Monday, August 2, 2021

What I Ordered from Amazon in July 2021

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Another month, another Amazon haul!  After June’s large amount of purchases because of Prime Day, I thought for sure July would be very small, but between Jacob’s birthday and back-to-school prep, we had a much larger order than I had originally anticipated.  I guess I should have known that would be the case, though!  Let’s get started!

Yeti Rambler Jr., Seafoam

The kids were in need of new thermoses as they carry one to school every single day, and while we’ve always loved these Thermos Funtainers, this year, we decided to try these Yeti Rambler Jr. thermoses instead.  They keep drinks hot or cold for 12 hours, they’re leakproof, every single piece is dishwasher safe, and they’re the perfect size to put in bookbags, lunchboxes, and cup holders in the car.  I highly recommend them!  Olivia opted for this Seafoam color and…


Yeti Rambler Jr., Reef Blue

Jacob opted for the Reef Blue option!  B and I both have Yeti thermoses that we carry everywhere, and they hold up better than any thermos I’ve owned!  They are so dang durable!  Now we just have to hope that neither kid loses theirs.  Haha.


Ruffled Top

One of my favorite things to wear is this skirt (also from Amazon), and I typically wear it with a plain white tank top like this one.  Well, I decided I wanted to take the look up a notch, so I bought this adorable ruffled, smocked top top to wear with the skirt instead.  It is the absolute cutest look, y’all!  I was worried about the top being too thin and perhaps a bit see-through, but it isn’t at all!  Happy customer!


Dog Harness

Maui’s vet told us that she has some narrowing in her trachea (that’s relatively common in tiny dogs) and that’s likely why she coughs so much the older she gets.  She told us that walking her with a leash attached to her collar around her neck can make that issue even worse, and she recommended that we get a harness for her instead.  We bought this itty bitty one and it’s perfect for her tiny 4 lb. self!  We’ve already walked her in it a couple of times and it makes me feel so much better to know that I don’t have to tug at her neck anymore.  I’ve always hated that and I don’t know why I didn’t just buy one of these harnesses a long time ago!


Gold Bond Neck and Chest Firming Cream

I’ve mentioned several times here on the blog that I’ve somehow always managed to neglect my neck and chest area when it comes to skincare, and it is by far the worst looking skin on my body.  When Tanya posted about this neck and chest cream I was intrigued, and I added it to my wish list immediately.  I ended up ordering it a couple of weeks ago and I can tell already that it’s made a drastic difference.  After the first day of use, my skin looked smoother, and the texture has been improving ever since then.  After two weeks of use my skin also feels tighter and not quite as delicate.  I just rub a pea size amount onto my neck and chest once in the morning after my shower and once before bed, and at this rate, it appears that the tube is going to last for a while.


Eyebrow Pencil

This is my favorite eyebrow pencil, and it’s always the least expensive on Amazon, so I ordered three since I just exhausted my last one.


Baby Yoda Lego Set

This Baby Yoda Lego Set was #1 on Jacob’s birthday list, so B and I bought it for him as his main gift from us.  Lego sets are rarely on sale, especially Star Wars themed ones, so I was shocked to see that this one was – and still is!  Time to grab one and put it away for Christmas if it’s on your kid’s list!


5,000 Awesome Facts 2

Jacob has had the 5,000 Awesome Facts book for years and he’s read the whole thing cover to cover several times.  He loves learning new things, so we bought him volume 2 for his birthday.  These books are so much fun for any kid!  They’re divided into different subjects like sports, reptiles, toys and games, robots, and TONS of other subjects and then each section has random facts about each category.  He’s always rattling off facts and I just love that he loves to learn.


Dude Perfect Book

Jacob discovered Dude Perfect at his week of summer camp, and he has been all about the trick shots since then.  I saw this book of 101 tricks, tips, and cool stuff when I was browsing for his birthday gifts, and I couldn’t add it to my cart fast enough.  He loves books like this, so I thought it’d be a great one to add to his collection.  Every Dude Perfect fan should own this one.  It’s really cool!


Mini Massager

Olivia started occupational therapy for her elbow earlier this month, and the therapist told us that in order to save us time and money, she’d teach us all of the exercises so we could do them at home.  She highly recommended getting this mini massager to use to work out the soft tissue on the inside of Olivia’s elbow, and since it was only $8.99 I figured why not?  That’s better than paying the therapist $40 per visit for extra visits!


Lunchbox Containers

These containers are just the perfect size to hold a sandwich, chips, fruit, and a small treat, and they also fit perfectly in the Pottery Barn lunchboxes.  We have used our first set for years, and several pieces have cracked and/or broken over the last year, so it was time for a new set.  At just $7.99 for a four-pack, that is a steal since they hold up so well for many years.  And they’re dishwasher safe!!  Yes, ma’am!


Soft Peppermints

I bought a tub of soft peppermints from Target’s Christmas aisle last year, and the kids fell in love with them.  Olivia gets nauseated in the car sometimes, and we’ve found that eating one of these helps her tremendously, so I’ve started keeping them well-stocked in my car.  Our Target tub ran out recently, and they don’t currently have them in the store since it’s not Christmastime, so I searched Amazon because I knew Amazon would never let me down.  Sure enough, I found this tub of 350 for just $9.99 and it should last us a year… probably longer!


Ouchless Hair Elastics

Olivia has a deep side part that she got from yours truly, so during the school year, we use these tiny elastics to pull back one side of her hair so it doesn’t hang down in her face.  Since we’re only pulling back a tiny section, the standard ponytail elastics are too big, but these are just the perfect size.  These are very stretchy, and they don’t pull or tangle in her hair.  This massive container of 2,000 was only $5.99 and it’ll probably last the rest of her life and then some.  Lol.


Minecraft Birthday Card

Since Jacob wanted a Minecraft themed cake, I wanted to find a Minecraft themed birthday card… score another one for Amazon!!!!  They have tons and tons of greeting cards for the same price you’d find in the store, and they all qualify for free shipping just like everything else if you’re a Prime member.  Saves me so much time from having to go to the store!  If you haven’t been getting your greeting cards on Amazon, you’ve been missing out, my friend!


Jazz Shoes

Olivia outgrew her jazz shoes from last year, so we bought her another pair of these for the upcoming dance season!  She loved these last year so I’m hoping she’ll love them again this year!


Lyrical Shoes, Option 1

Olivia will be taking Lyrical for the first time ever in dance this year, and there are several different kinds of Lyrical shoes from which to choose.  Since she’s never tried any of them on, I bought two different kinds for her to try on and see which she likes best.  This first pair has the strap that goes behind the ankle and they look more substantial than the others.  These exact ones were recommended to us by one of our fellow dance mom friends, and she danced her whole life, so I’m sure she knows what she’s talking about.  ;o)  I’ll have to report back when we receive these to let y’all know which ones we decide to keep.


Lyrical Shoes, Option 2

This shoe option is the one that slides over the toes and only covers the ball of the foot.  I’m told that most of the younger girls tend to wear something similar to this, but we’ll have her try both and see which ones are more comfortable and offer the most support.  These were also highly recommended by our same dance mom friend.


Convertible Tights

Since Olivia will be taking Lyrical, she’ll also need convertible tights.  The tights are worn covering the foot when dancing for ballet, tap, and jazz, and then they can be lifted up over the foot to reveal the entire foot for Lyrical.  This two-pack will hopefully get her through most, if not all, of the new dance year.


Xyzal Allergy Relief

I mention Xyzal every couple of months, and here it is again because it was time for a refill!  The grass pollen does me in all summer, and Xyzal helps me more than Claritin or Allegra or any of the other ones.


And if you want to see everything that I ordered in previous months, just check out the posts below!

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  1. Too funny, I shared elastic hair ties today as well! And baby Yoda Lego, I swoon! My heart still loves Legos because of the boys and a couple of them still love them too, maybe I should get this, lol!

  2. I sometimes wonder what I would do without Amazon - they have EVERYTHING!! That baby yoda is too cute! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  3. I wonder if that allergy medicine would work better for Gabbie. I'm pretty sure when she started taking lyrical she just wore her jazz shoes, but now I think she has the first type that you's funny I don't know what kind of dance shoes she has but usually her teacher just orders and I pay her!

  4. I think Andrea posted those hair ties too. I love that too. Perfect for the skirts we got on Amazon too. Oh geez I need to order the girls ballet shoes too. Thanks for the reminder. You got some great things.

  5. I love that top you got! It looked so cute with that skirt! And little Maui in the harness has to be precious!

  6. I love the colors your kids picked for their Yeti; I have a few tumblers and they are all that seafoam color!

    1. I was shocked when Olivia didn't pick pink this time! That's been her favorite color since she was tiny, but I have to say, I do love that seafoam color, too!


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