Monday, September 6, 2021

What I Ordered from Amazon in August 2021

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Hello, hello and happy Monday!  It’s Amazon day on the blog today, so I’m sharing all of my purchases in the month of August!

Maxi Dress

I know that summer is winding down and most people are looking for fall clothes now, but, y’all, this dress – the red on pink, the pattern, the shoulder-tie straps – it’s perfection!  I love that I’ll be able to wear this one all spring and summer long + in the fall, too, with a denim jacket. 


Mask Lanyard with Safety Breakaway Clips

Olivia likes to use a lanyard for her mask.  That way, when she takes it off to eat, drink, or play outside, she doesn’t have to worry about losing it or worry about it falling on the ground and picking up germs.  This particular set includes six different colors, so we have extras on hand in case hers ever breaks or if Jacob decides to ever use one.  And each lanyard has a safety breakaway clip so they aren’t a choking hazard. 


Mrs. Meyers Watermelon Foaming Soap

We pretty much only use Mrs. Meyers or Young Living soaps in our house now, and I was so excited to see this watermelon Mrs. Meyers scent.  It smells so fresh and fragrant, and it’s perfect for summertime. 



When a passage speaks to me in my daily devotional, I highlight it, and I was in need of some new highlighters for that purpose.  I love the color selection in this multi-pack. 


Shower Mirror

The kids always have trouble getting all of the shampoo out of their hair, especially on the top near their foreheads, so we bought this fogless shower mirror so they can see where they need to rinse.  It installed very easily in just seconds, and it’s been hanging for two weeks without falling once. 


Origami Paper

Jacob and Olivia love doing origami, and they ran out of paper, so we bought a second pack of this paper to replenish their stock. 


Prize Multipack

Olivia’s teacher has a classroom wish list, and we bought this pack of prizes from Amazon to fulfill one of her wishes.  She has a class treasure box that needed filling, and I thought this pack was super cute since it includes slime, squishies, and slap bracelets… all very popular items with the kiddos right now!


Tea Well Ginger Mint Tea

This Tea Well flavor is my favorite tea to use in a hot toddy, and my supply was getting low.  I haven’t been able to find it locally lately – Walmart, Target, and Publix have all been out – so I bought it on Amazon because, of course, they have everything!  The price has since risen astronomically, so I don’t recommend buying it from Amazon now, but hopefully, the price will go back down soon.  Yeesh!  But anyway, this tea has antioxidant support, immune support, and it aids in digestion and mental vitality.  It tastes delicious and it is the perfect addition to a hot toddy… I use it in lieu of plain water.


Affresh Dishwasher Tablets

Our dishwasher has been leaving a slimy soap residue on the dishes in the top rack for a few months now because it’s not rinsing properly, and several people have recommended trying these dishwasher tablets.  They’re designed to remove mineral and limescale build-up in the dishwasher as it can affect the dishwasher’s performance.  Apparently, it’s common for residue to build up on the sprayers, and in turn, they don’t spray properly, which means that the dishes don’t get rinsed properly.  Hopefully these will solve our problem!  We haven’t used them yet, but I’ll report back when I do.


Trident White Gum

I needed a refill of gum, and I always buy mine on Amazon in bulk because it comes out way cheaper that way.


Smarty Pants Women’s Daily Multi Vitamin

These replaced the old Smarty Pants PHD Formula daily vitamins that I took for a couple of years, and they contain almost all of the same ingredients.  They have Omega-3 for brain health, Zinc for immunity, B12 for energy, and Biotin for hair, skin, and nails plus all of the other standard vitamins like vitamin D, iron, vitamin C, etc, and they also have a fruit and veggie blend of acai, beetroot, kale, and more.  They are non-GMO and they’re free of gelatin, gluten, milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, soy, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, synthetic colors, artificial flavors, and artificial sweeteners.  And they’re vegetarian.  I love that I get all of the things I need without all of the added junk that most other vitamins have, and I love that I can take them on an empty stomach, too!


Science Diet Dog Food

We’ve fed Maui Science Diet dog food since she was a tiny baby and she loves it!  She’s now 11 years old so she takes the “Small Paws” (little dogs) Adult 7+ version and it has all of the support she needs as an old lady.  ;o)  This food is hard to find in stores – they don’t sell it at Walmart, Target, or Publix that we’ve ever seen – and we’ve only ever been able to find it at Petsmart.  Several years ago, we started buying it on Amazon and it’s waaaay less expensive there, so that’s the only place we get it now!


Art T-Shirt

This purchase was part of my dad’s birthday gift.  He’s been an artist his whole life, and he spends most of his days painting in his studio, so I thought this was perfect.  The t-shirt looks good, the quality is nice, and he liked it!


Van Gogh T-Shirt

This was another purchase for my dad’s birthday.  It’s a print of a Van Gogh painting on a t-shirt.  My dad pretty much only wears black t-shirts these days, so I loved this black and white option.


And if you want to see everything that I ordered in previous months, just check out the posts below!

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  1. That is such a cute dress. I love those dishwasher tablets and just used the washing machine ones this weekend.

  2. I like that you ordered that prize pack for school!

  3. That dress is adorable!!! Okay, I want that shower mirror for my kids and I am adding that gum to my cart... I just ran out.

  4. Getting that mirror. My girls have the same problem. I love that dress. So cute!

  5. I think the ginger mint tea goes right along with my anti-nausea products. Thanks for linking up!

  6. Those shirts seem perfect for your dad!! I don't think I have ever had a hot toddy before - you definitely should share your recipe!


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