Friday, September 24, 2021

Five on Friday - The Best Halloween Snacks

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Happy Friday, y’all, and happy happy fall-like weather day to all of my local friends!  It’s supposed to be 75 degrees and sunny today with temps dipping into the mid-50’s tonight and I am so dang excited I can’t wait!  We haven’t seen temps in the 50’s since probably March or early April, so we are all stoked for a serious chill in the air.  We have a fun outdoor activity planned for this weekend, so the cool weather is going to make our adventure even more fun… I may finally get to wear jeans and a long-sleeve top! 

I know it’s still September and all, but we’re already enjoying some fun, festive Halloween snacks and treats in our household, and I thought I’d share them with all of you in case you want to go ahead and prep for October for your kiddos!

O N E – Spooky Shapes Fruit Snacks

Our kids love fruit snacks, and the brand we’ve been buying for years is Market Pantry from Target.  They contain NO artificial flavors and NO synthetic colors like most other fruit snacks do, and they sell them in packs of 44 for just $5.49… you can’t beat that!  This time of year, they put out their Spooky Shapes fruit snacks, and our kiddos adore the skull, ghost, spider, cat, and pumpkin shapes.  I put these in their lunchboxes as lunchtime treats, and they also eat them with some kind of protein bar for a snack in the afternoons sometimes.  These would also be a great alternative to candy to hand out to trick-or-treaters on Halloween!


T W O – Garden Veggie Chips – Ghosts + Bats

Olivia loves Garden Veggie Straws, and this time of year they always put out their Ghosts + Bats chips.  These are perfect for kids’ lunchboxes, class Halloween parties, a festive Halloween dinner, or even a Halloween charcuterie board.  We love these because they’re made with potatoes and other vegetables and they have 30% less fat than traditional chips.  They’re also gluten free, non-GMO and vegan, and they don’t contain artificial flavors and preservatives like some of the traditional potato chips do.


T H R E E – Cap’n Crunch’s Halloween Crunch Cereal

While these aren’t remotely healthy, our kids love the occasional treat of Cap’n Crunch for breakfast, and this Halloween Crunch cereal is their favorite because it contains ghosts that turn your milk green!  I think that’s kind of gross, but they think it’s pretty cool.  Haha.


F O U R – Monster Mash Sprinkles

While these sprinkles aren’t technically something you’d eat on its own, I love keeping them on hand because they’re the perfect thing to throw on pretty much anything to make it festive for Halloween!  You could put these in homemade waffles, pancakes, oatmeal, cookies, and cakes, or sprinkle them over literally anything else to add a fun Halloween touch – eyeballs on top of a sandwich, eyeballs on top of a bowl of fruit, eyeballs in your kids’ mashed potatoes… seriously, the possibilities are endless!  It’s the easiest way to make any dish festive for Halloween!


F I V E – Haunted Mansion Decorating Kit

This is like a gingerbread kit, but for Halloween!  Our kids love making gingerbread houses for Christmas so much that we picked up Halloween haunted house kits last year, and they’re already begging to do them again this year.  These from Target are only $9.99 and they’ll double as a craft for your kids as well as some spooky décor to leave out on the kitchen counter for Halloween… or they could always eat them afterwards, too!


Friday Funnies

Sounds about right.

It's like 2020 didn't even exist.  Lol.


This made me laugh way too hard.


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Happy Friday, y’all!  And happy, happy birthday to my momma!

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  1. Fabulous funnies and what CUTE seasonal snacks. Happy Weekend!

  2. Happy Friday! Enjoy the great weather. What great snacks. My boys would love those gummies and the ghost and bats snacks. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I saw some cookies and cream Hershey's that looked like teeth or something silly like that!

  4. My kids always love the Halloween shaped treats at Target, too! Even Christmas too.

  5. That second to last funny made me laugh out loud.. my kids always seem to get sick of foods just as I start buying it regularly or stock up on it.

    1. YES! Why oh why is that?! I just loaded up on a new snack they're loving and I'm positive they'll both tell me they don't like them anymore. Haha.

  6. We love the house decorating kits. I will be getting those for the girls. Have a great weekend.

  7. Oh those veggie chips look lovely! We have a brand of veggie chips here my kids love but they don't have the little designs. It's always fun seeing how the US gets so into Halloween! :)

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend :) We had a fun day at the playground yesterday.

    Away From The Blue

    1. We do definitely get into Halloween over here! Any excuse to be festive and have fun. I hope y'all have a great weekend!


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