Monday, August 30, 2021

Brian’s Amazon Purchases

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Brian and I share an Amazon Prime annual subscription, but we keep our own separate accounts so we can buy gifts for each other and such.  Each month I always share my purchases with all of you, but I don’t think I’ve ever shared any of Brian’s purchases.  I’m definitely the primary purchaser for our household as I tend to buy most of the stuff for the kids and the house and the toiletries and such, so Brian doesn’t buy much each month.  Therefore, today, I’m sharing everything he’s purchased this whole year so far.

3-in-1 Pineapple Corer, Peeler, and Slicer

Our whole family loves fresh pineapple, but it is soooo expensive to buy pre-cut at the store, and cutting it manually is such a huge pain that it’s not even worth it.  Brian found this 3-in-1 pineapple corer, peeler, and slicer and it is a complete game-changer!  It’s only $6.88 (so cheaper than a container of precut pineapple at the store) and it is AWESOME.  All you have to do is cut the leafy top off of the pineapple, and then you place the corer on the top and spin it.  As it spins, it works its way down to the base, and you’re left with perfect pineapple rings and no waste.  You can then leave the pineapple in rings or you can use the cutting tool to slice them in chunks.  And the whole thing is dishwasher safe… we just pop ours in on the top rack!  This thing has saved us so much money!!  A typical container of precut pineapple at the store ranges from $5.99-$12.99 depending on the size of the container, but you can get an entire whole pineapple at Walmart for just $1.99!!  See?  Game changer.

Paper Towel Holder

The paper towel holder that we received as a wedding gift 13 years ago bit the dust, so B bought a replacement on Amazon.  We loved the first one so much, that we bought the same exact one again.  This one is designed with “perfect tear technology” that prevents the rolls from unraveling when you pull it, and it allows you to pull and tear a single paper towel singlehandedly.  We also love that there’s no knob on the top to unscrew to remove the old roll and put on a new roll.  I love that you just slide them on and off.  Easy peasy and we highly recommend!


Hand Mixer

Our last hand mixer was weak (another wedding gift), so I wanted something high powered this time.  Brian searched all over Amazon, and found this one, and we ended up settling on it because it had such good reviews.  It is, indeed, super powerful (almost too powerful as the lowest speed isn’t quite as low as I had hoped) and I love that it includes a plastic base to hold all of the different mixing utensils right there with the mixer.


Amazon Ring Cameras

We outfitted our entire home with Amazon Ring cameras this year, and Brian purchased those under his account.  We ended up getting four to put around the house and we now have a 360 degree view of our property.  They pair with the apps on our phones, so we can check the cameras any time day or night, and we’re alerted any time the cameras pick up movement.  Each camera has a two-way speaker, a light, and an alarm that can be activated with the push of a button on our phones.  Love love LOVE these, and I can’t believe we waited so long to get them.


Ring Doorbell

We also bought one Ring doorbell to have at the front door so we can see a front shot of whoever comes to the door + we have a street view with this camera as well.   


Ring Camera Extra Batteries

The Ring cameras all run on rechargeable batteries, and each camera houses the primary battery as well as a backup battery (so that way you’ll never be without coverage), so we went ahead and bought backup batteries for each of the cameras.  That way we never have to worry about the battery running out.  


Amazon Smart Plug

Over the last couple of years, we’ve also started outfitting our home with Amazon Echo devices so that we could have a “smart home,” and we now have three Smart Plugs that can be controlled by voice command.  I currently have one on the bar cart for the twinkle lights, one for the twinkle lights on the tree in our living room, and one for the twinkle lights in my office.  Now all I have to say is, “Alexa, turn on the lights” and I don’t have to bend down and plug them in anymore.  #FirstWorldProblemsSolved  Haha.  I can also turn them on and off from the Alexa app in my phone.


Wine Vacuum Stoppers

We love wine in our house, so we use a wine vacuum to keep open bottles fresh when we don’t finish a bottle.  Our vacuum only came with two stoppers, and we’ve had a couple of situations recently where we needed a third, so B bought this two-pack.


Personal Neck Fan

Brian bought this personal neck fan for our Disney World trip (that’s probably going to be canceled again) since it’s always so hot and humid in Florida.  These have great reviews and we’ll probably end up purchasing one more so the four of us can share.  Plus, it’ll be nice to have two so B and I can use them at Georgia football games.  The early season games are always miserably hot.


Garment Bag

When we travel, we pack shirts and dresses in a garment bag so they won’t wrinkle.  Now that the kids are getting older, their clothes are getting bigger, and we can no longer fit all of our clothes in the same bag.  B bought this one to put the kids’ clothes in, and then he and I share the other one that we already had.


Echo Show

When B purchased our Ring cameras, he was able to get this Echo Show for only $20 because they had a special deal going at the time.  We love our Echo and our Echo Dot so much that we jumped on the opportunity.  The Echo Show now sits in my office next to my TV, and I love having it there.


Pool Floats

We started going to my parents’ pool a lot towards the end of the summer, so B bought this set of three pool floats for the kids to share.  They’ve used them several times already, and they’re holding up really well! 


Baseball Holder

Jacob received the game ball in one of his spring season games and he wanted to display it, so B bought this cool baseball bat display for it. 


Star Projector

One of the kids’ star projectors bit the dust, so B bought another one to replace it.  Both of our kids have these in their rooms, and they love them.  The stars project in numerous different color options (or all colors at once) and there is also the option to have them blink and/or spin.  Both kids use these every single night.


Baseball Gloves

Jacob decided last spring that he wanted to start using baseball gloves while batting and B bought these because of the great reviews.  Jacob says these are comfortable and he loves them.


Wiffle Balls

We love getting out in the back yard and playing wiffle ball as a family, so B bought this pack of six balls since a couple of ours were broken.


Nintendo Switch Travel Case

We’ve started bringing our Nintendo Switch with us when we travel, so B bought this travel case to transport it.  It’s very sturdy so it protects the screen and it has room for cords, controllers, and 20 games.  Somehow, it’s still very compact, though.


Lego Technic Dragster

This Lego set was a gift for Jacob for his birthday.  I typically do all of the gift purchasing, but B bought this one.  This thing is so neat – you can build two different cars from the pieces, and both cars are pull-back toys!


Nerf Protective Goggles

The kids love shooting Nerf guns at each other in the back yard, but we’ve had a couple of incidences with shots to the face (even though they know they’re only supposed to shoot from the chest, down).  B bought these Nerf goggles to protect their little eyes when they play.


Rock Tumbler

Both of our kiddos are following in their Daddy’s footsteps and they’ve started their own rock and gem collections.  B thought the kids would enjoy this rock tumbler, so they’ll be getting it as a joint gift for Christmas this year.  Shhhh. 


American Flag

We display an American flag for 8 months out of the year, and the other 4 months (football season), we display our University of Georgia flag.  ;o)  Our last American flag was tattered and worn out, so B bought this one as a replacement.  We love this one because it holds up well, and it’s made from a fabric that never fades.


Flag Pole

We also needed a new flag pole as the one we’ve had for the last 12 years fell apart during one of the huge storms we had in the spring.  B bought this one as a replacement, and we’re confident it’ll hold up well. 


Anker Headphones

The kids did virtual learning in 2020, and they used the super old headphones that B and I have had for probably 15 years.  One of the headphones broke while Olivia was using it, so B replaced it with this one.  We don’t typically cut corners on technology, so these are pricey, but we know they’ll hold up for a very long time.  They’re excellent quality, they’re comfortable (on my head as well as the kids’ heads since they’re adjustable), the sound is great, and they’re noise-canceling so the kids can drown out everything around them when they’re Zooming with their classes.  I’m praying that we never have to use them again for that purpose, but at least we have them if we do need them again.  Should the kids never use them again for virtual learning, B and I will definitely use them on flights, that is, if we ever get to travel again.  Sigh.



B has been wearing the same pair of Ray Ban sunglasses that his momma gave him ever since I’ve known him, and he recently bought this “cheapie” pair to use in situations where he doesn’t want to wear his nice ones.  I actually like these better than his other ones!  They look great on him!


Fishing Net

B bought these nets at the beginning of the year for the kids to use at the beach.  They love to catch little fish and crabs, and these are perfect for their little hands.


Night Lights

We have night lights in various places around the house, and we also bring a couple when we travel.  These automatically turn on when it gets dark, and they provide just the right amount of brightness.  They also come with a lifetime warranty.


Electric Air Pump

This air pump comes with three nozzles – small, medium, and large, so you can use it on an array of products.  We bought this to inflate the kids’ blowup pool as well as their pool floats and it is AWESOME.  It’s so easy to use, it’s small, and it inflates everything super fast.  You can also put it in reverse to deflate everything, too.  Highly highly recommend this!


LED Tactical Flashlight

B bought this flashlight for crab hunting since the crabs only come out when it’s dark.  This flashlight is small enough to fit in your pocket, but it is crazy bright and long-lasting.  You can also narrow or widen the area you want to light.


High-Powered Flashlight

This flashlight is a bit larger than the other one and it’s super bright as well.  It has three modes (high, low, and strobe), and it’s easy to switch back and forth from mode to mode.  We used this one for crab hunting as well, and it is a great flashlight.


Low Profile Screwdriver and Bit Set

This set of low profile screwdrivers comes with seven different bits, and they’re designed to use in tight spaces where you can’t use a standard screwdriver.


Happy Monday, y’all!

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  1. So many good purchases, especially that little screw driver set! Feel like those would really come in handy!

  2. Gary does a lot of tech purchases for our house - interesting how different their shopping is to ours! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  3. This was fun! I will sometimes share some of Dave's purchases within my regular posts but a lot of things he buys aren't too exciting (like ac filters and such). A lot of these items seem like fun! We have a ring doorbell that we won, we got Alexa smart switches last year, and my niece has that rock tumbler and my brother says it's good!

  4. Fun post! He got some good things!!

  5. I want the Ring camera. I got another one and it sucks. So during Cyber Monday I will get a set.

  6. I have bought that pineapple slicer for a few friends and family members because we love ours SO much! (We seriously packed it to bring with us on vacation! LOL).

    1. Lol. That's so funny! We do love ours, though! It's awesome!

  7. I need to do a post like this because Michael's purchases are pretty interesting! We have the show, as well as the flashlights. Great ideas!

  8. I've wondered about those star projectors and if they're worth buying. Thanks for the positive input on them. I like that paper towel holder. My husband purchases from Amazon too but it's usually boring stuff like washer/dryer parts and tools.

    1. Our kids love their projectors, so we definitely recommend them!

  9. These products are really intersting and great ideas. Thanks for sharing.
    Love: Mariann Yip

  10. Could you tell me how you do the separate accounts with one subscription? My wife and I are Both paying for one account because we don’t want to see what each other buys and want to keep our separate lists and such!

    1. We've had ours so long that neither of us could remember how we set it up, so I googled it. Haha. Here's how you do it:

      To share your Amazon Prime benefits:
      Visit Your Amazon Prime Membership.
      Locate the Share your Prime Benefits section.
      Select Manage Your Household.
      Enter the name and email address of the person you want to share benefits with.
      Select Continue.
      Review the terms.

      I hope this helps!


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