Monday, September 20, 2021

Fall Home Tour 2021

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Y’all!  It’s one of my favorite posts of the whole year!  There’s not much that makes me happier than a cozy home all decorated for fall… well, except for maybe a cozy house all decorated for Christmas.  ;o)

It’s a little too early for Christmas just yet, though, so today I’m sharing all things pumpkin!  Last year, the kids begged me to put our Halloween decorations out at the beginning of fall (like September 1 – LOL) and I obliged because – 2020.  Well, this year, I decided I wasn’t quite ready for bats and ghosts, and I just wanted to be able to enjoy my pumpkins and fall leaves first, so today I’m going to be sharing our traditional fall home tour, and then I’ll share all of the Halloween touches again sometime in early October after I add those. 

As always, it’s a little too hot here to decorate the front porch with real pumpkins just yet, so I haven’t decorated out there aside from the same fall wreath and fall door mat that we’ve used for the past few years.  Since the porch isn’t done yet, we’re just going to skip that area and head on inside. 

Come on in, y’all!

Last year, you may remember that I spruced up our living room with some new artwork over the mantle, but the artwork screams spring and summer, and I found it really hard to decorate around for fall and for Christmas.  The traditional oranges and reds of fall clashed horribly with the pink and green of the florals in the painting, so I ended up decorating in very neutral tones last year.  While I loved that it was different, I missed my fall leaves and orange pumpkins terribly, and I knew I didn’t want to go that route again this year. 

So, what to do when your everyday artwork isn’t working with your holiday décor?  Well, take it down and hang a more neural piece in its place!  I found this round mirror at Target and knew it would be the perfect piece!  It was easy to hang, and it covers the nails for the other artwork, so we didn’t even have to remove them.  The mirror will hang September through December, and then in January when we put all of our everyday décor back in place, we’ll take down the mirror and hang the floral print again.  The floral print will also cover the nail for the mirror, so we’ll be able to leave both nails up year-round which will make it easy to swap back-and-forth between the two wall hangings!  It couldn’t have worked out more perfectly and y’all know my OCD heart loves it when that happens!

Anyhoo, after all the neutrals last year, I went a little overboard with the fall leaves this year, but I couldn’t love it more!  The new mirror is probably a little too small for that space, but we couldn’t go with a larger size because of the outlet that sticks out just over the mantle, so I just had to make do.  I figured I would just fill in all of that negative space around the mirror to make up for the fact that the mirror is a little on the small side.  To get the look just right, I added loads of fall leaves, and I placed the pumpkins on the sides on little pedestals to change up the height so they could frame the mirror and fill in the negative space around the bottom curves.  I’m still not 100% sold on the mantle décor (mostly because I couldn’t get the leaves to fluff exactly the way I wanted them to), but I am loving all of the fall leaf goodness!

As always, I placed random pumpkins all over the rest of the living room – on the DVD dresser, the entertainment center, and the coffee table – and I’m also loving how the new everyday pillow covers look with the fall décor.  So, so good!

This blanket is a staple in our living room, and I snuggle under it every night while we’re watching TV.  Its home is in this basket, and I just love the way it looks next to our football pumpkin. 

We already have a basket of candy on the coffee table, but I’m sure I’ll have to refill it before Halloween actually arrives.  I’m sure the candy fairy (ahem, Brian) will have most of it polished off well before October 31 arrives.  ;o)

The bar cart doesn’t change much from year-to-year with regard to fall décor, and this year was no exception.  I just added a couple of pumpkins, a bunch of faux fall flowers, and my favorite Halloween napkins, and boom, done.  I usually change the chalkboard art and the letterboard for the different seasons, but after 2020, I’m leaving these sentiments up for the rest of the year to encourage all the good vibes.

For the table centerpiece, I kept it simple this year – I put out the same wood cake stand that I bought last year at Hobby Lobby and plopped a pumpkin on top, and it was perfect just like that!

The tiered tray is almost identical to last year’s, so not much change there…

And the tray in the middle of the kitchen island didn’t change all that much either.  Last year, I had my Halloween ghosts there, so I put some more fall flowers in their place until the ghosts come back out. 

Fall mugs were all added to the coffee bar area, and I’ve been enjoying drinking out of my pumpkins and buffalo plaid each morning.  ;o)

The tray in the corner of the kitchen counter holds some of our charcuterie board supplies year-round including the board, a few tiny cups that I use to hold jams and dips, cheese spreaders, and that gorgeous Platters and Boards book for inspiration.  I just plopped a pumpkin down on it this year to add some fall flair.    

Dish towels were changed over to buffalo plaid, soaps were changed over to pumpkin and acorn spice, and pink tulips were changed to fall leaves.  Oh, how I love those fall leaves by the kitchen sink!  Those are from Hobby Lobby, by the way, and they look incredible in person.

I added a fall soap and some pumpkins to our guest bath, and that little fall soap is my absolute favorite, because y’all, it says y’all!  It’s leftover from last year so I’m not sure if they still have the same ones this year, but how cute is it?! 

And finally, my office… I always love to decorate with non-traditional colors in there since it’s so pink and rainbow-y, so I brought back the ROYGBIV (or PROYGBV in this case – haha) pumpkins this year along with some more… fall leaves.  Yes ma’am.  You can never have too many!

And that wraps up the tour!  As always, I’ll link as many items as I can below. 

Happy Monday!

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  1. It looks soooo Fall FABULOUS. Love the big white pumpkins!

  2. I love what you have set up in the kitchen and all the little pumpkin touches throughout! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  3. I love the lighter tones you use, it makes everything so cozy! It's been in the 90's here for the past month, but I waited for a cloudy day last week and put our fall stuff out. Yea for the holiday. :)

  4. As usual, I just love your fall decor! Do you have to plug in the diffuser on the kitchen island? Just wondering how you deal with the cord.

  5. Love Love the white pumpkins on the mantle!

  6. Just lovely! I pulled out most of our fall decor this past week too but also have not decorated outside at all yet.

  7. It's gorgeous!!! I love it all! Fall is seriously the best! I want to know more about the wedding photos on your DVD dresser... are those grandparents? So sweet. And I need a tour of your office; looks fab.!!

  8. So pretty. I need to decorate for Fall this week. Finally!

  9. The mantel is incredible! I do a little decorating for each season/holiday here and there, but I never really get to the whole house at once, so I really appreciate that.


  10. Love it all!! I think the mantle turned out so cute and I love how you dress up your office!


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