummed when I could no longer find it, but it actually turned out to be a good thing because this Loreal Infallible Pro-Glow foundation is even better than what I was using before!  This one has excellent coverage, but it’s way less sticky than my old foundation, and I’ve found that this one doesn’t settle in my wrinkles and fine lines as much as the other one did.  When using the old one, my face often felt sticky to the touch, and my forehead wrinkles were way more prominent.  This new foundation provides full coverage, but it’s not the least bit sticky or wet, and it actually smoothes my wrinkles instead of accentuating them.  This foundation is also way less expensive than my old foundation, so that makes it even better!


Lego Valentine’s Day Bear

We always get the kids a little something for Valentine’s Day, and we rarely give them candy since they get so much of that from their friends.  When they were little, we always gave them a love-themed book or a little stuffy for Valentine’s Day, but now that they’re getting older, we’ve started getting them a small Lego set instead.  Lego puts out a new Valentine’s Day themed Brickheadz set every year, and this year, it’s this adorable brown bear with a bunch of hearts.  We’ll give them one of these with a card, and that’ll be that!


Wallet Ninja

I bought one of these Wallet Ninjas for Brian’s Christmas stocking in November, and I couldn’t post about it here because he reads the blog every day, so I thought I’d share it today because it would also make a great Valentine’s Day gift! 

The Wallet Ninja is a credit card sized tool that slips right in your wallet.  It serves as a box opener, an eyeglass screwdriver, a letter opener, a nail puller, an inch ruler, a centimeter ruler, a bottle opener, a can opener, and a cell phone stand, a fruit peeler, and it also has six different hex wrenches, and four screwdrivers.

It’s made of stainless steel and it has a lifetime guarantee to never rust, bend or dull.  It comes in numerous colors and designs and it has over 7,000 reviews with 4.6 / 5 stars so you know it’s good.  How awesome is this thing?! 


Happy Monday, y’all!

And if you want to see everything that I ordered in previous months, just check out the posts below!

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  1. So many fun things, the pink tulips are gorgeous!

  2. That wallet ninja is so cool! Such a great gift idea!

  3. Oh wow that wallet ninja is so cool! And you're right, that would make a great Valentine's gift!

    1. It really does everything! And it's the size of a credit card. So neat, right?

  4. We had a tool just like that wallet ninja come with our hiking cooler/backpack and I did think it was neat (other than that it slipped into a pocket on the straps and I kept scraping my arm on it!-- I've moved it and it's all good now). I am going to have to check out those tulips. I LOVE tulips but rarely buy them since the real things never last very long.

    1. That's cool that y'all had a tool like that. I've never seen anything like it! Tulips are some of my favorites, but you're right, they just don't last very long! I've had these around the house for a couple of years now and they look amazing, so I couldn't resist buying one more set!

  5. I'm really interested in the castor oil for lash growth. I currently use a product off of Amazon, but I have a feeling it is just an oil. Does cedarwood promote hair growth? Anyway, I would love to order the tulips, but the link went to some roses instead? Thanks so much for linking up!

  6. I ordered some faux flowers this month too! I also need to get Sophia some kid safe knives!

  7. Wow! That wallet ninja is a neat gadget. It'd almost be nice to keep one in my kitchen junk drawer for odd things! Those safety knives are such a good idea. My daughter is 13 and cut herself on a segregated knife when she decided she wanted to cut a bar of soap in half for her shower. Aghhh! It resulted in 6 stitches and a very long ER visit smack in the middle of Delta. SO not fun! I have a daily bible verse book I have been doing and I love how short and sweet it is... Some days I don't get to my bible study, but I can always get to the daily book!



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