Friday, September 17, 2021

Five on Friday - Best Dishwasher Cleaner, Fall Goodies, and More

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Happy Friday, y’all!  After a busy week, we have nothing on the calendar for this weekend, and I’m looking forward to watching tons of football on Saturday and hopefully spending some time with extended family on Sunday.  As always, I’m sharing a few favorite things to kick off the weekend!  Let’s get started.

O N E – Affresh Dishwasher Tablets

I mentioned these dishwasher cleaning tablets in my Amazon post earlier this month, and I’m happy to report that THEY WORK!!  For the past few months (maybe even a year now?), our dishwasher has been leaving a slimy film on all of the items in the top rack.  After doing some research, I found that it’s likely that our water sprayers weren’t spraying effectively anymore, possibly due to limescale and mineral build-up on the nozzles, which meant that the dish soap wasn’t getting rinsed off properly.

Sure enough, I popped one of these tablets into the empty dishwasher, ran a full cycle (without anything else in there), and then the very next time we washed dishes in there, they came out slime free!!  I also noticed that because the slime wasn’t present, most of the stuff in the top rack had almost dried completely during the cycle as well.  I guess because all of the slimy film from the dish soap was washed away properly, there wasn’t much left on the dishes that needed drying. 

If you’re having similar issues, I highly recommend these!


T W O – Apple Cider Donut Oreos

I saw these apple cider donut Oreos on an endcap and picked them up on a whim at the store.  We always love trying the new flavors, and I definitely couldn’t resist these because we love apple cider donuts so much.  These are delicious, and we all love them!  It’s the perfect fall treat, and they go perfectly with a cup of hot cinnamon tea.


T H R E E – Bogg Bag

I finally got my hands on a Bogg Bag!  I started looking for one back in February for baseball, and they were sold out everywhere, so I started stalking Bogg Bags and all of their licensed small shops on Instagram with the hope of finding one.  I tried and failed multiple times to order one as said little shops received new shipments, and I thought I’d never get my hands on one.  It was seriously impossible.  Websites were constantly crashing and they were selling out within minutes of businesses posting them. 

Early in the summer, I finally managed to snag one from a local shop in Alabama, and the bag was supposed to have shipped at the beginning of August.  Well, their container ended up being delayed, so I had to wait even longer, but this beauty finally just arrived this week, and she was worth the wait!  This one is the large blush Bogg... because what other color would I have gotten?  Haha.   


F O U R – Bennifer 2.0

Y’all!!  Is anyone else enjoying this Ben Affleck / Jennifer Lopez reunion as much as I am?!  I loved them together back in the early 2000’s and I was crushed when they called off their engagement.  Seeing them back together again makes me so happy and so nostalgic!  And oh my goodness, don’t they both just get better with age?!  I mean, two decades have gone by and they both look better than ever.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that things work out for them this time… time for Ben to go find that pink engagement ring again.  ;o)

F I V E – Dave Matthews Band Dream Setlist

I know this last favorite probably doesn’t interest most of you, but I was so excited about it that I wanted to put it here for my own self.  Haha.  As you all know, Dave Matthews Band is my very favorite band of all time, and I’ve seen them in concert 24 times… my blog name was even named after one of their songs… One Sweet World. 

One of the very best things about seeing them in concert is that they never play the same setlist twice.  They are constantly mixing it up and playing old and new stuff + the occasional cover, so the most exciting part of seeing them live is always wondering what they’ll play next.  I follow their whole tour each year and look at their setlists each night just to see what they’ve played… yes, I am that hardcore of a fan. 

They’ve been together for 30 years, so they have a massive collection of songs, so the odds of hearing your very favorites at one particular show are pretty low.  I obviously have my own favorites, a few of which they rarely perform live anymore, so I was shocked to see the other night that they had played MY TOP THREE FAVORITE SONGS EVER (I’ll Back You Up, Say Goodbye, and #41) all in the same setlist. 

Two of those three of those songs are very rare, so for them to play them all at the same show, plus play several other songs that are high on my list (One Sweet World, Stay or Leave, and Grey Street), plus play one of their very rare unreleased songs live (#27), plus do a cover of Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin was basically like seeing a unicorn.  My head practically exploded when I saw the setlist because it is my DREAM setlist. 

Oh, to have been in Irvine, California on September 11, 2021.


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Happy Friday, y’all!

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  1. Love Jo-Lo and Ben back together. You know I’m a fan of those tablets and yes to the new Oreos. Totally getting them! Happy Weekend!

  2. Ohhh, I need to try those tablets. And YES to JLo and Ben being back together - the way they look at each other is the sweetest!

  3. Oh my gosh! Those memes! 😂 That Bogg Bag is perfection. I remember seeing some in Rosemary and still regret not getting one. This bag/color was made for you - soooo cute!!! J-Lo and Ben and Jen and David - what is happening?!? It’s all making sense!

  4. We are having similar issues with our dishwasher... sometimes the stuff comes out slimy, most times the dishes aren’t dry any longer, etc. Totally giving these a try! Thanks for sharing!! And, yes, I am having flashbacks to my younger years seeing Ben & Jen together. 😊

  5. I like the bag. I am not sure what I'd use it for but I like the shape! I love apple cider donuts too. Also - I was at a trivia game when we were in NC and they asked about a song by Hendrix that DMB performs...I didn't know it but now I won't forget it!

  6. We've used those tabs too! They worked great. Those Oreos sound like they are delicious.


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